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 Sonia and Eve's First Meeting

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Sonia and Eve's First Meeting Empty
PostSubject: Sonia and Eve's First Meeting   Sonia and Eve's First Meeting EmptyWed Mar 16, 2016 9:26 pm

(Short and snazzy~ Hopefully, this is well enough.)

She was waiting in line and wanting to get it over with, but she would have to stay there and wait to get her elderberry tea. It seemed they were busy today.

Suddenly, the person in front of her got off their phone and left the line, leaving Eve to be able to move up a space. To her amusement, though she felt slightly uneasy, she saw Sonia Darkin right in front of her.

The moment Eve came closer though, Sonia seemed to have stiffened up very visibly. Eve tilted her head, wondering what was going on in the Psychic’s head. She was pretty sure that Sonia wasn’t able to read her own mind though.

Eve made a quiet hum, realizing that (more likely than not), Sonia was probably under the assumption that Eve was a Dark-typed human.

There was a 360 degree of mental noise around the girl that was probably like background noise to her in her head. However, because of Eve and her Anti-Psychic device, there was now a complete blank right behind Sonia.

And a natural suppressor and opponent to a Psychic would be a Dark-type, human or pokemon. Which meant that Sonia’s first thought of her, if Sonia were to turn around, would be to guess that Eve was a natural Dark-type that was making Sonia’s Psychic powers short-circuit.

Given how the human race was littered with certain Types these days, it was a natural assumption versus thinking of a device being created and used to suppress a Psychic’s power. But with humans that were Dark, Psychic, Fighting, Fairy, Dragon, and Ghost Types (along with those who could even be Electric, Ice, Fire as dual-typed), creating such devices were a natural course of human thinking.

Needless to say, Eve was pretty sure she wasn’t one though, and Sonia was worrying over nothing, except not being able to read Eve’s mind. Which is what she wanted out of the device she helped create with a...friend.

Still, the minutes went by as they were in line and Eve kept relaxed, almost wearing a small smirk as she observed the girl in front of her be stiff and frequently fidgeting. The moment she reached the cashier, Sonia practically rushed out to say her order (ironically the same as Eve’s), before practically disappearing from Eve’s sight and presence, only to probably hide about around the area to wait around for her number to be called out.

Eve chuckled slightly to herself, placing her own order and getting her receipt. She went off to the side, ready to wait as well, when she caught sight of Sonia again. She debated with herself, thinking of the pros and cons of approaching her and actually speaking to the girl.

Still, it would be interesting to see how she was doing. She knew, from what Janette’s new team had reported to her, that Sonia and Odette had a battle that Odette had too much fun with, and that the group of kids they were assigned to had come to Viridian City bedraggled.

The Raphael kid had been a hot-headed entry into the city, while Sonia was knocked out from the beginning due to overuse of her powers. The Thrones heir was seemingly unflappable on the surface, while the breeder prodigy looked uncertain of his place in the group and shaken by the encounter with the Rocket unit.

So having made it to Sonia’s side, she watched as the girl was tensing again. She was again making minute fidgets that showed she was obviously uncomfortable with Eve being next to her.

“You don’t have to be uncomfortable, you know,” Eve said suddenly, knowing she’d startled the other female.

“You’re a Darkie,” Sonia said, accusing tone evident.

Eve thought on that, wondering whether or not to play with that angle. Then again, as her device was supposed to be top secret…

“Nothing for you to worry about,” Eve said calmly, not confirming truly. Sonia could take it as she will, probably believing the implication she no doubt ‘heard’ in that. “Besides, that means you’re Psychic, if you’re so worried about me being a Darkie. Though it was obvious even before that, with how much you were fidgeting around me before.”

“If you’re not here for me, then what do you want?” Sonia frowned, still tense.

Eve laughed lightly, her gaze continuing to stay forward and not look at the girl next to her at all.

“Nothing. Just merely wanted you to know you have nothing to fear. More than likely, you’ll find yourself having even less to fear on the road probably.”

Sonia blinked at her. “What does that mean?”

“It means your order is up,” Eve said dryly, pointing out that Sonia’s number had been called a few times now. “So go get your order.”

“We’re not done here!” Sonia said demandingly, hesitantly going to get her order.

Coincidentally, Eve’s order was called up then, by another teller, and she smiled to herself as she went and retrieved it.

She didn’t bother to stay behind.
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Sonia and Eve's First Meeting
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