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 Order of Journey (In Progress)

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PostSubject: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:23 pm

The order of cities goes

• Viridian (no battle): Transported there by Sonia. Zorua heals, Mal goes on a "Leaf journey", Raphael tries to talk and get along with Sonia and ends up battling her. The trio try to get into the Viridian Gym, but end up battling Eve unknowingly. Harry first appears in Viridian Forest (Raphael's rival), as does Odette and Janette and the Twins.

• Pewter (battle): Sonia gets a violent Ralts. Mal goes to the museum to play tourist, finds a disguised Lance, and ends up with a fossil. The gym battle with Brock. Zorua pranks a Jenny and gets them in trouble. Sonia gets blamed by Jenny because she's a Psychic (shown in Sonia's book), Mal notices something off after a while (show in Mal's book), and Raphael takes it all like a joke (Raphael's book). Emily first appears (Sonia's rival).

• Cerulean (battle): Mal meets Silver (Mal's rival, and unknowingly his half-brother), who is being picked up there by Eve. Mal, Sonia, and Raphael attempt to learn to swim in order to battle Misty.

• Saffron (no battle): Lapras decides to follow Sonia.

• Vermillion (battle):

• Saffron (no battle): Raphael's Eevee twins evolve at dusk.

• Celadon (battle): Oryse comes in, and Sonia gets a Bronzor and Togekiss. Mal finally goes to the bank, and finds the security box put away with Leaf's things from the crash. A clue leads Mal to Leaf's Blastoise.

• Fuchsia (battle):

• Saffron (battle): Sonia gets Haunter from Sabrina, after gym battle.

• Cinnabar (battle): Sonia confronts Yannoa, and steals Scythere, Mawile and Sableye from her.

• Pallet:

• Viridian (battle):
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PostSubject: Re: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:48 pm

Pallet: Felix obsesses over Zorua (to Sonia’s irritation) and checks the health and ability of Raph’s two Eevee, which leads him to a conversation with Mal about their shared interests in Pokémon health. Refuses a starter, given he already has Cascade.

Viridian (no battle): Felix initially panics at how strong the first gym leader is and how unprepared they are until Raph explains that most people challenge him last. Cascade spars with Zorua and Raph’s two Eevee (Teddi and Sirona refuse to fight).

• Pewter (battle): Felix trains Raph’s Eevee to use non-Normal type moves to account for Brock’s gym. Catches Aria on the way to Mt. Moon. Enlists Zorua to scare off the press following Raph. Cascade defeats Brock’s team first try. Tries to calm down Ralts, withstands her assault, but fails anyway.

• Cerulean (battle): (Gets a Moon Stone from Mt. Moon, which Aria refuses) Cascade teaches Raph and his Eevee to swim while Felix works with Aria. Gets advice for her from a disguised Eve, works wonders. Aria still freezes up fighting Misty and gets knocked out near the end; Cascade barely scrapes through and is thrilled to get his “me badge”.

• Saffron (no battle): Manages to meet with Sabrina at the Pokémon Center, gains some perspective on Sonia’s feelings. Attempts to apologize to Sonia, bringing him from “acquaintance” to “close acquaintance” in her eyes.

• Vermillion (battle): More training with Raph (what Pokémon does he have at this point?). Visits the Pokémon Fan Club (maybe with Mal?) and leaves once people swarm him with requests to translate.

• Saffron (no battle): Learns about Plasma’s actions in Unova, gets irritated. Reminded of Sonia, cajoles her into touring Silph Co. with her..

• Celadon (battle): (Catches Sai and Reaper on the way here; Aria finally lets herself evolve upon defeating Reaper) Has Sai spar with Aria until both are she’s comfortable and he’s stronger. More training with Raph, this time focusing on dodging all the powder-based moves. Notices a Porygon offered at the Game Corner, tries and fails at the only non-gambling game (Voltorb Flip). Goes to the Department Store with Mal, who explains how to win the game. Felix goes back and wins Cad. Aria, Cad, and Sai beat Erika.

• Fuchsia (battle): Attempts to control Reaper enough to have her use small doses of Poison Powder to build his and Raph’s team’s immunity for Koga, with help from Eve. Gets into a conversation with Mal about antidotes and the like. Finds Cloud with a broken wing in the nearby forest. Reaper evolves and insists on fighting Koga; does rather well, but still faints. Cascade evolves fighting Koga.

• Saffron (battle): Cloud heals, insists on staying with Felix and training whenever possible. (Disguised) Eve passes on a Up-Grade; Cad evolves. Persuades Sonia to teach him and Raph how to handle Psychics. Sabrina is impressed by Felix’s communication skills.

• Cinnabar (battle): Gets a Fire Stone; Sai evolves. Tries to convince Cloud to stop training, to no avail. Mal promises to help if Cloud goes too far. Sai helps Raph train against fire. Mal and Felix explore the Pokémon Mansion. Cad meets his programmer at the Pokémon Lab, receives a Dubious Disc and evolves.

• Pallet: Reaper spars with (disguised?) Eve, demonstrating much more control. She gives her a Leaf Stone. Cloud spars with Raph’s team, defeats two of them before being knocked out herself. Raph is prompted to continue training to catch up. Mal talks to Felix about Leaf, maybe? Zorua, Sawk, and Felix reminisce about Felix’s broken speech when they first met.

• Viridian (battle): Reaper gleefully destroys Giovanni’s team almost single-handedly, Cascade finishes them off. Cloud’s training pays off and she evolves. Felix insists on Raph sparring with him until Raph can win a full six-on-six battle, so he can defeat Giovanni easily as well. Sonia asks to spar, destroys Felix’s team easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:02 pm

Pallet: Raph receives his pokedex, meets with Blue to discuss league requirements and meetings Felix who will accompany him on the journey. Meets Sonia and hates her after being attacked by her with psychic powers.

Viridian: Gets one hit koed by the gym leader there, but understands that this is normally the last gym. Starts to have doubts about his abilities. Mal directs him to the trainer house and after a good fight, Raphael's confidence is restored. Starts reading up on ancient historic battles, carries some books with him. Catches Pidgey en-route when it tries to steal his backpack

Pewter: Receives Onix from Harry after fight and starts working with Felix on training his eevees in non-normal type moves in order to beat brock. Runs away from press with the help of Zorua. Fights Brock and wins boudler badge.

Cerulean: Raph gets swimming lessons and works with Cerulean swim team on endurance. Beats Misty and decides to swim alone for a while. When diving underwater, he bumps his head on a staryu, who he captures with the help of eevee.

Saffron: Raph is seen with anti-psychic movement people, just talking, Sonia takes it wrong way. While Felix and Mal are making some way with her, Raph feels increasingly distant from Sonia, sometimes thinking about how satisfying it would be to beat her in the league.

Vermillion: Raph trains more for his battle with Surge.

Saffron: Raph faces Harry in a rival battle. The sun is setting and the moon is visible in the sky, it comes down to two on two pokemon and both Raph's eevees evolve at same time. Sabrina takes notice of Raph, mildly impressed by what she saw.

Celadon: Raph gets his Rapidash from his mother and remembers his riding practice. Meets up with his original family, who try to get him to rejoin them. After refusal and argument, a battle breaks out. They constantly yell at Raph saying that he is not a d'Alcott and he hasn't earned a thing, driving Raph into a bloodlust rage and the attacks he orders almost kill one of the families pokemon before the d'Alcotts step in to calm him down. The d'Alcotts then beat the original family together and fully become a family, after years of doubt by Raph.

Fuchsia: With no immunity to poison, Raph works with Felix and a disguised Eve to conquer it. Titan evolves against Koga and fights hard to win the badge. Also uses lessons in poise that he learned from his mother to avoid traps in the gym. Gets lessons from Koga about martial and ninja arts.

Saffron: Raph is confused when Sonia offers to help him with psychics but accepts the help. Raph focuses on training Staryu into Starmie. After being confronted by tortuous memories from his past, Raph's bloodlust rage returns as he faces Sabrina. He once again controls his rage and uses his anger to fuel his drive and deepen the bond with pokemon, overcoming Sabrina to win. This power impresses Sabrina slightly.

Cinnabar: To be Discussed.

Pallet: Raph loses a fight to Felix and is prompted to work harder to train his team in preparation from final gym battle.

Viridian: Raph wins six on six battle with Felix, after Felix wanted him to show that he could do it. Raphael thanks Felix for everything, saying he couldn't have asked for a better person to train him. For the final battle, the league and the d'Alcotts are in the stands watching him. Seeing Raph win the final battle easily, they all turn to each other and say one thing:

"He is ready"
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PostSubject: Re: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:57 am

Okay guys, firstly, I'm sorry! For two things. One; this took me a really long time to write and I'm sorry for making you wait. The second; this is really, really, REALLY long. This is mostly for my benefit so that I can plan the plot and most of this is a brainstorm, and almost all of it is up for debate. You guys are not obligated to read it but for arguments' sake (I think in terms of conflicts and arguments, wow that is sad) please read it all if you're going to tell me to change something, because there may be some things which make sense later on.

ESPECIALLY THE WHOLE FENNEL/ODETTE/TR THING. Do not argue unless you come prepared. As you guys probably know by now I have a habit of pulling the argumentative equivalent of a rabbit out of my hat each time you ask a tough question by a combination of fulfilling the Properly Paranoid trope and having an insane subconscious that fleshes out all of my ideas with half-improvised-half-planned dialogues that justify absolute insanity. For instance, does anyone remember Fabelle...?

Now for points of contention with others. I am aware some of these may have already been revised, but I would like to make my opinion clear. I would also like to say that if you debate *cough*argue*cough* with me and win you can keep the plans, I would simply like to know the logic behind them. I am so sorry if I sound really critical and/or condescending right now, I do not mean to.

First. This is general; we need to take much longer to defeat the Gym Leaders. Sonia has an average of 2.875 tries and the only reason it's so low is because of extraneous circumstances with Lt. Surge and the one-try with Blaine (he is, however, noted to be a rather easy Gym Leader, but I should still probably change it). If Gym Leaders were as easy as the anime, the League tournament would be FULL of trainers. The tests aren't enough; the Gym Leaders all need to be ridiculously hard to defeat (modelling their team based on their assessment of the trainers; all are potentially level 50 teams game wise with some just being more talented) and would all take multiple tries to defeat especially by anyone normal. Giovanni was mentioned to take months to defeat by that guy with the Ivysaur. Imagine how many tries could happen in months.
Second. This applies to both Raphael and Felix; Giovanni especially should take QUITE a few tries to defeat, even from Raphael. This guy is HARD. If he does not take at least three tries from Raphael to defeat we may as well just nerf the Gym Leaders back to anime levels.
Third. Immunity to poison? What the hell? I'm sorry, just... explain the logic behind that to me.
Fourth. This one is more question, less argument. What do you mean by Sonia offering Raphael help with Psychics? One wouldn't have to repeat the test each time they wanted a rematch, for any Gym, I wouldn't think. Sonia doesn't know what the test is for the Saffron Gym in the first place. If you mean the type, Raph knows his type match ups. I mean, if he wanted to practice with Lill, I guess that makes sense... but otherwise, explanation needed.

Now I'll stop complaining/arguing/criticising/generally being a jerk and give you what I've planned.


• Pallet: Gets Pokédex, badge case and Trainer ID. Meets Fennel and ends up telepathically attacking her. Meets Raphael, Mal and Felix, getting on bad notes with pretty much all three. Sawk, now Kai, decides to travel with Sonia.

• Viridian (no battle): After Team OJ's attack and Sonia's outburst they teleport to Viridian, where Zorua heals. Sonia holes herself up in her room and decides that she can't do it and has to go home, but Mal convinces her to stay. What helps is discovering that battling is actually quite fun. Sonia researches Fennel, finding the psychiatric hospital and the list of staff. On the list; Dr. Alice E. Firth-Todd. Sonia researches the list of registered Psychics, but cannot find Odette Fairchild anywhere on the list. She then researches Odette Fairchild herself without the Psychic registers and cannot find any mention anywhere, coming to the conclusion that Odette is a pseudonym, though Mal does point out TR could also have wiped anything about her off of the net.

Note: Yes, Alice E. Firth-Todd is an anagram for Odette Fairchild. 

• Pewter (battle): Sonia finds and helps a violent Ralts by the name of Lilith. Sonia battles Brock and wins in one try with Lill's help. Zorua pranks a Jenny and gets them in trouble, and Sonia is blamed. After seeing Raphael battle Brock and win in one try Emily comes down to congratulate him and Emily sees that Sonia is Psychic. Emily then insults her, causing Sonia to challenge her to a battle and lose terribly. Sonia, irritated with her loss, meets a trainer and challenges him to a friendly battle. It is her first meeting with Andrey, and she wins.

• Cerulean (battle): Sonia has a panic attack over going in the water but is convinced by Mal to give it a try. Misty teaches Sonia to swim but she doesn't fully get over her fear of water, but because she tried, Misty allows her to battle. Sonia wins on the third try. Sonia meets a Silph Co. employee who drunkenly admits to the company having dealt with TR and having assassinated someone in the past. Raphael saves Zorua from being Pokénapped by Team OJ, and Sonia discovers that Eve has a device which can block her powers. Lill evolves into Kirlia.

• Saffron (no battle): Sonia is troubled by the Saffron Gym; she suddenly realises the true extent of the Psychics separating themselves from society, and becomes suspicious when strange people (TR Psychics) go into the Gym. Yannoa acts uncomfortable around Sonia. Worried, Sonia goes to find Lapras, and he decides to follow Sonia, as Ness. Sabrina states she was going to give Sonia an Abra, but she already has Lill. She doesn’t tell Sonia why, because is afraid what happened to her might happen to Sonia. Sonia meets Andrey for the second time and gives him a friendly battle.

• Vermillion (battle): Sonia spies on Surge and Lill hypothesises that he is in TR. Sonia and Lill, using information from the TR Psychics who were at the Saffron Gym, confirm it and approach Surge. He gives her a badge up front, and threatens her to ensure that she never tells anyone. Sonia encounters and is beat up by Eve when Sonia attacks and Eve uses her power blocking device on her. A Psychic boy who’s powers and Psychic noise have slowly been driving him insane attacks Vermillion City in telekinetic bursts and knocks out Officer Jenny. Sonia fights him Psychically and wins, but with a broken left wrist and Lill’s help. Lill evolves into Gardevoir during the fight. Sonia finds out the identity of Emeric Hollands, her father’s old rival and likely funder of the assassin.

• Saffron (no battle): Sonia meets Andrey again and convinces him to go to the Psychic Gym. She encounters Emily again and battles her, losing once more. Enraged at herself and her nature she makes an oath to herself to steal Eve’s device and make a portable version for Andrey with Mal’s help. She challenges Mal to spend a day without emotion and he fails. Sonia finds more about Fennel’s goals, and finds concrete proof that Caius was assassinated by TR on Silph’s order. Sonia goes to Silph Co. headquarters to see if she can find any information on Caius. It does not end well.

• Celadon (battle): With a clue from the guys at Silph and Caius’s letters Sonia finds the place Caius worked in, and from there is lead on an insane treasure hunt in the city to finding Oryse’s old apartment, and there, another treasure hunt to find the safe. Oryse had recorded a message, included plans, written a few letters and saved two Poké Balls, set on timers to expire in three years and send the Pokémon to the PC. With the help of Togekiss, one of the two Pokémon (the other being Bronzor) Sonia defeats Erica on the third try. Sonia evolves Bronzer into Bronzong.

• Fuchsia (battle): Sonia finally hunts down Eve and steals the device from her. She and Mal begin modifying it and Eve shows up and helps. Sonia rushes the Fuchsia Gym, trying to get to Saffron as fast as possible, and just battles Janine without pause to her annoyance. On the fourth try she wins. Sonia is challenged by Emily this time, and wins. She reads about Fennel’s telekinesis gun and begins to worry. Sonia, thanks to Oryse’s letters and worries about Fennel, contacts Amanita. She and Amanita strike a bond, and Amanita admits she doesn’t know too much about Fennel’s plans. She states she wants to go on a journey and Sonia and Amanita decide to both exchange use of Togekiss and Bronzor.

• Saffron (battle): Sonia rushes to Saffron ahead of the others and finds Andrey; thankfully, he is fine and open to the help. Andrey decides to head for Sinnoh to become a coordinator. Sonia has a reunion with Doris, Darcy, Samuel and the others, but finds out that they were threatened by Odette with Sonia knowing Surge’s identity, because they suspect the Saffron Gym of sabotaging the TR Psychics which landed Sabrina and the others in tricky situation. Sonia battles and defeats Sabrina on the third try (she would not have won had it not been for her powers), and is given Haunter. Sonia talks to her mother, who tell her how to evolve Wax into Gengar without trade (trauma or some other event which affects similar parts of the brain). Sonia decides to find Odette and end it herself. She finds Odette, only for Odette to taunt her and reveal to her that her Yannoa paid them to assassinate Emeric Hollands. Sonia confronts Yannoa, and steals Scyther, Mawile and Sableye from her upon the revelation that Odette was not lying. Sonia gives Amanita Hans and Liesel to train and take of and lends her Togekiss for a while as well so that she can take care of Scyther.

• Cinnabar (battle): Sonia realises that she has become extremely emotional and has not had a Psychic incident and that Lill immediately knew to comfort her. Investigating this, Sonia finds out about Olympia’s research. She calls Sabrina and Sabrina confirms that Sonia has developed a bond with Lill that allows her to feel emotion and use her power, sharing the load with Lill. Sabrina confesses about her and her Alakazam’s broken relationship and her fear that if Sonia knew what she was trying to do she would end up breaking the relationship herself. Inspired by the new comfort that emotion brings, Sonia defeats Blaine in one try, to her companions’ shock. An attack and Pokénapping via Team OJ results in Haunter evolving into Gengar.

• Pallet: As Sonia trains for the Viridian Gym she is confronted by how her goals had changed over time. She and Amanita discuss what Pokémon Sonia should use and the possible implications of Fennel’s plans. Sonia finds Harry also on the way to Viridian and gives him Oryse’s letter. Sonia goes and asks Oak about Fennel and Oak says that she was obsessed with her telekinesis gun. Sonia asks if there would be anyone around who would know about her research. Oak gives her a picture of a disguised Odette, which makes Sonia freak and look up the Psychic hospital again, working out, to her horror, that Alice E. Firth-Todd is Odette. She rereads some of Caius's letters and comes to the conclusion that not only was Caius fully aware of what he was creating, but that TR was likely manipulating the whole thing all along and Fennel is ultimately being used by them.

• Viridian (battle): Sonia is distracted with trying to figure out what Fennel’s plan is and exactly how dangerous it could be. She contacts Amanita again, who states she still doesn’t know. Sonia, after reading about the Viridian Gym, decides that it is too dangerous for Zorua. Zorua wants to go but admits that she probably isn’t strong enough, citing her unwillingness to let herself evolve mostly because she wants to stay small. Sonia goes into the Viridian Gym without Zorua and finds that is becoming emotionally unstable. Scyther evolves into Scizor to protect Sonia but she freaks out so much that she needs to teleport out. Togekiss volunteers to go back to Amanita for a short while so Sonia can take Zorua. Sonia defeats the Gym on the fifth try.

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PostSubject: Re: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:12 am

I see no problems with everyone's stuff so far, aside the little mentions. The TR Psychics stuff is pretty aligned with what I guess would be okay of what I think, minus the fact I did say that (a long time ago probably, so it's forgotten) while Sabrina isn't a TR member, she's pretty neutral to them and Giovanni respects her, so her gym wouldn't be threatened by TR.

I'll post my own stuff later today or tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Order of Journey (In Progress)   Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:52 pm

• Pallet: Having traveling there with Raphael, Mal meets Sonia and tries keep things calm. He also meets Fennel, who having upset Sonia, sparks a bit of distaste and anger in Mal, leading him to be subtly cruel to the other. He ten proceeds to give Sonia the traveling gift. Afterwards, Mal meets Blue and becomes furious with the other, swearing revenge. He also manages to locate Leaf's house and find a number of important things.

• Viridian (no battle): Transported there by Sonia, while Zorua heals, Mal goes on a "Leaf journey". Finding clues about her death, but which lead to nowhere, he also finds more about "G" and accidentally meets him. He also tries his best to befriend Sonia, while also finding the Trainer House that he thinks might interest Raphael. However, while there, his interest wanes while the battles are going around him, and he ends up in a discussion with Felix. Raphael notices and talks to him about why he's on a journey and Mal halfheartedly answers him, which doesn't satisfy his friend (but leaves it alone for now).

• Pewter (battle): Mal goes to the museum to play tourist, finds a disguised Lance, and ends up with a fossil and news of a fossil machine. The gym battle with Brock, where Mal manages to win quickly but finds absolutely no interest to his detriment. Sonia also corners him about it and he admits that he doesn't like battling. Zorua pranks a Jenny and gets them in trouble. Sonia gets blamed by Jenny because she's a Psychic (shown in Sonia's book), Mal notices something off after a while (show in Mal's book), and Raphael takes it all like a joke (Raphael's book). Emily first appears (Sonia's rival).

• Cerulean (battle): Mal meets Silver (Mal's rival, and unknowingly his half-brother), who is being picked up there by Eve. Mal, Sonia, and Raphael attempt to learn to swim in order to battle Misty, and though Mal encourages Sonia to try, his own attempt is a miserable failure where he freaks out in the water and starts having an asthma attack. Sonia (or Misty?) save him, and he almost decides to sit out this gym, but is encouraged by Raphael.

• Saffron (no battle): Mal runs into Silver again, who mocks him and makes snide hints about Mal's real mother, which confuses Mal. He thinks about his past and tries to make sense of it. He remembers the psychic block and tentatively thinks about breaking it. He asks for Sonia's help, and they hesitantly work on it. The block cracks but doesn't completely break, and Mal instead remembers the abuse, but not the whole truth of everything. Completely shaken, Mal becomes an utter wreck.

• Vermilion (battle): Once again, Silver dogs Mal's heels, this time bringing up Leaf and her death and hinting at something relating to it that frustrates Mal. Trying to take his mind off of it, he goes with Felix to the Pokemon Fan Club and is bemused and entertained by the interested swarm of people who want Felix to translate for their pokemon. While walking around and waiting for Felix to be done, Mal spots an pregnant Arcanine who then goes into labor. He helps it deliver its baby, not knowing that the Arcanine once belonged to Leaf and had been entrusted to Surge after her crash. He runs into Surge afterwards, finding the man cleaning his guns in an area at the back of his gym. They get to talking, which relaxes Surge after his irritating (though somewhat amusing) encounter with Sonia. However, somehow they start talking about Leaf and Mal picks up cues and realizes that Surge might have liked Leaf. That catches Surge off guard, though it qualifies for the badge requirements, which he hands over to Mal (who's dumbstruck). He makes Mal swear not to tell anyone, knowing that a certain someone would kill him if they found out. Mal agrees only after demanding he tells Mal whatever he can about his cousin.

• Saffron (no battle): He runs into Lance again, and demands to know about Leaf, after all the evidence he's been gathering. Lance reluctantly shares some stuff about her, and shows him pictures of Leaf and her family, where Mal recognizes the woman he remembers abusing him. He has a panic attack, which escalates into a full blown asthma attack and Lance takes him into the ER. From there, Lance apologizes for keeping things from him, but he and Mal's family thought it was for the best. He returns to the Pokemon Center, where he runs across Sonia, who challenges to spend a day without emotions. He utterly fails, especially as he keeps remembering the woman's emotionless eyes looking at him. He then goes to Sabrina and asks that she strengthen the block in his mind, only for her to ask if that is what he really wanted -if it was what Leaf wanted. Confused by she meant, it does stop him from going through with it.

• Celadon (battle): Mal finally goes to the bank, and finds the security box put away with Leaf's things from the crash. A clue leads Mal to Leaf's Blastoise. He tries his best to bond with Susanoo, but she makes it extremely hard on him. Desperate, he asks Felix to speak to her, only for him to be unable to get anything of use. So they go to the Department Store to just take a break, and Mal runs into Silver who makes a remark that unnerves him and he runs out on Felix to confront his parents, wondering if he's really their son. They reluctantly admit that he isn't really their son, but they are still blood-related. That shocks Mal and he goes to Raphael, only to find he's had his own family problems to deal with. Not wanting to burden Raphael, Mal keeps it in and instead does his best to support his friend, hiding his turmoil. At this point, he doesn't battle Erika and decides that he won't continue to battle the gyms. Sonia, likewise to how he convinced her to continue traveling with them, convinces him to at least still travel with them as well.

• Fuchsia (battle): Still feeling off about his revelation about his family, Mal feels kind of lost as the others prepare to battle Janine. However, he's caught off guard when Sonia comes to him and asks him to help her with some kind of Psychic device. Feeling much more in control, he calmly helps Sonia out, only to become on edge when a young woman named Eve comes to help. The entire time working with her (and just knowing she's in disguise) makes his nerves stand on edge. When Sonia rushes off to the gym to finish it off quickly, she leaves it up to him and Eve to deal with the device. Tension rises and he feels like he knows Eve. However, after they finish, she disappears without a trace.

• Saffron (battle): Since he no longer is battling for a badge, while the others prepare for battle and challenge and battle Sabrina, Mal is allowed to roam around the building and even takes to doing check ups on the Psychics and Psychic-type pokemon there. Somehow, exasperatedly, he runs into Silver, who taunts him about another truth -Mal's beloved cousin, who he now knows is his sister, is alive. Infuriated, Mal actually attacks Silver and they fight in the hall, until a woman named Odette interrupts and takes Mal away from Silver. Silver angrily attempts to move for another attack, when he's stopped by a red head named Ariana. It makes Mal remember an image from a past he doesn't really remember and his heart aches at the sight of her. Odette brings him to another room, and he asks her if she's a Psychic. Finding out she is, he decides that he wants the block to be removed completely. She agrees, knowing who he is, and makes it so that the block will disintegrate quickly but over time, so it doesn't overwhelm him.

• Cinnabar (battle): Constantly dealing with a deluge of memories, Mal tries to just accept them as they come. He focuses on helping Felix, worried over Cloud's healthy an obsessive need to train. Trying to think of something, he decides to think of a "training excursion" to the Pokemon Mansion, so that Cloud can 'train' but still not overdo it and kind of even take it easy and rest. Later, when the others go to challenge Blaine, Mal is wandering around and gets lost in the volcano. The heavy atmosphere and the extreme gets to him, and he starts having trouble. Not knowing where he is, he panics, but runs into a disguised Eve, who tries to help him out. They make they were out of the maze-like building, running into near-misses and dangerous obstacles, and almost make it to the exit. However, Mal passes out right just as they get there. Eve drags him out and has to do CPR, managing to get him breathing. Once sure she does, she alerts those close and then disappears.

• Pallet: With Raphael and Sonia busy with their own problems, Mal is desperate to talk to someone and basically blurts out everything that's happened through the journey to Felix. Even though Felix is unable to offer any advice, just being able to speak to someone made him feel a little better. He then goes to Oak, who spends time with him reminiscing over Leaf and a girl named Ash. He also meets Gary, Oak's youngest grandson, who commiserates over Blue and what a jerk he is.

• Viridian (battle): Because the others are training to battle, Mal tries to hunt down "G" again. However, this time he runs into Giovanni Rocketto, who reveals himself. The man takes him in hand and they go to his gym office, where he explains all that happened to Leaf and what led up to her crash. With lots of thoughts in his head, Mal wanders around the city and nears a building that is hosting a musical event, hearing someone play the violin to a familiar song. He trails after it and finds a brunette that feels familiar, and he goes to play along with her on a piano. After they're done, Mal realizes who she is as the block completely breaks, but she runs away. He runs after her, but can't go far or too fast because of his condition and ends up in a bad, and is accidentally (maybe) run over.

(I'll do Eve later, but if anyone has anything to add to this or wants me to add any scenes with Mal they came up with, mention it please)
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Order of Journey (In Progress)
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