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 Jules Tritana - The Ruthless Culture expert

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PostSubject: Jules Tritana - The Ruthless Culture expert   Jules Tritana - The Ruthless Culture expert EmptyFri Sep 11, 2015 7:44 am

Name: Jules Tritana
Age: 29

Born to nobility, Jules grew up in a life of privilege. Being a child of the wealthy Tritana family luxuries were always at Jules beck and call. The only problem he had were his siblings. He was the youngest of 5 brothers and he was always treated like a runt. Years of this constant abuse had left Jules angry, he wanted revenge. He would do it by being the heir apparent to the Tritana family and he would do anything to get there.

His moment came soon than he thought. The Tritanas had a family tradition. Only one child could lead the family and when the children of the household reached maturity they would fight for the right to call themselves a Tritana. For Jules and his siblings, it would be three tests based on the families two interests. Racing and Pokemon Battles.

Determined to defeat them all and become the head of the house, Jules prepared for the contests. The first contest was Racing and he had a long been preparing a plan. Whereas their siblings always picked random horses, usually much older and more trained horses, Jules always picked the same horse, a Ponyta which had been bred around the time he was born. His siblings often laughed as the raced past her in the past, but Jules knew different, he knew that this Ponyta would be his tool of victory and that when the time came, it would reward him for his constant faith. On the day of the race, Jules’ Ponyta had evolved into a Rapidash and her experience riding upon it, he raced past all of his siblings to take the first contest.

With that victory under his belt, Jules knew that if the others suspected her of being the favourite to win, they would gang up on him and tear his team to shreds in the pokemon battles. Jules had a plan though, he started planting rumours of the other siblings, causing all of them to suspect each other except Jules, who they all believed was their ally. All the while, Jules studied her siblings pokemon, their choices, their strengths and weaknesses, all formulating the perfect team. After the dust settled on the final battle, Jules had risen above them all to claim the victory he needed. His parents were surprised that the youngest child had won, something unheard of in Tritana history, however they both agreed that with those victories and from what they knew of Jules, he was ready to inherit the name and title. While the other siblings were punished for their failures with banishment, Jules truly earned the name Tritana and was named the heir apparent to the Tritana fortune.
From there, Jules became ambitious. He was not just satisfied with being head of the family, he wanted to turn his name into one of the great houses of Kalos, using the same tricks that got him to the top of the family food chain. Soon after, by in various public events, he made himself a powerful ally, Thierri Alonique. Thierri and Jules had similar ambitions and thus made it a goal for both of them to become well known and powerful figures in Kalos. While Thierri focused on political parties, Jules focused on cultural events, learning about important dates in Kalosian history. Using his families fortune, he set up lavish festivals for the public which quickly gained attention from all walks of life. At one such event, Thierri found his friend and told him about his recent ascension to league status. Thierri soon introduced Jules to other members of the league, who had been often seen at Jules’ festivals. The league had been paying close attention to him for similar reasons to Thierri. They congratulated Jules on his festivals and how he has brought many important dates to the public eye. For his work they offered him a position in the league as a cultural ambassador to which Jules accepted.
Jules now guides the royals on what events to go to and which dates require festivals. He still continues his goal of making his house great and now with the league, builds Kalos as one of the most cultural regions in the world… he truly has outshined all of his competition.
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Jules Tritana - The Ruthless Culture expert
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