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 Chapter Summaries

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Plot: Following the trail of clues that Caius and Oryse left her not only about his death, but the mystery of her power. She becomes more and more aware of the discrimination and seeks to fight it.

Main drive/goal: To find out about Caius (short term), to overcome the personality split and PTSD (short term), to come to terms with her Psychic powers and combat the anti-Psychic movement (long term).  

Conflict: The more answers Caius gives, the more questions he brings up (cheesy, but true). Her powers are threatening to slip out of her control, and the anti-Psychic movement is gaining a lot of political traction. On the smaller scale, she is an introverted Psychic on a Pokémon journey... with other people. Who thought that was a good idea?  

Season 1 Finale: Sonia draws to Raphael in the final battle of the Kanto League, but feels fraudulent because she used telepathy. On the other hand, the draw has brought peace to Raphael, as he understands now that he does not need to be perfect all the time, and she herself has come to terms with her power.

Season 1 focus: The mysteries Caius Darkin left behind when he died; not only of his death, but of the root cause of Sonia's power boost. I maintain that even though what killed him (Eve) was revealed, WHY he died (the full reason) and all the information that he knew is to be kept a mystery. Eri, I have noticed, you have a habit of giving all the answers before hand (revealing who Mal and Eve are in the descriptions on FFN and what not) but please, just let me keep this mystery.



Yannoa's perspective. Sonia is six years old and the Dragonspiral incident has occurred quite recently, and Yannoa is seeing signs of Sonia having Psychic power. Combined with the stress of Caius being away, she doesn't want to part with her daughter, and convinces Caitlin to block up Sonia's power as long as possible, unknowingly badly damaging her mental state.

Chapter 1: Only As Strong As The Weakest Link
After Yannoa tries to teach her seven-year-old daughter how to play chess, Sonia talks to Sawk about her father. As a huge rainstorm has just cleared up, people have an impromptu celebration, and Sonia, Sawk and Zorua go out to watch. Sonia's powers try to break through Caitlin's block, trying to read the people around her, and the cold wind triggers her PTSD from the incident. The combined stressors overload her sensors and pretty much give her the Psychic version of an asthma attack, and bringing out her other personality.

Chapter 2: Smoke And Mirrors
Sonia and her family arrive at Saffron City. After a few days, Caius is set to come over and for Sonia to meet him for the first time. However, they receive news last minute from Miss (Oryse) Smith that he is dead. This is so overwhelming for Sonia that her Psychic powers finally push through Caitlin's block. As they came out unnaturally*, Sonia had incredible Psychic noise build up and the segregation of personality. Sonia has a breakdown and ends up trying to drown herself to stop the noise of other people's minds. She is saved by Lapras, and told to go to the Saffron Gym.

*(read: while Psychics, regardless of level of power, develop their powers at different ages naturally (anywhere between infant years to latent for life until a trauma) Sonia's were supposed to come out at six and didn't.)

Chapter 3: What You See Is What You Get
Sonia goes to the Saffron Gym and is introduced to three Psychics; Sabrina, Doris and Darcy. They don't exactly make the best impression. Sonia realises that she has two personalities, and Sabrina convinces her to come to the Saffron Gym. A change in POV to Darcy, and Yannoa comes in deadset on keeping Sonia away from the Gym. Sabrina wins the argument.

Chapter 4: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Two days later, Sonia goes to the Saffron Gym for her first day. She has to deal with Doris, who calls her a 'timetabling nightmare' and saying that 'the evil gods of administration created [Sonia] specifically to drive her mad' giving her a shoddy mess of a timetable and tells her 'If in doubt, don't go to Sabrina.' Sonia has a practical class with Sabrina, who teaches her about the dangers of emotion.

Chapter 5: All That Glitters
Timeskip to two years later, when Sonia is packing for her journey. She has become exactly what Yannoa feared she would become; an emotionless slate. On the surface. Inside she worries that she will be too emotional to handle a journey. She collects her father's letters, and hears that she will have to go on a journey with someone else. Her mother confides her true feelings about dealing with the new Sonia.

Chapter 6: Cast The First Stone
Sonia farewells Sabrina, gets her Grade Alpha certification and drives to Pallet with her family. They stay the night in Pallet House and Sonia learns the identity of the other trainers travelling with her. Sonia has a nightmare of the Dragonspiral incident.

Chapter 7: Speak Of The Devil
Sonia meets Raphael and Mal, gaining a distinctly bad impression. Sonia places Raphael firmly in her general enemy category and telepathically attacks him, saved from further conversation/insult/violence by Professor Oak coming out.

Chapter 8: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Sonia gets her Pokédex (pink, to her resignation), Trainer ID card and refuses a first Pokémon. A scientist known as Professor Fennel tries to interview her, and the whole thing ends with a confrontation. Sonia storms away, thoroughly angered.
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Chapter Summaries
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