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 Felix's Team and Supporting Characters

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PostSubject: Felix's Team and Supporting Characters   Felix's Team and Supporting Characters EmptyFri Nov 13, 2015 9:14 am

(In order of catching)

Cascade the Buizel: Felix's childhood friend and first Pokemon. He acts sort of like his trainer, being very outgoing, confident, and friendly, but he's a little more reserved and lax about things. He'll make it a goal to meet and befriend all of Raphael's, Sonia's, and Mal's Pokemon in addition to his own team. He's very excited to get the "me" badge (Cascade Badge).

Sai the Vulpix: A cute, playful fox. He's never liked living in the wild, always longing for a trainer to give him a more luxurious lifestyle. To his delight, Felix absolutely adores Vulpix and Ninetales and promised Sai all the good food and grooming Felix could afford, and so readily allowed himself to be caught. He gladly trains with Felix and the others, but really loves to play with his trainer and his fellow Pokemon.

Aria the Jigglypuff: A Jigglypuff blessed with immense strength, Aria is nevertheless terrified of her own power. This makes her shy and rather unwilling to interact or fight others because she thinks she'll hurt them badly. She claims she breaks everything and everyone she touches, but Felix promises to teach her control of her strength in return for her services on his team, which she accepts. Nevertheless, she refuses to evolve until she has absolute control of her power.

Cad the Porygon: Designated as 0x017CAD82 in the computer he was born in, he was nicknamed "Cad" by his programmers in order to "optimize communication time", according to the Porygon himself. He longs to act like a real Pokemon rather than just a machine and so insists on being referred to as "he" instead of "it". As he "upgrades" (evolves) into Porygon2 and Porygon-Z, he finally gets a grasp on how emotion works and learns to act like any other Pokemon.

Reaper the Oddish: This creepy little Grass-type has only one desire: more power. Despite her outwardly cute appearance, she takes great joy in fighting and loves to drain her opponents' life with Absorb. When Aria hands her a serious beatdown, Reaper swears fealty to Felix so long as he promises to teach her strength like Aria's. Over time she won't lose her sadistic enjoyment of battling, but Felix will teach her to channel it in healthier ways, pointing her primarily at Team Rocket and limiting her violence on other trainers' Pokemon. Will quickly evolve into a Vileplume and has a fear of Sun Stones for how ridiculous and stupid Bellossom look.

Cloud the Swablu: I'm unsure of how Felix gets her. Likely she'll be a young Swablu who badly mangled a wing, which immediately prompts Felix to help her. Upon learning that Felix can understand her and is as nice as he looks, she grows very attached to him even after she fully heals, begging to be caught by him and thereafter sitting on his head wherever he goes. She's obsessed with Felix, immediately following any order given and protecting him at any cost. She trains extremely hard, longing to evolve into her dragon form Altaria so she can better care for Felix.
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Felix's Team and Supporting Characters
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