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 Lady Aster

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PostSubject: Lady Aster   Lady Aster EmptyThu Aug 13, 2015 7:15 am

Summer: Current cast of my story!

Lady Aster Concordia, the Prismatic Mask: Revered for her ability to change herself to bring anyone to her side. No one can say for sure what she's really like, but everyone can agree that she's, well, agreeable.
At least, that's what the humans see. Truthfully, she began acting that way out of fear of being hurt or bullied. She's terrified to be herself around anyone but her Pokémon, so to all the humans she interacts with she becomes exactly the person they want to see rather than the girl they can ridicule and manipulate.

As a side note, Concordia actually has two meanings, both of which fully apply to her. In Latin the direct translation is agreement, alluding to her agreeable nature. However, it also can mean harmony, reflecting the unity she displays with her team.

Summer: A young female Braixen with the rare and coveted ability Magician. Lady Aster first met her as a Fennekin magicking food off Aster's table two years prior to the story's beginning. Unlike most Pokemon used by the LotDB, she was neither bred nor trained for her role, but Lady Aster knew immediately she wanted the fox on her team. Since then Summer has evolved into a Braixen and is hard at work to train her budding psychic powers.

Xeian: A male Floatzel and master strategist. He only speaks when he feels he has relevant and useful information. Otherwise, he simply listens and calculates, always readying the most useful and effective plan to accomplish his trainer's goals, and adapting it as he receives new information. He hopes to one day master the human language, in order to share his knowledge with anybody, not just Lady Aster.

Dreamer: An unflappable Zoroark. While he always carries out his tasks with ruthless precision and efficiency, he does so with a dreamy smile on his face, subconsciously lost in some fantasy or another and completely unconcerned about any danger he may find himself in. This constant daydreaming provides plenty of raw material to craft illusions to disorient and outwit his foes.

Nym: A very affectionate Sylveon, always providing comfort and encouragement to his team. His modus operandi is that of a silent assassin, knocking out (usually draconic) guards with nothing but his signature Draining Kiss. Yes - even in battle, he acts affectionate to his foes.

Eryn: A dedicated yet humble Lucario. She serves Lady Aster with single-minded devotion, constantly training herself to fulfill any task her trainer asks of her. She feels honored to be the one to teach Aster how to use Aura, and as such is doubly dedicated to master her own control over it.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Aster   Lady Aster EmptyThu Aug 13, 2015 9:45 am

Ohhh, love all the details. This really helps to get to know each of the characters, and actually brings out their personalities for everyone to understand. Good job!
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Lady Aster
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