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 Chapters Summary Outline

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PostSubject: Chapters Summary Outline   Chapters Summary Outline EmptyThu Nov 19, 2015 8:22 am

I do have to adjust the chapters to include Felix, but for the most part they are done and these are the summaries of the chapters so far:

The Book of Mal: Chapter Summaries

Age 3, Malcolm is dropped off to his father’s home by his mother, Ariana. There, he is taken in and unhappily brought up by his abusive step mother, his indifferent father, and his only solace –his half-sister Leaf. When an illness strike him, Leaf begs their father to help, and Mal is brought to his uncle, who takes him to the hospital (5-6 years old?).

Chapter One: I am Child
Mal is recovering in the hospital, having suffered a severe bout of pneumonia. Although he’s diagnosed with asthma and amnesia, he “re-meets” his father Gabriel (actually uncle), his mother, and his younger brother. He also gains his first friend in a Teddiursa, which he names Teddi. As he adjust back with his family at home, he learns he is to meet some family friends, the d’Alcotts.

Chapter Two: I am Leaves on the Tree
Mal goes to Kalos with his family, thinking it’s a business trip when he’s really there to meet Olympia, in order to lock away his memories. He then finds himself in trouble when he’s taken hostage by people who seem part of Team Plasma, and rescued by Lance. Timeskip to 8 years later, Mal is older (13 or 14?) and finds his father in an abandoned wing in the manor, finding out about his cousin Leaf.

Chapter Three: I am Rite of Passage
Mal is informed that he is to go on a pokémon journey and travel with Raphael and a Sonia Darkin. He meets with the Celadon Nurse Joy and receives his medical field license, and then returns home to a gift-giving scene from his family. They inform him of getting gifts for his traveling companions and he decides to make them, giving Raphael his soon after. He goes with Raphael and Aileena to Pallet Town, where they meet Professor Oak and Sonia. Sonia and Raphael clash, and Mal tries to play peacemaker. Then the scientist Fennel enters in, upsetting Sonia and causing Mal to vindictively mess with her in retaliation. He then goes looking for Sonia and gives her his traveling gift.

Chapter Four: I am Verity
Mal, uneasy and unsure of his pokémon journey and willingness to be on one, walks around while thinking. He runs into Oak, who talks about his grandson Blue, igniting anger in Mal. Running away subtly, he ends up walking around again and then taking a break and finds his father left him their precious music box that once belonged to Leaf. Blue Oak appears and they get into an argument, Mal swearing to get back at Blue.

Chapter Five: I am Ties and Binds
Angry at Blue, Mal storms back to the house, only to run into Oak again. Oak admits to having known Leaf and talks about, leading to Mal asking about her home. He gives Mal the address, and Mal excitedly goes back out to find it.

Chapter Six: I am Silence and Words
He finds Leaf’s old home, but is confused and upset at its trashed state. Exploring it, he finds Leaf’s room and is dismayed to find it ransacked. He does end up find her old backpack he wished to use in memory of her, and eventually comes across some drawings of hers, the old Swanna drinking bird Oak gave her, and a myserious jewelry box that holds some letters from Leaf and to a mysterious “G”. He also puts on a pendant he found in it. When he returns back, it’s already morning and time to leave Pallet. They get a surprise in the form of a Pokémon Breeder named Felix joining them on their journey.

Chapter Seven: I am Truths and Untruths
Now in Viridian City after escaping an attack that hurt Sonia’s Zorua, Mal decides to walk around the city. Getting an idea since Viridian City is the place of Leaf’s accident, he goes to Nurse Joy and asks if there’s a place where he can find information about her. She directs him to the Archives, where he finds a lot of articles that helps him learn even more about her and her achievements. Unfortunately, the articles around her death are locked up and he goes to find out why, only to find out it was because of a city councilman. Finding the initials of the councilman, he realizes that it’s the same person who signed themselves as G in the letter to Leaf he found. With the mysteries piling up, he becomes frustrated.

Chapter Eight: I am Happenstance
Depressed, he leaves the Archives before running into a family that reminds him of Sonia and he feels guilty for not thinking about her. Going back to the Pokémon Center, he tries to convey his friendship and support to her. He falls asleep and finds the candy bar he’d given her eaten, and happily goes to talk to his parents. Afterwards he meets an interesting trainer who talks about a place for trainers that he thinks might interest Raphael, before he then thinks about something to help Sonia and asks Nurse Joy about it. She informs him about the city’s infamous Elderberry Tea, in honor of Leaf actually. Going out to get it, he meets a mysterious man that notices the jewelry box Mal had taken out to try to figure out how to open. He quickly figures out this man is “G”, only to be interrupted with his drinks being ready. He leaves to get it, and comes back to find the man gone, his memory of his fuzzy, and a set of keys.
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Chapters Summary Outline
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