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 Scales of the Just

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PostSubject: Scales of the Just   Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:39 pm

All things are comprised of balances. Earth and Air, fire and water. Without one, the other cannot survive. However the most important balance was Light and Darkness, should that balance shift then the whole system of the universe would destroy itself. To prevent this, the creators created a race of beings that would watch over and protect this ever important balance. The Statera, or "Balancers" as they were known, protected the balance from the beings of the twisted nether. After Aeons, the nether demons managed to secured a victory that they thought would cause all chaos. They tore open a portal in dimensions and flung the Statera into another dimension, trapping them. However, disciples and followers of the Statera kingdom, possessing light and dark magic held together to keep this balance secure and beat back the nether. With the Statera gone, these disciples formed their own order to one day bring back the statera. Legend says that a child that can control both light and darkness equally can restore this kingdom... now the order searches for this child while fighting back the nether
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Scales of the Just
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