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 Susanoo (Blastoise; Leaf's old pokemon, Mal's new one)

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Susanoo (Blastoise; Leaf's old pokemon, Mal's new one) Empty
PostSubject: Susanoo (Blastoise; Leaf's old pokemon, Mal's new one)   Susanoo (Blastoise; Leaf's old pokemon, Mal's new one) EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 12:06 pm

As hinted at in this chapter (an RRP one, that will be edited with Mal when the time comes):

Mal goes searching for Leaf's old home and manages to find an old jewelry box for her. In Viridian City, he comes in contact with Giovanni (who he doesn't know) and who recognizes the jewelry box. At an opportune moment, Giovanni leaves the keys to it on Mal's table.

Now that Mal has the keys, he can open the part of the jewelry box that he couldn't before. Inside will probably be a ticket and a receipt to a security box in either Celadon City or Saffron, where once he finally gets there with the others, he will go to the bank to open the lock box. Inside will be some of Leaf's stuff, one of which will be Blastoise's pokeball and contains a letter where she's currently being taken cared of.

Once he gets Susanoo, though he tries to bond with her and all, she gives him a hard time, even though she sort of knows about him through Leaf. Eve eventually comes in, and Susanoo will be the crux in the two of them having some sort of meeting.
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Susanoo (Blastoise; Leaf's old pokemon, Mal's new one)
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