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 Raphael Battles: Vs Brock

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Raphael Battles: Vs Brock Empty
PostSubject: Raphael Battles: Vs Brock   Raphael Battles: Vs Brock EmptyWed Oct 21, 2015 4:33 pm

Raphael Line up:
Sola - Female Eevee
Lune - Male Eevee
Titan - Onix

Brock Line up:

Plot line:
Lune vs Geodude:

Raph is inexperienced with the high defences of Rock types and tries, in vain, to tackle geodude. Lune pretty much bounces off and gives Geodude an opening to use tackle, which Lune takes damage. Lune then uses toxic in order to try and work around it and uses dig to try and escape but Geodude uses defence curl as a counter.

Geodude's defence curl stops most of the damage from the dig attack and, faced with few options, Lune runs for it while Geodude uses Bulldoze in an intense game of Purrloin and Rattata.

Eventually the Toxic gets to Geodude and Lune wins.

Lune vs Onix:

Lune gets caught in a bind before slipping out and digging, but then Onix uses rock slide and the already weakened Lune faints.

Sola vs Onix:

Taking advantage of the holes her brother dug, Sola uses the only thing she has to her advantage over Onix, her speed. Digging around Onix in a clockwork manner and popping up while Onix uses Iron tail to little effect. One strike does hit Sola hard but she keeps going… refusing to fail. Sola then fires of shadow balls from underground to hit Onix. following on from the barrage of shadow balls, Sola jumps up with the dig attack but gets hit with an iron and that ends Sola.

Titan vs Onix:

Brock's Onix is already very weak so Titan comes in with a massive slam and follows up with a Iron tail of his own, in revenge for Sola. Onix finally falls and Raphael takes home the Boulder Badge
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Raphael Battles: Vs Brock
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