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 The League

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The League:

Chancellor Senlis: Oversees Kenitoh's overall education, training, etc. standards. Overall organizes and Kenitoh's point of call.

Commander Haelstrom: Teaches Kenitoh war tactics and strategies. School drop-out, joined the army and fought battles alongside Innsvar and cantessa which led to his recognition in the league

Lady Cantessa: Teaches Kenitoh etiquette, along with the late King Williams' parents.

Lord Innsvar: Teaches literature, music, and the arts.

Captain Merek: Combat training, including hand to hand, weapons, and evasive maneuvers. Also teaches how to handle dragon types.

Lady Elise: Teaches Kenitoh his main education in general, from writing to making and speaking speeches. an interlectual for was brought in one day to teach nobles children. Unlike other teachers she kept their attention with her teaching style and gained notice from Senlis. Pokemon expert

Lord Godfrey: Teaches riding and taming pokemon. Lived his whole life with Ponyta and Rapidash... Champion racer and then leader of the cavalier unit

Lord Jules: Guides Kenitoh in public events and is constantly alongside him then. Reports to Senlis, and tells him if Kenitoh can't attend or if he can't see Kenitoh. youngest of 5 brothers, but was the most determined to succeed. He fought to get to the top of the family

Lady Claire: Nursemaid, teaches Kenitoh right from wrong. Noble who always believed that the country only succeeds if the lowliest people do. Inspired by Queen Genivere and thus her charity became famous

Lady Isabelle: Teaches official ceremonial duties. born to a poor or peasant family who, through showing skill with Pokémon and in physical fighting, caught the attention of the League. She might feel like she has to constantly prove herself and suck up to Senlis.

Lord Thierri: Helps and teaches how to talk to various political groups, and high class nobles. Crème de la crème of nobles, top tier. Had everything handed to him but learned how to talk to everyone. Constantly feared about being overshadowed by his parents so did everything he could to stand out

Lady Adelais: Teaches Kenitoh how to fly and archery.
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The League
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