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 Solar Eclipse

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PostSubject: Solar Eclipse   Solar Eclipse EmptyThu Feb 04, 2016 7:09 am

Name: Solar Eclipse Real Name: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Estimated 6ft
Hair and Eye Colour: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Profession: Vigilante

The renegade vigilante known only as Solar Eclipse is a complete mystery. No video proof has ever been found, no written statements, not even one picture of them has ever been located. This level of extreme secrecy has led many in the region of Kanto to believe that it is just an urban legend, something children made up as part of a game. But in the eyes and minds of the people this vigilante hunts, it is very much real and has led their victims to pray to police for safety against them.

The victims often talk about how they never saw Solar Eclipse coming. All the stories have different endings but they all have the same beginning. A haze or fog passes through their region, so thick that they cannot see through it. Then they hear a tune, a haunting whistling tune. Then a shadow appears in the fog and before they can even react, they are on the floor, out cold.

This "In like a ghost, out like a horseman of the apocalypse" style has become Solar's trademark and from how the victims describe the attacks, the police has determined that Solar Eclipse is a practitioner of Kyusho-Jitsu, a advanced martial art which focuses on pressure point combat.

No matter where or when he strikes, Solar Eclipse has been said to be "unstoppable" in the eyes of his victims and despite the police trying to catch him several times, all attempts of contact or capture have failed.

Various police departments have labelled this vigilante a criminal, asked the citizens to not approach him and have asked for anyone who knows anything to step forward with information.

His motives are unknown, his face and name are unknown and people fear what a person with this level of ability can do. If he turns to Team Rocket, the whole of Kanto... no, the whole world could be at risk.
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Solar Eclipse
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