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 Human Typing

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PostSubject: Human Typing   Human Typing EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 4:09 am

This is me being tired and high on Earl Grey tea trying to find excuses for stuff, just writing whatever comes to mind, and making stuff up on the spot. Also, the forum was inactive for a really long time, so yeah.


Most humans are of the Normal type, including those who have another type. Dual-typed Normal humans who have fire, ice or electric genes can only resist their type. Some humans who already have another type can be dual-typed with another major type or a minor type, losing their Normal type.


Doris Dallyfield - Psychic/Ghost
Agatha - Psychic/Ghost (note; purely recessive)
Janine - Fighting/Dark
Sonia Darkin - Psychic/Ice
Ghetsis - Dragon/Ice
Yannoa Severn - Normal/Ice
Wulfric - Normal/Ice
Saturn - Normal/Ice (unnatural)
Caitlin - Psychic/Fire
Buck - Normal/Fire
Maxie - Dark/Fire
Malva - Normal/Fire
Lysandre - Normal/Fire (unnatural)
Lt. Surge - Fighting/Electric
Sabrina Severn - Psychic/Electric
Professor Juniper - Normal/Electric
Bonnie - Normal/Electric


Type: Psychic
Abilities: Telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, empathy, foresight, greater connectivity with Pokémon, resistance to fighting and psychic auras, sensing/seeing auras (powerful only)
Weaknesses: Dark, ghost and bug auras, highly populated areas, phobia of insects
Prominence: 236,000
Examples: Sabrina Severn, Sonia Darkin, Caitlin, Will, Tate, Liza, Olympia, Mira, Cynthia
Centric Regions: Unova, Kalos

Type: Ghost
Abilities: Spiritual communication, spiritual channelling, life/auric sensing, psychometry, resistance/immunity (to psychic, poison, fighting, normal and bug auras), drain life energy, control over spirits (move objects, inspire fear, and view-and-report), invisibility (can be penetrated by Psychics, other Mediums and Darkies, but holds even under a camera)
Powerful abilities: intangibility (short amount of time)
Weaknesses: Ghost and dark auras, highly populated areas
Prominence: 500,000
Examples: Doris Dallyfield, Cheryl, Morty, Shauntal, Carr, Charon (unnatural), Anthea, Concordia
Centric Regions: Kanto, Johto

Aura users:
Type: Fighting
Abilities: Learning/speaking/understanding Fighting-type languages, auric physical enhancement (strength-centric), greater connectivity with Pokémon, resistance to bug, rock and dark auras
Weaknesses: Fear of heights/flying, vulnerability to psychic, flying and fairy auras
Prominence: 1,600,000
Examples: Korrina, Gurkinn, Marley, Lt. Surge, Marshal, Maylene, Bruno, Orm, Matt, Mars (unnatural), Professor Birch
Centric Regions: Kalos, Sinnoh

Aura guardians:
Type: Fighting
Abilities: Auric sensing, auric projection, aura vision, auric physical enhancement (strength-centric), reading emotions and intentions, Detect-like abilities, tracking beings by aura, greater connectivity with Pokémon, resistance to bug, rock and dark auras
Weaknesses: Fear of heights/flying, vulnerability to psychic, flying and fairy auras
Prominence: 2
Examples: Riley, Ash Ketchum
Centric Regions: Kanto, Sinnoh

Fairy type:
Type: Fairy
Abilities: Super senses, peak human/fit human physical enhancement, physical auric enhancement (flexibility/acrobatics centric) lie sensing, positive manipulation (can make people trust them more), superhuman sense of balance, physical grace, hauntingly beautiful song, glamour (enhancing their physical appearance’s beauty), affinity with animals, longer lifespan (+20 years), get more powerful under the light of the moon
Powerful abilities: Greater glamour (illusions over their facial features)
Weaknesses: Poison and steel auras, greater susceptibility to poison, can get sick from having too much iron in the blood, really bad at lying
Prominence: 1,043,000
Examples: Valerie, Rood, Professor Sycamore, Shauna
Centric Regions: Hoenn, Kalos

Dark type:
Type: Dark
Abilities: Learning/speaking/understanding Dark-type languages, greater connectivity with Pokémon, resistance/immunity (psychic ghost and dark auras), auric physical enhancement (ninja-like; speed-flexibility centric), heightened senses at night, stealth in shadows, good at lying/stealing/trickery, negating Psychics, causing fear
Powerful abilities: Stealing aura buffs, turning aura normal (only by theft of buffs), void
Weaknesses: Fighting auras, bug auras, very bright lights, get sunburned easily
Prominence: 1,005,000
Examples: Karen, Janine, Malcolm Thrones, Grimsley, Koga, Evangeline Rappaccini, Ariana, Silver, N
Centric Regions: Johto

Dragon type:
Type: Dragon
Abilities: Learning/speaking/understanding Dragon-type languages, auric physical enhancement, greater connectivity with Pokémon, resistance/immunity to fire, water, electric and grass auras, sharper senses, naturally fit, tough skin, longer lifespan (+20 years), much tougher physical tissue overall, accelerated healing, dragon pulse
Powerful abilities: Fast healing
Weaknesses: Ice auras, fairy auras, cold temperatures, a compulsion with gold and precious minerals
Prominence: 1,060,000
Examples: Iris, Clair, Drasna, Lance Wataru, Jupiter, Zinzolin
Centric Regions: Unova, Kalos


Team Flare (Because these guys are so freaking complicated they need a header of their own):

Lysandre - Normal/Fire (unnatural) (F)
Malva - Normal/Fire (GF)
Xerosic - Uses all manner of typed tech (F)
Aliana - Made herself Fighting (actually has three fighting auras grafted onto her own— ridiculously hard to kill and very, very insane) (GF)
Celosia - Made herself Dragon and has Fire tech (GF)
Bryony - Uses Dark-type tech (GF)
Mable - Made herself Fairy and has Psychic tech (GF)
Alain - Naturally Normal/Fire and was made Dragon (Left Flare)
The Essentia Suit - Gives the wearer two Fighting auras (In GF's possession)
Psychic-Experiment-Gone-Wrong - Naturally a Psychic, was given two Psychic auras (Left Flare)
Mairin - Was tried to be made Fire/Electric, failed
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Human Typing
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