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 Character List and Bios/Relationships

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PostSubject: Character List and Bios/Relationships   Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:41 pm

Name: Giovanni Rocketto
Age: 32
Looks: Jet-black hair, onyx eyes, and very tall.
Occupation: The Boss of Team Rocket
Status: Alive

History: Born of an Italian mother and a Kantoan father, his mixed race caused him a lot of trouble during his younger years, outside of the Team. His father was the heir to Team Rocket, created by Giovanni's grandfather. However, Sousuke Rocketto wasn't too inclined towards the business, whereas his wife, Feliciana, found that she was very competent and good at managing the Team. At Giovanni's grandfather's death, Feliciana was the one who inherited the family business.

Giovanni was born and raised in and for Team Rocket. When his father died of a very harsh pneumonia, his mother strictly raised him to be ready to take over the business himself. He revered and resented his mother, admiring her ability to rule the Team and be a powerful leader and boss, despite of her sex and her foreign race, while also begrudging her lack of attention outside of the business and giving normal affection (as well as the fact he had never been given a choice to do what he what he wanted in life).

When his mother prematurely died at a young age, Giovanni took the mantle of boss at 21 years of age. He ran the business smoothly for some years, until a girl named Leaf from Pallet Town took on and challenged his Team and rule. After many confrontations (and losses on her side, when it came to battling him), she finally defeated him.

Sometime later, the upcoming challenger of the Kanto League Elite is in a mysterious wreck with her friend Blue, who had truthfully been trying to crash into Giovanni's limousine and kill the man he knew was the boss of Team Rocket and who (in his eyes) ruined and had caused so many problems in his friend and crush's life. However, Giovanni hadn't been in the vehicle, and had then gone on to save his enemy.

After finding out about Leaf's amnesia, he became conflicted in regards to what to do with her, but ultimately gives her a new identity to keep her close for personal reasons he doesn't divulge to himself, much less others. He names her after Eve of the Bible, and Rappaccini from "Rappaccini's Daughter", secretly alluding to things that only he acknowledges. Though he had no further plans for her other than to keep her close and let her live a quiet life, Archer takes matters into his own hands and trains her to be a loyal agent to Giovanni and Team Rocket, specializing in the dirtier work that most agents don't get into.

Though it wasn't what he wanted, Leaf (now Eve) is determined to do this role for him, and so he reluctantly allows her. Since then, Eve has been his first and foremost closest confidant, as well being his top agent.

Personality: Usually very caustic and acerbic to others, but unusually very patient as well. He does have to deal with Jessie, James, and Meowth (and various other moronic grunts) daily after all. Outwardly seems to want to rule the world, but has taken to odd reflective and wistful moods recently. Has a very sarcastic, dry humor, and can also be very charismatic when he wants or needs to be. Can be quick to temper in certain situations. Wasn't really close to anyone, until Eve came along. His public persona doesn't change his behavior towards others, and he's known to be very strict and authoritarian, borderlining dictatorial. Cool-tempered and logical, he prides himself in being the best and strongest, and easily backs up that arrogance
Name: Archer Bellefonte
Age: 30
Looks: Light blue hair and eyes, tall, and wears a white TR uniform that's usually extremely straight and pressed. Always uses good posture.
Occupation: Team Rocket Executive
Status: Alive

History: The child of Rory and Kennedy Bellefonte, Archer proved to be meticulous even at a young age. As he continued to grow, he showed to be highly intelligent and well-acclimated for his age. Passing by as a quiet child, he still maintained a strong presence.

He became a Rocket agent under Giovanni's mother's reign, and was put under a young Giovanni's directive. Loyally serving the other for years, he was Giovanni's closest confidant, aside from Ariana and until Eve came along.

At Eve's induction into the Team, he personally coerced her into her current position as an assassin, behind Giovanni's back, and trained her himself. He is considered officially Giovanni's right-hand in the organization, as well as technically being his second in command.

Personality: Unobtrusively sycophantic towards Giovanni, Archer's main priority is his boss and then of course the Team. He is not usually very sympathetic to anyone or anything, but has grown to have a soft spot for his student, Eve. He has a no nonsense attitude, especially in regards to the Team and definitely when it comes to Giovanni. Archer also maintains a very passive-aggressive rivalry with Ariana.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.
Coming Soon:

Lt. Lucien Surge
The Three Beasts
Janette Tudor
Fred and Grant
Name: Emeric Hollands
Age: 38
Looks: Brown hair and eyes, average height
Occupation: Chief of Technology of Silph Co.
Status: Deceased

History: Was an average child, with a slightly above average intelligence. Emeric was the only child to two researchers, and spent his time usually alone. Befriended Richard de Alcott at a young age, but was slightly jealous and felt inferior to the other. As they grew older, they had a friendly rivalry up until Richard fell in love and married Aileena, and Emeric drifted apart from them and became isolated and started forming bitter and resentful feelings towards them, but also towards himself, forming a sort of self-hate.

He gained a gambling habit, leading to a large debt. In order to clear it, he hired Team Rocket to raid Silph Co. and hold employees hostage, which would require Silph Co. to pay off employees for trauma and health hazards. In exchange, TR would be allowed to pilfer technology, prototypes, and designs for their own use. The Director of Research and Development, who reported to him, found out and convinced him to trick the de Alcotts, using Emeric's former ties to them, into an unfavorable business deal.

Later on, being in debt again, Emeric hired Team Rocket to assassinate Caius Darkin, an upcoming, successful owner of a business that threatened Silph Co. with an invention and could cost him his job. He also, secretly, does this to eliminate Caius, who directly threatened Richard's success, owing to a long-forgotten friendship from the past.

Emeric was recently assassinated by Eve, a Team Rocket agent, after Yannoa Darkin hires TR for the job to repay him for her husband's death.

Personality: More or less apathetic and uncaring towards life. He was disillusioned with it and people, and grew increasingly embittered with everything from a young age and to his death. His only friend was Richard de Alcott, but at the lost of him and being unable to connect with Aileena caused him to grow tired and weary with everything, and lose any sort of care towards living. He lived life plainly and ordinarily, and was friendly enough. However, he mostly kept to himself. His one living family, a younger brother, berated him on his lack of ambition in life and constantly put him down, further increasing Emeric's embittered and tired personality.
Name: William Forester
Age: 36
Looks: Blond hair and green eyes, average height
Occupation: Director of Research and Development of Silph Co.
Status: Alive

History: William was very ambitious from a young age. He knew he wanted to have a top rank, and to work specifically in Silph Co. Always curious and tinkering with things, William decided he'd like to develop something so big it would mark him in history books.

After graduating from graduate school with top marks and a guaranteed position at Silph Co., he still wanted to aim higher. Soon, after being put into the R&D section of the company, he quickly rose up the ranks. His boss, Emeric Hollands, was a quiet and unassuming man, disgusting and creating resentment in Williams, especially at Emeric's lack of ambition or any sort of will towards anything in life.

When he found out about Emeric's deal with Team Rocket for the Silph raid, he manipulated him against the de Alcotts and eventually taking a lead in business, underhanded and over Emeric's job. At Emeric's recent death, he hopes to be promoted and become the new CTO of Silph.

Personality: Extremely ambitious and wouldn't care to drag anyone down, in order to climb higher to the top. Very prideful and slightly narcissistic, William becomes volatile at the hint of anyone looking down on him or insulting him in some way, even if it's only in his head. Hot-tempered and easy to provoke, Williams is known around the buildings as an awful and overbearing coworker, and those who work under him prefer to avoid him when they can.
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Character List and Bios/Relationships
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