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 Thierri Alonique - the silver tongued advisor

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Thierri Alonique - the silver tongued advisor Empty
PostSubject: Thierri Alonique - the silver tongued advisor   Thierri Alonique - the silver tongued advisor EmptyThu Sep 10, 2015 1:38 pm

Name: Thierri Alonqiue
Age: 35
Height: 5'11''
Appearance: Natural beauty, flowing blonde hair and grey eyes.

Power, Wealth, Stature. Three things that are synonymous with the Alonqiue family, one of the oldest noble families in Kalos. As such, the families latest heir, Thierri had life practically handed to him. Along with being waited on hand and foot, Thierri enjoyed winters in the mountains, Summers at the families estate in the country, horseback riding lessons, piano lessons, warm evenings and cool afternoons, and his parents, they were carefree and kind. On top of that, with no other siblings in the family, Thierri was the only person who could claim the Alonqiue family name and the families massive fortune.

His life was perfect... Or so people thought. Inside, Thierri felt very empty. With him not having to do any work, he felt that he had earned nothing in order to help his family continue its proud lineage. Not to mention, he constantly felt overshadowed by his parents and started to think that if he didn't do something, then the name "Thierri Alonqiue" would be nothing more than a footnote in Alonqiue and Kalosian history. So, he hatched a plan that would further the prestige of the Alonqiue family and secure his place in Kalosian history.

Thierri's greatest gift had always been his silver tounge. He could worm his way into any positive situation and could talk to anyone at any level. From this, he used the families name and his words in order to gain political and economic allies. From peasant to nobleman, Thierri charmed many a person to further his ambitions, being mindful of what was said. Thierri understood that all it took was one wrong word or one wrong gesture and any amount of work he put in would be immediately destroyed, so he quietly studied all major and minor political and economic groups in Kalos and beyond in order to continue his goals. At first his goal was to only serve his family and the greater needs of the royal court, until one fateful conversation changed everything.

Thierri was talking to a young woman, dressed in a white cloak. At first he thought she was just a minor noble, but then when he thought he had brought her to his side, she revealed herself to be Lady Cantessa of the League of the Divine Blade. Apparently, his ambitions and conversations, had not gone unnoticed by the Kalosian royalty. In fact, many of Thierri's allies had close connections to the royals and had told them about what Thierri had discussed. But instead of facing the dungeons or exile, the royals and the league congratulated him on his Silver tongue and understanding of political standing in Kalos. They saw great potential in Thierri and offered a position in the league as an advisor to the royals. Thierri accepted.

Thierri now stands as a constant advisor to the royals on how to speak to various people and groups. The work was challenging and a lot of pressure was on his shoulders but Thierri did not mind because he can accomplished his goal. Thierri Alonqiue had become a real person, his mark on history was assured.
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Thierri Alonique - the silver tongued advisor
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