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 Sonia's Biography

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PostSubject: Sonia's Biography   Sonia's Biography EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 4:25 am

Basic Information
-Name: Sonia Darkin
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: January 13th
-Age: 14
-Eye colour: Violet
-Hair: Long and straight, going down to mid back, and white blond. Straight fringe.
-Height: Approximately 1.5 metres.
-Clothing: White long sleeved shirt, white knee-length skirt, knee-length black boots, long light pink scarf, tan overcoat which goes down to her knees.  

Professional Details:
-Profession: Late starting Pokémon Trainer, Grade Alpha Psychic
-Hometown/Address: Icirrus City (previously), 5A, Northcross, Eidolwood Road, Rathdon NW15, Saffron City.
-Goal/Motive: To find out about her dead father (fulfilled), to combat discrimination, to find a way to write

-Father: Caius Darkin (deceased) - A famous Pokémon scientist and inventor who invented the modern Poké Ball. He was in a huge rivalry with Silph Co. as he refused to become a partner of theirs and decided to remain independent. His old rival from university was part of Silph Co. as well. The final straw was that Caius gave production rights to Devon Corp because he though Silph Co. used immoral methods. He was later assassinated by Silph Co. on the orders of his old rival and never met his daughter. Silph Co. is now reformed, but the Darkin family still bears a deep grudge.
-Mother: Yannoa Darkin (née Severn) - A Pokémon researcher who was responsible for the 'Severn Type Theory' which explained the biological basis of Pokémon types, and is a leading researcher on the topics of Pokémon moves and typing, Legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolution. She has written various books including On Mega Evolution, Legend Immortales, and Type Theory. She is vastly intelligent, caring, wise and kind, but neurotic and skittish. She bears a deep grudge against Silph Co. for killing her husband and seeks to employ someone to assassinate the one who ordered the death of Caius. For this, Sonia takes her Pokémon and threatens to drive her insane.
-Guardian: Sawk (It's complicated)
-Spiritual Sister: Zorua
-Maternal Half-Aunt: Sabrina Severn
-Maternal Grandfather: Lowell Severn

Pokémon Party (under reconstruction):
- Zorua:
Her best friend and pseudo-sister from childhood. She just goes by Zorua, or 'Get-out-of-here-you-damn-prankster'. An incorrigible prankster who must not be allowed sugar under ANY circumstances, she has a deep emotional connection to Sonia and thus is like a sister to her. She is hyperactive, mischievous, blithe and deeply caring. Her ability is, of course, Illusion, and her ultimate move set is Night Daze, Extrasensory, Nasty Plot and Aerial Ace (Flamethrower if she evolves).
- Sawk: Her father's former partner, going by Sawk, but using the name 'Kai' after his former trainer. After Caius moved to Celadon to work with Oryse Smith, he stayed to help Yannoa bring up Sonia, as the nervous, neurotic Yannoa was too skittish to feel safe bringing up Sonia without him. He is caring, protective, hard-working and soulful. Sawk's ability is Inner Focus, and his ultimate move set is Close Combat, Payback, Thunder Punch and Poison Jab.  
- Lapras: The Psychic Lapras that belonged first to Lorelei, then Sabrina, and now Sonia. He goes by 'Ness'. Lapras found his purpose in guiding lost people to find themselves, and saved Sonia's life when she tried to drown herself. He is wise, if standoffish, cold, and strict. His ability is Water Absorb, and his ultimate move set is Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Psychic and Drill Run.  
- Gardevoir: She first met Sonia as a Ralts. She goes by 'Lilith,' or simply 'Lill'. Ralts had been lost and wandered into town, where her Psychic ability had nigh on driven her mad as she was bombarded by the minds of so many others. As she had no one to teach she how to respond, was too powerful to outright control any of it and was in such a populated area, she had no means of relief until Sonia came into the picture. She is sensitive, emotional, incredibly empathetic and very caring, but easily upset and slightly naive. She is very talented in battle, finding learning and using more than four moves natural and having great reflexes. Her ability is Synchronise, and her ultimate move set is Psychic, Moonblast, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast, but she can also use Magical Leaf, Double Team and Calm Mind.
- Gengar: The Haunter that previously belonged to Sabrina. He goes by 'Wax'. As a Psychic type Gym leader, Sabrina would never use Haunter in battle, and thus gave Sonia the responsibility for him after she beat Sabrina in battle. Though mischievous to rival Zorua, and equally fun-loving, he is the more mature of the pair and is quite laid-back. Ultimately he is humorous, level-headed, relaxed and cheerful. His ability is Levitate, and his ultimate move set is Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb and Focus Blast. 
- Ninetales: Caught as a Ninetales, Lizbeth (usually just 'Beth’) went on a violent rampage after a trainer tried to catch her against her will. After Raphael, Mal and Felix all tried to calm her down and failed, Sonia talked her down telepathically, convincing Beth she understood how the Ninetales felt. After the incident, Beth stalked Sonia until she caught the Ninetales. Beth likes to battle, as it allows her to fight 'legally'. Brooding, dark, violent, condescending and with a disturbing willingness to kill, Beth has no inner soft side; the only reason she trusts Sonia is because she feels Sonia is the only human who can be her trainer, allowing her to battle, and not restrain her attitude. Her ultimate move set is Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot and Will-O-Wisp.

- The other Pokémon she took from her mother are the baby Mawile and Sableye, respectively named Liesel and Hans. She uses neither because of their youth. Liesel is incredibly shy and Hans has the appetite of a Snorlax.
- She also has Oryse's Bronzor and Togekiss, respectively Ben and Jezebel, but shares their use with Amanita Fennel. Under Sonia's guidance Bronzor evolved into Bronzong, with the ability Levitate, and had the move set Safeguard, Iron Head, Light Screen and Reflect, while Togekiss with Hustle had the moves Hidden Power (Ground), Aura Sphere, Air Slash and Double Team. Jezebel came back for the Indigo League.  
- She holds disdain for Olympia of the Kalos region because she is a Grade Beta who uses a cloak to boost her power to Alpha levels. Sonia has grudging respect for her knowledge, however.
- Sonia's favourite book is Star Anise, by Shauntal Oakwood of the Unova Elite Four.
- She aspires to reinvent Poké Balls that do not affect Pokémon's minds 'artificially'.
- Sabrina is Sonia's mentor, one of her only human friends, and her half-aunt via Yannoa.
- She is a ridiculously picky eater and somewhat possesses OCD.
- Being called 'autistic' is her Berserk Button. Seriously. Don't do it.
- Sonia's power was Psychically restrained by Caitlin when she was six, and as such she finds interacting with pink Psychic auras very discomforting.
- She still has a slight Icirrus Unovan accent.

'The Dragonspiral Tower Thing':
- When she was six years old, she climbed Dragonspiral Tower, something which had been impossible for as long as people could remember because of the violent Druddigon that would turn away or kill trespassers. They were guarding NOT Kyurem, the violent Legendary Pokémon, but the spirit of Nate, who had caught Kyurem and been driven insane by him. He released him in the Grand Chasm, where he'd first found him, and meandered aimlessly to Dragonspiral Tower where he'd died, swearing revenge on Kyurem. Influenced by Reshiram and Zekrom the Druddigon of the tower guarded Nate's soul, knowing that should he fulfill his oath and try to get revenge on Kyurem, Kyurem would destroy everything. When Sonia went up the tower, Nate's spirit tried to possess her, but because of her Psychic abilities he failed and was severely weakened. This was so traumatic an experience that Sonia's mind tried to forget it, hence her spotty memory of the situation. Nate was weakened to such an extent that others could enter the tower. Sonia's personality split occurred because it was a highly taxing emotional experience, something which generally occurs to powerful Psychics. She still suffers from PTSD but it has remained un-diagnosed, at least until Odette.

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PostSubject: Re: Sonia's Biography   Sonia's Biography EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 8:47 am

I like all the added extra detail you've put in! Especially all the Unova stuff, mainly the new family members. Kyurem having a clearer purpose for attaching himself to Sonia is a plus as well.

I'm a little disappointed about Olympia, but it's no biggie. We can go with that if you want. As for the whole pokeball thing, I still would prefer if it had been the original design, and that some found those schematics and went on to create the Dark Ball, etc. It could have even made its way to Plasma. Otherwise, I feel it would undermine the bonds that were made of all the other trainers and their trainers beforehand.
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PostSubject: Re: Sonia's Biography   Sonia's Biography EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 3:53 pm

Okay! I'm just going to upload some of the pictures I drew. Sonia is the only one I did full body, sorry...

Sonia's Biography Img_0612
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Sonia's Biography
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