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 Plot Discussion

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PostSubject: Plot Discussion   Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:22 pm

Shay: So we were thinking maybe draw out that backstory you wrote for Xerneas so it's not too obvious all at once, but then use that as a "decoy reveal", with the real twist in the story being that Ranger had been a Plasmid experiment since before his birth. (Also that hybrids DID kill his mom.)
Additionally, what if humandad (Are we really not going to name him?) is given something by Plasmid that poisons or hurts Ranger after their confrontation, only for one of Jarred's associates to burst in and "save the day", treating Ranger to secure Xerneas' trust? As for the associate, imagine him polite, friendly, well-dressed, and eager to help. He has training from Jarred himself, so he should do a good job of keeping up appearances to convince the two hybrids to work with Plasmid.
And yes, that includes Xerneas. It's not beyond reason for him to have no idea what really goes on in their research facilities, so he's fed the same lies Ranger is because Jarred's alternative is having a very angry and immortal deer rampaging through his labs in search of his son.

Hope you approve! Eri and I had fun coming up with all of this.
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Plot Discussion
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