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 Johtoan Psychic Law

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PostSubject: Johtoan Psychic Law   Johtoan Psychic Law EmptySat Jan 30, 2016 1:43 pm

Declaration of Johtoan Law on Psychics

In declaration of the official laws of Johto, any and all Psychics are required to register with the government, effective immediately once they are have stepped within the perimeters of Johtoan land.

There are not to be any illegal Psychics within Johtoan land –any who has subject themselves to committing this offense, whether the offender or those who have helped offender, will be immediately detained by the government. Non-Psychics will be deported from Johto and hereby exiled for at least 2 years, depending on the severity of their assistance to the offender.

Registered Psychics, along with ID cards, MUST have a barcode imprinted upon their right wrist. A tracker installed into the Pokedex must also be distributed to every registered Psychic on a Pokémon Journey, to be received upon entry into Johto. If said Pokedex fails to function, said Psychic trainer must head to the nearest Pokémon Center within 13 days, or risk detainment and subsequent evaluation and probably deportment.

A biotracker is a standard “vaccine” practice for all Johto Psychic natives. If at any time the biotracker malfunctions, the pertaining Psychic must go to the nearest registration building and/or Pokémon Center to receive another injection.

Crimes committed in Johto by a Psychic are severely punishable by law.
• Any crimes related to murder, rape, or treason with the use of Psychic abilities is a capital offense and will be subject to the Death Penalty.
• Any crimes related to assault, battery, or any range of violent offenses or sexual misconduct with the use of Psychic abilities will subject to detainment in Isolation Criminal Ward, where offenders will be kept for a duration matching the severity of their crime.
• Any crimes related to theft, fraud, counterfeiting, and other misdemeanors with the use of Psychic abilities are subject to terms of community service in the service of the government and other research facilities.

Any actionable offenses by a Psychic must be reported immediately by witnesses and/or the offended party. The inability to do so will result in immediate questioning by authorities, and detainment for any Psychics involved, accompanied by an evaluation and possible deportment or being charged with inactionable offense.

All must adhere to the Psychic laws of Johto, foreign occupants or natives. Any questionable actions will result in immediate arrest and evaluation.

Erin Quen
Secretary of State

Johto Psychic Law Procedures

The Platform for Psychic Rehabilitation Initiative
If you are inhabitation of more than 1-2 Psychic persons in the city or town, please proceed to adapt the following procedures:
• Daily to Weekly Registration (Modulation depending on Grades)
• Barcode Imprinting
• Daily biotracker injection checks (morning and day checks)
• Weekly biotracker injections
• Psychic Modulation Medicines (Blue Pills for Mood Suppression, Red Pills for “Psychism Control”)
• Psychic Residents must apply for Working Permits (natives) or Working Visas (foreign transfers).
• When host to a population of even a single Psychic, curfew is instigated at 9-10 o’clock (a period of an hour delay to allow for travel home).
• Curfew Sign-In for Psychics with any available communication device with barcode.
• If the population includes more than a dozen Psychics, a secular area must be secluded to host the Psychic Residents i.e. “Willful Town” of Goldenrod City.
• A population that includes more than two Psychics must participate in Sunday Martial Law drills.
• An inclusion of an Anti-Aggressive Psychic Task Force (AAPTF) for all city and towns that have an inclusion of Psychic Residents.
• Psychic Volunteers for Isolation Isle will receive an immunization for some regulations, and consideration for Psychic Employ of the Johto Government and the Johto Charter of the Pokémon League.

“Embrace your Normal Neighbors ---Live a normal life.”

The Anti-Aggressive Psychic Task Force

Current Number of Cities and Towns with Psychic Residents: 40
     • Johto AAPTF Units Total: 451
     • Advised number of agents in a Unit: 4-5 assigned
        o Human Enforcers
             1-2 Normal Types
             2-3 Dark Types
     • Inclusion of K-9 Unit integration
       o Houndoom (primary pokémon)
             Attached 6 (minimum) to 30 (maximum) Houndoom pokémon agents to Human Enforcers.

1. Must go through government background checks.
2. Must not have any known ties or associations with illegal Psychics.
3. Pokémon Trainers or knowledge of pokémon handling is preferable.
4. Dark-typed Humans are exceedingly preferable.

1. An abiding will to use preemptive force to protect the good of the people.
2. Excessive force, when calculated as a need, is compliant.
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Johtoan Psychic Law
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