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 Raphael, What happens next? The idea

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PostSubject: Raphael, What happens next? The idea   Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:53 am

After the draw with Sonia during the league and his argument with Blue about perfection, two figures come to Raph. One is Mr Goodshow who talks about Raph has "Exceeded expectations" of the league with his performances (The gym leaders gave reviews of him to the league after matches) and says that Raph will now serve in an ambassador role for the league and Kanto, going to other regions, fighting the gym leaders, collect badges, all that stuff. The second person there... is Cynthia. She was watching Raph during the tournament (as other champions were as well considering the kanto league probably ran a massive marketing campaign of Raph being "The next great trainer") and was impressed by what she saw. She tells Raph that she looks forward to their battle when Raph makes it to Sinnoh, also that if Blue has abandoned him as a mentor figure, she offers to take up that mantle, saying that he would be finally mentored by a "real" champion. One final thing she says is that to use different pokemon in each region he goes to. Show the skills that he has learned with befriending pokemon and train different teams for different situations.

Of course before all of this, Raph does the whole "Solar Eclipse" angle and after that goes on to the other regions. I believe this sort of framing device gives Raph reason to travel to different regions and still keeps in context all of the league stuff he has gone through. Also eluding to the fact that Blue is only a champion because Leaf isn't around... also Blue is a dick anyway so who cares.

It also gives Raphael reason to experiment with different teams and maybe give some pokemon that do not get used some spotlight
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PostSubject: Re: Raphael, What happens next? The idea   Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:26 pm

This is a fine idea, but I'd rather plan out the events leading up to it first, just to make sure everything flows nicely and this will still work.
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Raphael, What happens next? The idea
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