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 Just for fun

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PostSubject: Just for fun   Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:35 am

Hey guys, I was thinking about the characters in the books and it got me thinking. How would you write the others characters if they were your own. Basically, I am asking how would you guys write the characters if you had thought of them first. Would like to hear the results of that, may be fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Just for fun   Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:02 am

Physik: I'm assuming the core idea of the character would remain unchanged, but the backstory and character traits would be at my discretion.

Raphael: He would have been cold, distant, and raised more by the Elite Four than a wealthy sponsor. His life would have been battling and training--nothing else. Failure would not bother him, but only push him to shut out the world even more in search of optimal training. The struggle in his story would instead be learning how to be a human being more than a battling robot as both Mal and Felix attempt to get him to see the world outside of his battles.

Mal: I... I don't know Mal all that well, and I'm very bad at writing mystery in general, so I wouldn't have written him at all >_<

Sonia: I would have made her kind instead of cold. She would use her Psychic gift to help others and she would do her best to socialize despite the dangers that come with it. Her goals would be to befriend Kyurem while it's within her and make it a close ally as well as find ways to promote Psychic rights diplomatically, without resorting to direct physical or verbal assaults. When facing her anti-Psychic rivals, she would do everything in her power not to hurt them, to prove herself the better person.
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PostSubject: Re: Just for fun   Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:52 pm

Can I just say that Mal isn't a mystery at all? Anyone who checks the description on FFN gets told exactly who he and Eve are, and we already know who killed Caius. So may I say, not much mystery.

Well, what's the harm in joining the fun?

Raphael: I would have written Raphael as a Stepford Smiler (see TV Tropes) who has a fear of failure. He would be gregarious, overly optimistic and sociable, all in an effort to block out the worst possible outcome and distract himself with friendships. He would, however, be somewhat unused to the concepts of the world (having been trained by the Elite Four and taught by his parents) and be quite uncomfortable around Psychics and coming across overconfident, fairly blunt or insensitive to others at times.

Mal: Firstly I would have kept much more mystery in (sorry, Eri, I know FFN is a test run but...). Mal would have been extremely interested in Pokémon mechanically, wondering if their incredible healing powers could cure asthma or myopia, for instance. He would be a hobbyist and an easily distracted scientist type. He would be very similar to the current Mal in personality but quite independent and very egotistical in the sense that he wants to accomplish everything on his own and is easily insulted. Essentially, MORE EGOISM.

Edit: In response to Eri.

Felix: Felix would be Brilliant But Lazy in a nutshell. Because of his talents, and his parents' specialised teaching, he never took much seriously and always believed he could get through in life on sheer ability. He would take everything humorously and lightheartedly, giving snarky comments and using genre savvy to lampshade and win battles. However, he would often end up losing, being not as willing to put much effort in.

That's just what I thought of first. Given time I would probably come up with something better.

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PostSubject: Re: Just for fun   Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:24 am

(deadpan) I would ask why everyone assumes Mal's story is supposed to be mystery, but I'm going to blame Andy on that one because he kept on about it like that (in the RRP days) and wanted to stretch whole thing and the mystery way too long when it wasn't really supposed to be a mystery... Also (dry run or not), Mal and Eve are supposed to be known who they are given that the focus of the story isn't on who they are but the journey of realization, etc... (clearing that up so that I don't have to keep hearing on about it)(I also want to add and just band my head against the wall -damn you, Andy! Stop your influence!)

Ah well.

Raphael: Definitely a lot more social and outgoing, and sheltered due to being raised by the League. He'd be brasher and overly confident, so that throughout the journey he'd find himself learning more and more about humility and finding he wanted to not just better himself but also the world and everyone else (which will lead to Solar Eclipse ;p)

Felix: I'm trying hard to think about this one, but...I pretty much had too heavy a hand helping out with Felix, so I don't know XD

Sonia: I would have her closed off, but not violent and overly aggressive. She would be more passive aggressive, but also wanting to be more open and trying to be and more willing to be reached out to and reach out herself. The conflict about that would definitely be the most highlighted part.

(Also, hilariously Freya, that's practically and mostly how Mal is XD)
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PostSubject: Re: Just for fun   

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Just for fun
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