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 Raphael Re-Writes

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PostSubject: Raphael Re-Writes   Raphael Re-Writes EmptyMon Sep 14, 2015 5:07 am

Prologue: Hands of Fate

Celadon city, a city known for its extravagance. From all over the world, the rich and elite flock to it like moths to a flame. During the day, the cities architecture is a feast for the eyes and at night, the bright lights from the buildings shine like diamonds. Even during the harsh winters of Kanto the city shows it’s beauty and prosperity with ice sculpting and skating being favourites among the inhabitants. The average person in Celadon is rich beyond the wildest dreams of man, and like denizens of Lumiose city, they take every chance they can to show it. But even in this place of wealth and luxury can be found the poorest people, as a small orphan wearing nothing but rags trudges through the snow. Two unwaveringly loyal Eevees following.

The orphan is a small boy with ginger hair and ice blue eyes, but that is all he could tell you about himself. He doesn’t even know the name he was given. By the time he was old enough to comprehend words, his parents had already been long dead. Team rocket saw to that. Not too long after the boy was born, Team Rocket, who had just been kicked out of Saffron city by a massive counter-offensive by the police, set there sites on taking over another city. The one they choose was Vermillion city and they were going to make sure that no one stood in their way. The battle between Team Rocket and the police lasted for days with many of cities citizens being caught in the crossfire. This was, unfortunately, where the orphan’s parent’s lives where ended. When the battle finally ended, the police searched for any records of the child, but one of Team Rocket’s attacks was on the city hall, where the only record of the boy, his birth certificate, had been destroyed. Faced with few options, the boy was handed off to the orphanage, without a home and without a name.

The orphanage did little to help the boy. The people who ran the place were selfish and cruel. From the moment the boy learned to walk, he was expected to do as much hard work as the other, much older orphans. If the authorities had given him any name, the caretakers didn’t use it, more often referring to him as “miserable creature” or “beast”. The older orphans tried to help the youngest fellow anyway they could, but under the strict eyes of the caretakers, it was hard to do. This lead to deep-rooted hatred from the orphans, not just to the care-workers but to all adults. After all, no one was coming to help them or adopt them, so why wouldn’t they feel like they were completely abandoned?
Even in this hell, there was a light in the boy’s life. One day, he found the two Eevees hiding in a bush, in the same starving and neglectful existence as he was. They established an instant connection with each other and made a pact with each other, that one day they would have the life they always dreamed of, to be happy, warm and loved.

The final straw of the abuse and neglect came when the boy was 4. The Eevees were caught and both of them and the boy were beaten. The beating was enough to push the orphans to strike back and fight for their freedom. The caretakers were bigger, but the superior numbers of the orphans won the day. The orphans stole as much money, food and blankets as they could find and ran from the city. Together, they made their way to Saffron city, but realizing that a massive group of orphans travelling together would look suspicious, the older orphans decided that they should split up into groups and travel to different cities to increase their chances of being undiscovered. But before the plan could go into action, the police of Saffron city, who had been notified of the situation by the Vermillion PD, was closing in on them. They captured many of the orphans, but the boy and his two Eevees, managed to get away and run to the west, heading for Celadon city in the freezing cold of October.
So that’s how the tragic story of the orphan boy goes. A child whose fate was no fault of his own, filled with hatred for adults and a burning desire to want a better life. As he trudged through the snow, he noticed one of the big screens that Celadon city had and noticed a big crowd looking at it. He moved closer so he could hear it.

“…In other news tonight, Officer Jenny is to announce the results of Operation Saving Grace. The operation, which started as a result of the mass reports of children running away from the Vermillion city orphanage, was put together in collaboration with other police forces in Kanto. We go live to Officer Jenny for her announcement.”

The boy kept watching, interested about the report. One of the Eevee’s climbed up his back and reached his shoulder.

“Vee, vee vee.” It went.

“Don’t know.” The boy went, “Let’s watch.”

The screen changed to show a woman in a police uniform standing at a podium.

“I am proud to announce that with the combined efforts of numerous police forces, most of the orphans from the Vermillion orphanage have been found and are being taken care of. To date we have narrowed our list to one last orphan but we are all committed to finding him.”
She held up a piece of paper, with a picture of a person. The boy instantly recognised it as his own.

“This is the last child we have left to find. Unfortunately, we were unable to dig up any records of him. Based on eye-witness accounts of the boy, who is noted as being followed by two eevees, we have dubbed him the Gemini Orphan. We will be distributing these pictures across the major cities of Kanto and we advise any person who has information regarding him to please come forward.”

Officer Jenny then took off her hat and spoke directly to the camera, a worried but sympathetic look on her face.

“And should you hear this, Gemini, I have something to say to you. Words cannot describe how barbaric your treatment was and I cannot put myself in your shoes, but I understand why you ran away, why all of the orphans ran away. I know you are scared and alone, but rest assured, myself and all of the police force are looking for you. If you can see or hear me right now, please come to us.”

The boy eyes narrowed at her words. He didn’t believe her for a second. She only said she cares because it was her job. Well, he would show her. He would sooner starve then allow himself to be captured and put back into the orphanage.

He quickly left the area, as to not be spotted. While he was thinking about where to go to eat, he noticed a large crowd in front of a perfume shop. Getting a closer look, he saw a beautiful young woman wearing expensive looking clothing. She was shaking hands with other people. The boy could hear some of what the people were saying.

“That Erika, what a wonderful young woman she has become.”

“Indeed, truly a shining example to all people.”

Even though the words were not directed at him, the boy felt like he was about the cry. He would give anything to have someone direct kind words like that to him. He knew it wouldn’t happen, but it would be nice to at least him once. As the woman named Erika walked down the street, the boy hid behind a trash bin. He watched her walk down the street with two accomplices, holding grocery bags. The boy glared at her, as if all the anger and hate he had for adults had become a real person. At that moment, all he wanted was to wipe that smile of her face. He turned to his eevees.

“Her” he said, full of malice. Both his Eevees nodded and they made their way after the woman.

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PostSubject: Re: Raphael Re-Writes   Raphael Re-Writes EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 5:31 pm

As the boy followed Erika, he noticed the shops that lined the city. The shops were filled with winter decorations and the clothes all looked incredibly expensive and comfortable. As he looked at the clothes, he imagined himself wearing them. Walking through the snow, holding hands with two parents, smiling and laughing all the way home. The boy quickly shook his head, now as not to time to think about that… besides, no parents were coming for him anyway. The orphan caretakers made sure to remind him of that.
They’re not coming for you brat! They got themselves killed and now you are struck here, just like all the others!
The boy blinked a few tears away, wanting to forget those awful times. He refocused on Erika and watched her movements. She was walking towards a building with a weird red puffy roof with oranges stalks sticking out of it. Like the other buildings in the city, it was light up incredibly brightly. So brightly in fact that the boy briefly wondered how anyone in the city could sleep at night. The boy ducked behind some nearby plants and watched Erika’s movements.
“Big sister! You’re back!” A girl’s voice rang out.
The boy looked up and saw Erika hugging a small girl with long brunette hair, wearing a beautiful white dress, and instantly recognised her. She was one of the orphans he had escaped with. She had received some awful attacks herself and had gained the same mistrust in adults he had. But here she was hugging Erika like a family member. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Hey there Cassandra.” Erika said softly “Feeling any better? How are cuts healing?”
“Yep! Yep! Much better, big sister.” Cassandra said, which surprised the boy. Like him she didn’t have a name either, or at least not one which were ever told. Whoever Erika’s parents were must have given her that name. Seeing his friend genuinely happy made the boy think. All the time he had been running away, his mistrust of adults had only intensified, but maybe not all adults were like that. Maybe there were genuinely nice adults that wanted to look after people like him. He looked around and saw the city’s police station was nearby. Officer Jenny had made that big announcement about wanting to keep him safe and there was a part of him that wanted to go over there and let her handles this.
The boy shook his rapidly, he was falling for their trick. Adults always claimed that they wanted to help you until you gave them your trust, afterwards they abuse it and leave you to rot. He reminded himself that no one was coming for him and the only people he could trust were himself and his two Eevees. That didn’t mean he had to like it though.
Erika and Cassandra had walked back into the gym by then and the boy decided that this was his time to strike. The older orphans had told him to always go for the back door, because the front door was the easiest way to get caught. Sure enough, there was a back door to the gym and but it was only openable from the inside; then they found a window just above and to the left of the door. Balancing on a nearby trash can, the boy lifted one of his Eevees up to the window and they snuck in through the opening, from there it was a simple matter of opening the door for Raphael and the other Eevee.

“Nice work,” the boy said. The Eevee gave a happy little yap and climbed back onto Raphael’s shoulder.

The corridor he entered was dark and the boy quickly made his way down it. All he needed was to find anything resembling food and he could make a run for it out of the gym. After seeing into a few rooms that were just empty or unused, the boy heard footsteps coming the other way and immediately took a door on his left and fell through it as he tripped on his feet. When he looked up, he found himself in what looked like the main gym area, filled with flowers and trees. More importantly, he was looking directly into the eyes of a very surprised looking Cassandra. She was playing with a pokemon with two flowers on its head and leaf skirt.

“Well…” went a voice behind them “I didn’t a burglar to look like this.”

The boy turned around and saw the face of Erika, followed by two cohorts. The cohorts made a move but Cassandra acted first, standing up and put herself in between the boy and Erika.

“Don’t touch him!” she screamed “He’s my friend! I won’t allow you to hurt him!”

Erika paused, uncertain of her next move. She lowered herself down to the ground.

“Are you an orphan, like Cassandra was?” she asked slowly

“Yes. I ran with her.” The boy said, getting up. “I’m sorry, me and my friends are hungry.”

His two Eevees, appeared on his shoulders

“Big sister.” Cassandra pleaded “Please help him. He saved me from getting hurt loads of times. Please.”

The boy was anxious. He was playing out how this would go in his head. They would reject Cassandra outright, call the police, have officer jenny stuff him back into an orphanage with a fake promise of extra care and adoption but then the caretakers would then just hurt him and it will be just like Vermillion. The boy closed his eyes and started weeping, waiting for inevitable to happen.

Then he felt a pair of warm arms envelope him. He opened his eyes to see Erika smiling down at him.

“Hush now, little one.” She said before turning to the others. “You think it’s unreasonable to get this one some food and possibly a bath?”

“For a sweet boy like him, it’s not a problem.” One of her cohorts said before both of them left. Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief then gave a big smile and hugged the boy.

Throughout eating the best food in his life and taking the bath removes weeks of built up dirt, he learned that what he thought from before was correct. Erika’s parents had adopted his friend and had named her Cassandra. He had to admit, looking at Cassandra was like looking at a completely different girl. He thought back to earlier, that maybe there were parents that could adopt him as well.

Soon after, they had arranged a bed for him in a nearby room to rest. Raphael was feeling better than he had in weeks and with his full stomach, it was almost impossible for him not to keep his eyes open. However, he heard Erika talking from the other side of the door. Curious, he and his Eevees listened in.

“Erika, I didn’t want to say anything while he and Cassandra were awake but I have to say this. That boy is the Gemini Orphan. He has all the signs. Short boy, ginger hair, followed by two Eevees, everything. We have to call Officer Jenny.”

“He does,” Erika said “And you’re right, let’s call her up. I just hope he won’t hate me for this.”

The boy backed away from the door; he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had put his trust in Erika and now she was about to hand him back to the orphanage. There was only one thing he could do. Run for it.

His Eevee’s immediately understood as well and quickly jumped onto the boy’s shoulders. The boy saw that getting out via the window was their ticket to escape. He wished he knew how to write though. Even though she was about to betray him, she had taken care of him and it had been nice to feel loved for once. With that, he threw open the window and jumped out of it and ran.


The boy heard Cassandra’s voice ring out. He felt a pang of guilt leaving his friend behind and part of him wanted to go back. Before the feeling of guilt consumed him, he mentally reminded himself of what the older orphans had told him:

“You feel like you are about to be captured, find an exit and don’t stop running.”

They dubbed this “Orphans law” because it had helped them out of situations before. The boy clamped his hands over his ears and ran for it.

Raphael did not make it far before the city came alive with the sound of police sirens. He immediately ran into the alleyways, trying any way he found to avoid the police. The sirens drew closer and closer until, as he made his way to an alleyway exit, a motorcycle screeched in front of him, being ridden by the very woman Raphael feared, Officer Jenny.

Seeing her on TV was one thing, but seeing her in person was quite another story. She was an imposing woman, tall and thin but with the most determined eyes and an aura of unbreakable faith in the power of the law.

“There you are.” Jenny said, relief clear on her face. “You have no idea how worried we’ve been about you. It’s lucky that Erika gave us a tip as to where you were running.”

She got of her motorcycle and started walking towards. The boy was frozen in fright, until he saw a trash lid and raised like a shield in front of him.

“Y-You stay aware from me. D-Don’t come any closer.” He stuttered.

“Listen, please.” Jenny said, softly “Let me help you, I only want to make sure you’re safe. Did you get my message?”

“Yes, but I say you’re lying. You don’t care about me or the others, so leave me alone.”

The boy couldn’t tell for sure, but he thought he saw Officer Jenny blinked away a tear. ‘

“Very well, Gemini,” she said, clear sadness in her voice. “Then you will force me to do my job. As an officer of the Celadon City Police Department, it is my duty to make sure every citizen is safe, even if I have to take drastic action.”

She blew a whistle she had around her neck and a Growlithe came from the motorcycle and prepared itself for battle.

“Now, then.” She said, “Are you going to come quietly, or do I have to force you.”

To the boy, that wasn’t even a question. He turned on a heel and ran for it. As he ran, he heard the bark of Growlithe behind him but focused on moving forward. But then, as he was running, his vision began to blur. Every step became heavier and his head was pounding. It hurt so much that he had to grab the side of a wall just to keep himself up. His Eevee’s tried to will him on but it was becoming harder and harder with every step.

“There he is.” The boy heard and saw another officer Jenny before him, but that was the last thing he saw. His body couldn’t move and he collapsed, breathing quickly.

“Gemini, stay with me.” He heard the Jenny say worriedly, as she hauled him into her arms “Keep your eyes open, please.” She immediately grabbed her walkie talkie from her belt. “This is Jenny P, I found Gemini but he’s fading on me, I need an ambulance now.”

From then on, the boy was in a constant state of fighting to stay awake. People kept telling him to try and stay awake, try to say something, but it was so difficult that he couldn’t. The blinks became longer and longer until finally his eyes shut. A little voice in the back of his head told him to give up.

There is no future it said, in a ghost-like tone. What’s left for you? No one’s out there for you. Just give in, it will be better that way.

The boy almost did, but then another thought hit him. What about his Eevee’s? They had fought and struggled alongside him and they weren’t giving up, why should he?

No he thought I can’t give in. I have to fight. Fight. Fight!!!

“…to be honest with you, the fact that he’s alive is nothing short of a miracle.”

The boy heard a voice, not his…. Not one he recognised either.

“He came down with a fever, now normally that wouldn’t be an issue but in the state the boy is in, it should have killed him. He is painfully skinny, horrifically underweight and there are cuts all over his body.”

Who did that voice belong to?

“Even with our medicine, his chances I would have put at around 3%. I can only say one thing. This boy has an incredible will to fight and live on.”

The boy groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He was in a white room surrounded by people. Officer Jenny, a man in a white cloak and spectacles, and two other people. A man and woman, looked down at him with happy and thankful eyes. The woman was thin and incredibly beautiful. She had long, flowing brunette hair and had Ocean blue eyes and was wearing a shimmering blue dress with a gold necklace around her neck. The man was tall and handsome, with emerald eyes and short cut blonde hair and was wearing a dark suit.

“Hey there.” The woman said softly “So you are the infamous Gemini Orphan. You really had us worried back there, you know. But you held on and kept fighting. You sure are tough.”

“Where… am I?” the boy said

“Celadon city hospital.” The man said, “You were brought here after you collapsed.”

“Eevee…” the boy said “Where are they?”

The woman gently titled his head to the side and showed a pillow which his faithful friends were resting on.

“There were seen by Nurse Joy and have been treated. They stayed right here until they fell asleep.”

The boy smiled, happy to see his friends safe. Then he looked back at the couple.

“Who are you?” He asked. The lady smiled.

“My name is Aileena de Alcott and this is my husband Richard.”

“They are the people who funded a renovated orphanage here in Celadon.” Officer Jenny said. “The other orphans are all there and are being taken care of properly.”

“Cool.” The boy said, at least he would have his friends near him for his return to the orphanage and with the Celadon rich, he could at least hope for better treatment.

“Allow me to tell you the reason as to why Aileena and I are here,” Richard said, kneeling down to Raphael’s eyeline. “While we were renovating the orphanage, a friend of ours asked the question ‘So does this mean you are going to adopt?’

“Now, Richard and I had considered adoption, darling,” Aileena continued, “and we were planning on visiting the orphanage soon. However, after the other orphans were gathered, the news then turned to focus on you. After hearing about your struggles and your ‘never say die’ attitude, we started feeling a connection to you. We were constantly waiting for the day the news came that you were safe.”

“Your struggles almost remind us of who we were when we were younger,” Richard said. “That’s when we decided. If we were going to adopt one of the orphans from this terrible crisis, it would be you. We want to give you the life that you deserve.”

The boy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Here were two incredibly wealthy people who were saying that they wanted to adopt him. These two, who gladly and without hesitation built and orphanage for all of the ones who ran away, talking to a boy who had nothing and were willing to hand the world to him on a plate. Thoughts of this being a trick crossed his mind but he dismissed them, he was too hopeful to be told otherwise.

“So, all we ask is. Do you want to be part of our family?” Aileena said

“YES!” The boy said, and Aileena quickly wrapped her arms around him and soft hug. Richard joined as the de Alcott family shared their first hug together.
“But first.” Richard said “We need to know your name. Can you tell us?”

The boy wanted to respond but all he could do was look down, sad. The de Alcotts soon picked up on the hint.

“You were never told your name, were you?” Aileena asked and the boy shook his head. “That’s awful. But I guess that means we’ll have to name you. Richard and I always had a name that we wanted to give a son if we had one. Would you like to hear it?”

The boy nodded.

“Alright then.” She said “Your name is Raphael. Raphael de Alcott.”

The boy thought about that name.

“Raph..ael.” he said, sounding the name out. “I love it.”

The family shared another hug.

“I do want to say one thing.” The man in the white coat say. “Raphael has to stay here for tonight. We need to watch him so that he is on his way to a stable condition. If all is good, you can take him with you tomorrow.”

Aileena sighed and Raphael dropped his gaze, rather upset by this.

“Hey now.” Aileena said “Don’t be like that. It’s only a little while and then we’ll take you home with us. But now, you should get some sleep.”

Raphael nodded and yawned. Aileena pulled the blanket over him and kissed his forehead. His father leaned in and kissed as well.

“Sweet dreams, Raphael de Alcott” they said

At that moment, all of Raphael’s fears were forgotten. He had a name and a family. In this one moment, he couldn’t be happier.

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Raphael Re-Writes
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