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 Raphael Final

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PostSubject: Raphael Final    Raphael Final  EmptyMon Sep 28, 2015 12:14 pm

It was a cold November day in Celadon city. The first snows were falling and the whole town was getting ready for Christmas. Despite the cold, there was a happy feeling in the air. Vendors sold malt wine and hot food, artists were creating Ice sculptures and children were laughing and throwing snowballs or building snowmen.

A man and woman watched from a nearby bench as the children play. Seeing the children’s wide smiles and watching them happily play together, it made the couple feel good inside.

“They’ve settled in rather nicely haven’t they, darling.” The woman asked the man.

“Indeed, it’s almost like looking at completely different children.” Said the man, smiling back at this wife “So much progress in just under a month.”

“Mr. d'Alcott, Mrs. d'Alcott.” Went a small voice and both turned to face a small girl wrapped up winter clothing. “We were wondering, do you want to build a snowman with us?”

“Of course, Grace.” The woman said, getting up. Her husband following her lead “Lead the way.”  

The couple followed the girl over to her friends and they started playing together. Despite how young these children were, they always approached the de Alcotts with a level of respect, they always referred to them as “Mr. and Mrs” rather than their names. This was despite the fact that both of them had told these children multiple times to call them by their names of Richard and Aileena.

While they were building the snowman, the weather took a turn for the worse so before any heavier snow could fall, the children and the d'Alcotts headed inside the building they were playing outside. Three caretakers stood waiting for them and quickly set to work. Getting the children out of wet jackets and scarves, asking did they enjoy their time outside or guiding them over another room so they could warm themselves up and continue playing inside. As one of the caretakers removed Grace’s coat, her sleeve rolled up to reveal a cut on her wrist which had been recently bandaged. Grace looked at it and looked like she was about the cry. The caretaker quickly bent down to her level and gave her a hug.

“It alright, don’t cry.” He said, in a soothing voice “You are never going to be hurt like that again.”

“You promise?” Grace sniffed and the man nodded and Grace smiled back at him before running of to join the other children in the next room. Richard and Aileena understood why Grace was on the verge of tears. Those cuts brought back some awful memories for her. It wasn’t just her, in fact all of these children had scars, cuts and bruises similar to Grace. This was because these children, through no fault of their own, were subjected to the worst kind of existence imaginable.

These children were orphans, all of them victims of either parent death or neglect. They all originally stayed at the Vermillion city orphanage and were promised that only would they be safe there but also they would be adopted into different, more stable families. What actually happened though, was they were abused by the caretakers repeatedly with no sign of any adoptions happening. According to reports from police and interviews from orphans, the orphanage was cold and filthy with the caretakers not lifting a finger to do any work and forcing the children to use tools they had no knowledge of to clean the place. The orphans were called horrible names like “miserable creatures” or “beasts” and were only just given enough food to survive. After living in that wretched place for so long, the orphans had had enough and fought back, stealing money food and blankets from the orphanage and ran off into the cold October night.

The police immediately sprang into action, discovering the atrocities that happened at that place and immediately arrested the care-workers and shut down the entire orphanage. The action was too little too late as the orphans had already left the city. Fearing for the orphans safety and health, the Officer Jenny of Vermillion sent out a message to her sisters and cousins positioned in the various towns of Kanto to begin searching. They named the plan Operation: Angelic Aid.

Judging from the tracks the orphans left and some CCTV camera footage they had acquired from shops in Vermillion city, they concluded that the orphans were headed for Saffron city and so they set their plans into motion. Police from all over Kanto were called in and they lay in wait. While there was hope that this operation would go smoothly, there was also a genuine fear amongst the ranks of police officers. They feared for the orphan’s well-being. They were out there without parents or guardians, in the freezing cold weather, with hardly anything to eat. If the police didn’t react quickly enough, even if they managed to rescue the children, they could have various underlying illnesses that could be incredibly serious and be fatal. All the police could hope for was they got to the children in time.

When the children arrived in Saffron, the police sprang their trap and gathered up the orphans. They tried to run but with so many police around, it would be impossible for them to run away. After they were captured, they were immediately taken to Celadon city, where a pleasant surprise was waiting for them.

While Operation: Angelic Aid was happening, in Celadon city, a young couple were watching as the story unfolded. These were Richard and Aileena d'Alcott, two of the richest people in the world. Through their respective businesses they had built enormous fortunes. When they heard of the situation, they decided they were going to do something about. The old Celadon orphanage hadn’t been used for years and gone into disrepair. The d'Alcotts invested a large amount of money to completely refurbish the building to prepare for the orphans. The d'Alcotts and the construction works long hours for weeks in order to get the place ready, but as the day the orphans would arrive drew near, the building had been finished. No expense was spared on this orphanage, with new hot water and central heating systems, soft beds and well-lit rooms, nothing was missed, including the hiring of new staff members, making sure all were qualified and suitable for the job. As the orphans moved in, they were shocked at the new place they were calling their home and had repeatedly thanked the d'Alcotts and the workers for all they had done.

“I do want to thank you again for all that you have done here, Mr and Mrs d'Alcott.” Said Christina, one of the caretakers that had been hired. “You’ve really made a big difference in these children’s lives.”

“We can’t take all the credit, Christina.” Aileena said “If anything, you and the caretakers deserve just as much we do. You are the ones who take care of them on the day-by-day basis and organise their adoptions. You deserve just as much praise.”

Christina blushed under the compliment.

“Umm… Mr d'Alcott, Mrs d'Alcott.” Went a voice and all heads turned
to see a 6 year old blonde boy standing in the door way.

“Yes, Jake?” Richard said

“Some of us were wondering, how’s Gemini?”

Both Richard and Aileena froze. They didn’t know how to answer that question. They were planning on visiting Gemini at the hospital today, however the doctors hadn’t sent them any new reports about Gemini’s condition. Quickly realizing that if they didn’t respond Jake would, they quickly reassembled their smiles.

“We haven’t seen Gemini today.” Aileena said “We are just about to head to the hospital to see him actually.”

Jake nodded “Right, tell him that we are all here thinking about him.” He said.

“Isn’t that sweet?” Christina said before ushering Jake back into the room and turning the d'Alcotts. “Do wish Gemini all the best from us.”

“Don’t worry.” Richard said “We will.”  

“To be honest, the fact that he has survived this long is nothing short of a miracle.” Doctor Andrews said.

Richard and Aileena had made their way to the Celadon hospital to check up on Gemini. Out of all the orphans from the Vermillion escape, Gemini had suffered the most pain. He was the youngest of the orphans, not even 4 years old and yet the injuries that marred his body were just sickening to look at. He had been moved to the orphanage after his parents had been killed in a shoot-out between police and team rocket. Team rocket had tried to take over Vermillion and in their destructive ways, attacked city hall and destroyed many of the records stored there, including Gemini’s birth certificate.  

“His cuts have healed and he is gaining weight, which are both good signs but unfortunately he hasn’t shown any signs of getting better. He is being kept alive by our current medicines but they are not doing much to make him well. I would say that his own will to live and those two Eevees in there with him are what’s keeping him going.”

Richard and Aileena nodded, looking in at Gemini’s room. He was laying in his bed, playing with his Eevees. The Eevees were twins, one boy and one girl. This was how Gemini got his name, since he didn’t know his real name and the caretakers didn’t bother to name him, the orphans named after Gemini since the twin Eevees always stuck with him.

Seeing the scars that still littered his body almost brought Aileena to tears. She and Richard had talked to Gemini in the few moments he wasn’t resting and trying to recover. All he wanted was to have a family, people to love him.

“No child deserves to be in this state.” Aileena sobbed “Doctor, isn’t there anything you can do?”

Doctor Andrews looked uncomfortable under her question. It was clear that Aileena wasn’t going to let up until she knew all the details.

“There is something that has come up.” He said and Aileena looked at him with a spark of hope in her eyes.

“A new treatment has been developed. It is a risky procedure but test results has shown that people with Gemini’s condition have gotten significantly better. We want to put Gemini on the same treatment but there are two significant problems. The first being he has no medical insurance and therefore we cannot run this procedure.”

As Aileena absorbed this information, she knew exactly what she was going to say. But before she could speak, she was interrupted.

“We’ll cover it, just tell us how much you need and we’ll transfer the funds.” Richard said and turned to face his wife “I’ve been with you long enough to know that look Aileena and I completely agree. We made a promise that we would help those orphans and indeed we have, but if we don’t help Gemini, then it would be no different if we hadn’t bothered at all. Our job isn’t over until all the orphans are safe and healthy, so let’s finish this.”

Aileena felt the tears pricking her eyes. She knew her husband to be a compassionate man but seeing him be just as concerned as she was on this issue made her so happy. She hadn’t regretted a day they had been together and gestures like this only strengthened that love for Richard.

“As generous as that is…” Doctor Andrews said “I did say we face two significant problems. Because of the risky nature of this procedure, Gemini needs permission from a parent or guardian to go through with it. Unless you can secure that, we cannot move forward.”

Both Richard and Aileena’s hearts sunk. Here was a child with a genuine chance to get better but yet obstacles he can’t control constantly get in his path. Then Aileena had an idea. She quickly turned on a heel and began walking away.

“Keep near him.” She told Richard “I have an idea.” Then she walked off. She took her Omega watch, a device created by her husband and called a certain number. It rang twice.

“Hello Joan, its Aileena. Meet me at the courthouse, I need to get something done.”

An hour later, Aileena walked back to the hospital, temporary guardianship letter in her hand. Her lawyer, Joan, was a prodigy of law and one of the best speakers in her field. Using her skills, she managed to argue for the d'Alcotts to have temporary guardianship of Gemini so that he would be allowed to have the procedure. It did help that this was an emergency and Gemini was in need to this procedure so a process that could take days was sped up tremendously.

Now with funds and permission secured, the procedure could go ahead for Gemini. Just before the procedure the d'Alcotts sat in Gemini’s hospital room, the boy was incredibly nervous about the procedure so the d'Alcotts sat there to help him stay calm. His twin Eevees were sitting in Aileena’s lap.

“They… like you.” Gemini said, smiling slightly.

“It seems they do, sweetheart.” Aileena said, smiling down at the two Eevees who were snuggling themselves against the soft folds of Aileena’s dress. They were, in a word, cute. “Have you given them names?”
Gemini shook his head sadly.

“That’s alright.” Aileena said “I’ve actually thought of some names if you are interested. From what I have seen, your boy here likes to stay up and defend you, even during the night while your asleep, he stays up and protect you, even though it makes him tired during the day. It’s possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.”

The boy Eevee blushed while his sister laughed.

“Since he likes to stay up with the moon, I thought that the name, Lune, would suit him well.”

Gemini nodded and the boy eevee gave a happy yap.

“…and as for your girl.” Aileena continued “It seems she’s quite the opposite. She enjoys playing in the sunlight and always falls asleep when you do during the night. She also has quite a passion for looking good, if her brushing her fur in front of the mirror is anything to go by. So I think that her name should be Sola.”

“Sola and Lune.” Gemini said slowly “I like them!”

Just then the doctor walked in, rolling a wheeled bed with two other nurses.

“We are ready to begin.” He said and Gemini began to shuffle uncomfortably in his bed. Richard grabbed his hands and made Gemini face him.

“Don’t worry…” he said as calmly as he could. “You’ll be fine. We won’t let anything happen to you again, I promise.”

Gemini took a deep breath and nodded, allowing the nurses to move him the wheeled bed and escorted him out of the room.

Richard sat in the hallway of the hospital looking at his wife in confusion. She was pacing back and forth in front of the surgery room where Gemini was, a constant worried expression written across her face. Even though she had done literally everything she could to help Gemini, she was still pacing a hole in the hospital floor. This left Richard bewildered, of course he worried as well about Gemini but seeing his wife work herself up to such a state it was like her own child… was in that surgery room.

It hit Richard like a blast from a water cannon. Aileena wanted to adopt Gemini. When he lined up the pieces, everything made sense. It was too long ago that Aileena and himself were in this hospital received some awful news. They had tried producing a child before but after several attempts with no success, they booked a doctor’s appointment and found out that Aileena was sterile. This was devastating for both of them and even Richard had done all he could to try and help his wife pass this difficult time, the results of that test still haunted her.

Looking down at Sola and Lune in his lap, he knew what he had to do. He moved the two of them to another chair and walked over to his wife.

“I finally worked it out.” He said “You want to adopt Gemini, don’t you?”

That got Aileena’s attention as she immediately spun around “What on earth makes you think that?”

“Don’t play dumb Aileena, it doesn’t suit you. I’ve been sitting there for the last half hour watching you. I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t notice it sooner. I know you are still thinking about those test results…”
Aileena froze and then dropped her head in sadness. Richard lifted her chin with his head to have them looking face to face.

“…and you know what? For the second time today when it comes to a big decision, I agree with you. How many times did our friends ask us about if we were going to adopt? So many times and now I think that, we should move from temporary guardians to permanent parents.”

Aileena burst into a smile and threw her arms around her husband. This decision meant so much to her. She had everything a woman could want. Money, power, love from her husband and family and now, after thinking it would never happen, she was going to be a mother.

“Well… darling.” Aileena said, “You and I will have to think of a name for our little one.”

An hour later, the doctors emerged from the surgery room, wheeling a sleeping Gemini out.

“The operation was a complete success.” He said cheerfully “After a couple days of rest, Gemini should be able to go for the orphanage.”

“That won’t be necessary doctor.” Aileena said, producing some paperwork. “The boys name is Raphael and as of now, we are his adoptive parents. When he gets better, we will be taking him home with us.”

“I see,” the doctor said “Well, I wish you both the best with Raphael.”
Following the doctor back to Raphael’s room, the boy was still asleep, it was late and the boy had just come out of surgery so it wouldn’t be for a while that the boy would wake up. Just before they left for home, Aileena gently kissed Raphael on his cheek.

“Sweet dreams, Raphael d'Alcott.”
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Raphael Final
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