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 Godfrey Dellion - Champion racer and League member

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Godfrey Dellion - Champion racer and  League member Empty
PostSubject: Godfrey Dellion - Champion racer and League member   Godfrey Dellion - Champion racer and  League member EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 2:46 pm

Name: Godfrey Dellion
Age: 27
Height: 6'1''
Appearance: thin, Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, Often see in either league dress or riding outfit

Born to a poor farmer family, Godfrey spent most of his early life around Pokemon. His father had taught how to capture and train Pokemon and he had seen how effective they could be as work mates on the farm. One day when Godfrey was around 7 years old, he was wandering the forest looking for berries to pick and came across an injured Rapidash being attacked by a Mightyena. Using his fathers Pokemon that he had borrowed for his journey, an Ursaring, Godfrey beat back the Mightyena and helped the Rapidash back to the farm and happily tended to its wounds on his own. Though the wounds healed, the Rapidash still seemed to be struggling. Godfrey's mother told him that it was pregnant and soon expecting. When the day of the birth came, Godfrey saw something amazing. Unlike its mother, the Ponyta had a blue coloured mane and tail, meaning it was an exceptionally rare breed. Along with the Rapidash, Godfrey helped raise the Ponyta and formed a strong bond of friendship with the horse Pokemon, to the point where mare allowed him to ride her. Godfrey constantly thinks of that first ride as the point where his life goals and ambitions where changed forever. The sense of speed he got from that day made him crave it and he wanted to keep getting it.

Soon after, he got his chance. The local town was holding a competition to showcase control over Pokemon and riding skill. Godfrey entered and when asked about the horses name for the races, he decided to call his Ponyta mare "Blue Beauty". As it turned out, Godfrey had learned and retained much from his fathers teachings on handling Pokemon and took the competition by storm. From the age of 13, Godfrey spent 10 years wandering across Kalos, training and competiting in Equestrian competitions. Riding on Beauty, he racked over 100 racing victories, held the junior riding championship title until he was forced to relinquish it by being over 18 and became the first under 18 in the history of Kalosian racing to win the Four Stars cup.

In the intervening periods, Godfrey and Beauty found themselves training for war. The scars from the last great war with Kanto and Johto were fresh in the peoples mind. To prevent any region from trying to attack Kalos, King Leopold ordered that all citizens were to have training in fighting, both men and women equally. For Godfrey, this meant sword fighting ever since the age of five and horse back fighting on Beauty. His race victories and strength had got the attention of the legendary 10th Cavalry Division, also known as the Chevaliers du vent (Knights of the Wind). Under their tutilege, Godfrey became exceptional with swords, lances and bows. But it was Beauty that changed the most under the Cavalry Divisions training. She became more than just a race horse, she became an unstoppable being on the battlefield, able to charge through battlements while taking minimum damage. One of the Knights even referred to her as a force of nature.

His biggest accomplishment was when he was 24, when he and beauty, who had long since evolved into a Rapidash, entered the Courir pour la gloire, the most prestigious race in all of Kalos. This race attracted the finest Thoroughbreds and the highest of nobles. As he entered the arena, Godfrey could feel the contempt coming from the nobles that a son of a farmer was racing in the biggest event. Spurred on by an intense desire to prove them all wrong, Godfrey and beauty ran the race of their lives and won the race. After the race ended, two people Godfrey never thought he would ever meet approached him. King William and Queen Elise.

They were impressed by his powerful bond with beauty and with how he raced. His numerous victories in all disciplines, including show-jumping for equestrian events and capturing and trapping for safari events, had caught their attention, as well as the leagues. They offered Godfrey something worth more than any trophy, the chance to become a member of the league of divine blade and breeder/trainer of the Pokemon of the palace. Godfrey, along with beauty accepted the offer.

Beauty now lives in the royal stable, her every need and desire catered for, and Godfrey now trains the palace Pokemon for battles or contests with offer members. Most of the time though, Gidfrey and beauty can be found together, either riding, racing or talking about anything.
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Godfrey Dellion - Champion racer and League member
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