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 Incomplete Timeline of Events

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Incomplete Timeline of Events Empty
PostSubject: Incomplete Timeline of Events   Incomplete Timeline of Events EmptyMon Aug 31, 2015 2:53 pm

Leaf B.E. (Before Eve)
14 years old -August 15 (fourteen days after birthday -August 1), starts pokemon journey.
One year on journey (majority of Book of Leaf).
August 15 -Gym match against Giovanni in Viridian City.
Almost another year passes (2nd arc of the Book of Leaf).
July 31st (around her 16th birthday) -Car crash and amnesia.

Mal and Raphael B.E.
(Raphael) Adopted by the de Alcotts at 4 years old.
(Mal) Mal and Leaf are siblings; Mal was left to the Thrones family, who are his uncle and aunt.
Mal is 12 when Leaf leaves for journey.
Raphael is 11 when Leaf leaves for journey.

Eve A.E. (After Eve)
17 years old -Eve leaves Pokemon League Village and set off on her assassination.
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Incomplete Timeline of Events
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