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 Writing Bits and Pieces

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Writing Bits and Pieces Empty
PostSubject: Writing Bits and Pieces   Writing Bits and Pieces EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 7:53 am

No one did anything for a while now, so I decided 'Why the hell not?' This is the equivalent of Frost's character development topic; it's for random Sonia writing, pretty much. Anyone with a small scene concerning Sonia or heavily featuring her can stick it here.
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Posts : 135
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Age : 17
Location : The Most Boring Place Ever, Australia

Writing Bits and Pieces Empty
PostSubject: Re: Writing Bits and Pieces   Writing Bits and Pieces EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 7:54 am

As per the norm, excuse typos. Tell me of any logical fallacies, etc.

Otherwise, enjoy!


Sonia was running. She was used to that; it happened a lot, in dreams. She was always running away from something. That probably meant something, she supposed, thinking in that distracted way of someone about to wake up questioning the poor logic of a dream.
Just like that, her eyes blinked open. It was dark on the route, nighttime, and some form of animal or Pokémon was making cricket noises. The moon shone brightly, stars twinkled, Mal was murmuring something ridiculous and Zorua was snoring loudly and batting at an imaginary Cascade. In short, all was as it should be.
Sonia sighed, closed her eyes, and fell back into the dream.

Her feet pounded against the ground. She tried running faster, pounding her feet harder, but it did nothing. All was dark on the nighttime field of dark green grass; an endless stretch of grasses lined with thick, dense trees. Behind her was the roar and bark of Houndoom, baying and snarling.
Sonia tried to teleport, but nothing worked. She couldn’t hear anything or do anything. She was powerless as she ran through the night, an uneven playing field in which the balance was tipped completely in
their favour. The world was made from terror, her own fear sinking through the air and infecting the ground and seeping through the very roots of the trees.
Suddenly, a jaw snapped closed on her leg. Sonia heard the echoes of her scream fading into the night like a forgotten memory, feeling herself fall, her world consumed by the blades of grass. The dark blades reached up, as if ready to stab her, like actual blades. She twisted around, her eyes wide as she took in the hyper-realistic view of teeth in the flesh of her leg, blood shining brightly despite the lack of light. And the man standing over her, made from that dark-brown aura.
“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” Sonia heard herself crying.
But there was no answer from the man as he reached for Sonia, using his power, the power made to hurt and stop people like her— a power which caused fear and terror beyond imagining, a power which made her scream and scream as her mind imagined up horrors beyond its capability, his hand reaching out to grab her—

Sonia’s eyes flashed open.
It was the early hours of the morning. A twinge of light peeked out from between the trees, the clouds tinged with a pinkish light.
Sonia sat up in her sleeping bag, bending her knees and hugging them. No one else was awake yet. It seemed so idyllic, their group of four, travelling through beautiful forests and dazzling cities and wondrous caves, living the relatively fun, simple and daresay easy life of a Pokémon Trainer. But Sonia was cursed with cynicism. Her violet eyes zeroed in on every little negativity, soaked up the wickedness of the people around her like a sponge.
Constant kidnappings. Constantly on the clock. Constantly alone. Constantly trapped in her own mind, a treacherous being at best and downright traitorous at worst.
Sonia crawled out of the sleeping bag. As the only one awake, she might as well take the opportunity of dressing herself without the indignity of having to hide behind a lot of trees from the gaze of three male human companions. But Sonia couldn’t shake the acute awareness of eyes watching through the trees, the threat of an insane Psychic reaching out to spirit her away once more. So she still changed awkwardly under the cover of her sleeping bag.
Sonia finally crawled out, fully clothed. It was chilly, terribly so, her breath misting. But she didn’t put on her coat. Nor did she put on her socks or boots.
They would be too heavy for what she was about to do. The perfect way to free herself from the dream.
Sonia jumped up, and held herself at the apex of her jump. She released a breath, holding firmly onto her power, feeling it steady and pulsing beneath her. It was her very life, after all.
Sonia took a deep breath and flew.
She soared upwards, eyes narrowed to slits against the wind, her hair streaming behind her. Goosebumps flashed all over her skin and her teeth chattered, but Arceus. She didn’t care. She didn’t care as the cold ripped through her as she let herself fall, then caught ahold of herself once more and shot to the side, high over the trees. She could feel her aura twining around her, curling around her and from her, carrying her forward on its power.
It was reassuring, in a way. 
Her soul was powerful enough to let her fly.
Sonia felt the corners of her mouth twitch upwards. Tears were streaming from her eyes now, muddling her vision, but up here, it was still so much easier to see the world’s beauty.
Sonia laughed, releasing everything. She spun and twirled through the air, her ease of falling into motion sickness forgotten. The world could be upside down or inside-out for all she cared. Her dream faded away, streaming away from her, the negative emotion and the grimness of it blown away by the rush of air.
Sonia spread out her arms and let herself drop, feeling the rush as the air swept past her. Just before she hit the ground, she teleported to the ground. Her momentum disappeared from her, instead slamming to hit the ground beside her and spraying dirt. Her smile still present, Sonia jumped high into the air and teleported, reforming above the campsite. Catching hold of herself, she nosedived and swooped low to the ground, lifting herself up and dropping herself lightly to the ground. She wiggled her numb toes in the dirt, feeling the cold soaking through her and her teeth chattering; what the hell. She didn’t care.
Her powers really sucked most of the time.
But sometimes, they were incredible.

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Posts : 135
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PostSubject: Re: Writing Bits and Pieces   Writing Bits and Pieces EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 8:34 am

Aaaaand because I am physically unable to end on a happy note and I feel like being grim...

As per the norm, excuse the typos, but notify me of anything in need of fixing~

Enjoy! Unless you're Sai or Hope. In which case... Maybe get Kindred or Shay or Xeian to read this.


This was normal. Sonia knew this dream, this story. It was a recurring chapter in her life, just another thread in the tale of her life being spun.
But something was different this time.
It wasn’t the fire of the Houndoom. Sometimes that’d happen instead of the bites. It wasn’t the fact that the moon was full and the sky cloudless. Sometimes the sky was different, even if it was usually filled with clouds which blocked out even the stars.
It was when she turned around to look up at the Darkie which had run her down.
“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” Sonia cried.
The Darkie didn’t reach out for her. He didn’t suddenly sprout tentacles from beneath his hoodie, or turn into an eldritch horror, either— that had happened a few times, after she’d read one of Shauntal Oakwood’s darker and more visceral books. Sometimes that happened when they used their fear powers. The Darkie instead raised black-gloved hands to peel back a faded red hoodie. The shadow cast over the Darkie’s face disappeared, and the moon’s light glistened over the Darkie’s face.

Sonia screamed this time as she flailed awake. She was used to nightmares by now, so usually she didn’t scream. But this time she screamed loud enough to wake the whole group.
It was the middle of the night. The full moon, glistening bright, was abnormally large. Not a cloud dotted the sky, despite the frigid chill of winter.
Mal and Felix and Raphael were all in various stages of wakefulness, sitting up or groaning or rubbing their eyes. The Pokémon too were shaking themselves awake, although some looked  at least three-quarters asleep.
“Sonia? What’s wrong?” Mal asked.
Sonia shook. “Nothing.”
Mal frowned slightly. “It’s not nothing.”
“She says it’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Raphael grumbled, re-snuggling into his sleeping bag. He continued speaking mid-yawn. “I’m going back to sleep…”
Mal shook his head. “Sonia. Tell me.”
Sonia’s mind flashed back to a scene from a documentary about the imprisonment of typed humans. The faceless Dark-type interrogator, her voice cold but spiked with fake warmth like punch spiked with drugs at a party, obvious despite the poor sound quality of the hidden microphone.
“Tell me. Confess to everything. Or we could go through the same routine again, where I make you so terrified of me that you scream and cry until you’re begging me to kill you.”
Sonia felt herself shaking, the fear too powerful to contain. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Hatred. It was always those emotions which were oh-so hard to contain and block off.
“It’s fine,” Sonia said forcefully, trying to purge the fear from her mind.
Mal pulled himself out of his sleeping bag, pulling on his shoes so he could make his way over. “Would elderberry tea help? I still have some stashed in my bag somewhere—”
Sonia felt something black and tar-like rising within her. It was fuelled by her fear, like gasoline to a fire. The blackness filled her up, from the tips of her toes to the edges of her fingers and the ends of her hair.
“Leave me alone!” The tar spilled out with Sonia’s voice, but more rose to take it’s place. A disgusting blackness like a worm in a rotten apple.
Sonia’s power burst, her eyes widening. The whole world was covered in the light touch of ethereal pink, the colour of her aura, edged with the violet of her personalised touch. Everything was made from what she could manipulate. The tarry blackness seemed to flare in her eyes as well, and her powers magnified further, and she felt like she’d burst.
Then she saw it.
The brown, curling and roiling from Mal like smoke. Curling around the hand that was reaching out from her, softly flowing in his gaze, a dark halo to his crimson hair. Sonia gasped, the sound echoing; the world seemed to move slower, everything with an echo, every sound, sight, smell, taste and sensation. Raphael and Felix oozed grey, and the Pokémon all held bright spots of colour bursting and pulsing from them like extra heartbeats.
Sonia could see her own aura moving, responding to her use of telekinesis. She saw it curling around her, holding her completely as she pushed herself up, shooting into the night sky. She rose higher and higher, silhouetted against the moon, away from the cries of the Pokémon and the calls of Mal. She held her head with both hands, gritting her teeth and curling in on herself, fighting the violence within herself. The tar sticking to her soul.
She held herself in the air. Her power was everything. It was her sans the world, a ghastly battle of will.
She hadn’t really accepted it yet. Not truly.
She and Mal were made to be enemies. The person Sonia had thought was her best human friend was her natural worst enemy.
Mal had power over her. A leash, almost. Even now, he could reach out and cut off her powers, and she would fall, like an angel who’s wings had been severed mid-flight.
What was Sonia still doing with them?!
Battling had never been her dream. It was a facade, a story. It was a dream she’d appropriated for herself because she could barely be anything else. It was something she’d made a passion for herself. As Surge had said, she couldn’t follow her passion or her dreams, so she’d created a new one out of something which wasn’t barred from her. She’d made a dream from something which she’d never dreamed about. Really all she was doing was stealing chances from people who had hoped to be trainers their entire lives.
Her father had been dead end after dead end. She’d started with some noble quest in mind, proving that her father had indeed been killed by the evil, corrupt company and the shadowy gang which ruled Kanto with a smokey but ever-present iron grip. But of course, in real life the shadowy gangs, especially that particular gang, were painfully good at covering their tracks to the point where Sonia wasn’t even sure if they had killed him.
Every five seconds it felt like she was being kidnapped by an insane Psychic from said criminal organisation who did it for fun, as a hobby, and for no good reason. A terrifyingly insane Psychic who laughed at others pains and treated the world like a game and didn’t blink while aiming and firing a gun at a person’s head.
There was a scientist obsessed with making the world a better place who came up with plan after plan and device after device to hurt and impede Psychics, all in the name of a twisted sense of ‘progress’, and Sonia had accidentally helped her.
If she didn’t report in to a government building every ten days her terrible nightmares of being hunted down would become a reality. The world hated her, some seeing her as a danger, a threat, some seeing her as a natural criminal or wicked soul, some seeing her as an abomination or monster. Something which wasn’t even allowed to attend the same school as their precious, Normal, non-different, non-dangerous offspring anyway.
Her mother was a borderline nutcase, her best human friend was biologically made up to hunt people like her down and her mentor was far away, cold, seen by some as cruel, even, and secretly working with the shadowy criminal organisation. And not even to start with her Pokémon. Keeping secret after secret from Zorua. Refusing to listen to Kai’s wisest words. Ignoring Lilith’s tender moments of emotion that she offered.
So Sonia just let herself hang there, in the air, the dark spot against the light of the moon, crying as her powers flared around her and the tar inside her made her sicker and sicker until it finally faded away and all that was left was the pathetic shell of a girl too weak to keep the wicked violent side of her away from the surface.
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Writing Bits and Pieces
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