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 Story Setting

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PostSubject: Story Setting   Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:54 pm

Place: Kalos-centered

Beginning: Team Flare unleashes their weapon on Kalos, destroying Geosenge Town and the surrounding area, and creating an EMP-wave that affects the entire region, causing a nuclear fallout and pushing the region into chaos.

Plot: Set in a post-Pulse/apocalyptic world, computer and communication systems are nonexistent because of the EMP. The region is in a third-world nation state, and corruption and crime are rampant.

Fem!Ash Ketchum (main/primary)
Cyrus (main/primary)
Diantha (secondary)
Lysandre (secondary)
Sycamore (secondary)
Malva (secondary)
Siebold (secondary)
Team Flare (secondary/tertiary)
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PostSubject: Re: Story Setting   Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:03 am

Character names

Ash’s Group:
Ash - Pikachu (Kannon), Greninja (Remi), Charizard (Red), Oshawott (Kawai), Noivern (Balthazar, "Balty"), Aurorus (Hela)
Alain - Charizard (Xander)
Riley - Lucario (Lucas)
Shauna - Ivysaur (Chester), Sylveon (Flavia), Goodra (Elwira), Delcatty (Agotha)
Bonnie - Dedenne (Eureka)

Rival Group-
Sawyer - Sceptile (Terry), Shelgon (Saur), Honedge (Saladin)
Buck - Claydol (Clyde), Dusknoir (Dustin), Torkoal (Tori)
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Story Setting
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