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 Supporting cast

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Anima Richards - This Gardevoir hybrid is a first class lady, with all the mannerisms you expect. When she learns of his heritage, Anima takes it upon herself to mold Ranger into the perfect gentleman. Nicknamed "Crown" by Haydn

Haydn Bradley - Calm and collected Typhlosion hybrid who wants to become the strongest fire hybrid ever and has a secret obsession with speed. The nickname maker of Ranger's friends with his own nickname "Wheels"

Levina Adams - The hyperactive Pachirisu hybrid whose always looking for the next big rush. Nicknamed "Sparky" by Ranger's friends.

Antheia Osmond - This Lilligant hybrid is beautiful lady with a noble bearing. Being born from two hybrids that were artists. When Ranger first comes to the academy, both her and Anima take it upon themselves to train him. But Antheia is more focused on his nature powers and how they can develop beautiful gardens together. Her nickname from Haydn is "Lady Rose"
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Supporting cast
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