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 The Royal Line

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PostSubject: The Royal Line   Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:20 pm

Pre-King - Creation of League of the Divine Blade
1st King - King Richard - Creation of League, uniting of Kalos (Ten centuries ago)
2nd King - King Tristan (Nine centuries ago)
3rd Ruler - Queen Celeste - Creation of Shadow Alliance, Birth of Fabelle, rising of Fabelle (Eight centuries ago)
4th ruler - Queen Abella
5th - King Bastien
6th - Queen Marie
7th - King Absolon
8th - Queen Charlotte
9th - King NathanaelĀ 
10th - Queen Camille
11th - King Arnauld
12th - Queen Genevieve
13th - King Leopold
14th - King William
15th - King Kenitoh

As discussed in the chat, what they all did during their reigns can be decided apon
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The Royal Line
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