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 Chapters Summary Outline

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Chapter Outline: The Book of Leaf

Chapter One: Flight of Leaf
It is the day of Leaf’s pokémon journey, and along with an Absol she’d found and rescued years ago, she gets to take on another starter –Squirtle, who she names ‘Susanoo’ after the Shinto god of storms and the sea. Blue chooses the opposite, a Bulbasaur. They have their first battle against each other, which Leaf wins by a hair. Leaf introduces Susanoo to her Absol, already named Tsukuyomi of the Shinto god of the moon. They then set out to the nearby city of Viridian. Upon arrival, Leaf heads to the Pokémon Center to heal her pokémon, where a package needs to be delivered to Professor Oak is given to her. Reluctantly heading back, she runs into Blue, who challenges her again. She again narrowly wins, frustrating Blue, who vows that he would reach Indigo Plateau before her. She arrives back in Pallet and heads straight to Oak’s, delivering the package and receiving some pokéballs and a Town Map from him. She returns back home to sneak some food to go, only to run into her father, who berates her indifferently. Her mother doesn’t acknowledge her at all.

Chapter Two: Emerald City
She arrives back in Viridian City, determined to explore the city fully. She accidentally runs into the Police Chief, who finds her suspicious automatically. Being proven wrong, he sheepishly offers to teach her how to catch pokémon, and she humors him even though she already knows how. After a visit to the Pokémon Academy there and being embarrassingly introduced to the kids as a new trainer and someone who knows Professor Oak, she’s eager to check out the gym, only to be disappointed by it being closed and the gym leader absent. However, she’s caught by a mysterious man who accuses her of trying to break and enter. After explaining herself hurriedly, she introduces herself and he does the same, calling himself “Giovanni.” He takes her to the PokéMart, where he offers to buy her some pokéballs in compensation for his accusations, though she tries to refuse. They have lunch, where Leaf is introduced to the news and organization of Team Rocket, from his warnings. He then advises her to head towards Route 2 instead of Route 22, which heads her towards Pewter City and the next gym, and gives her a TeachyTV from Gio Corp.

Chapter Three: Hard Knock Life
Though she doesn’t stay long in Viridian Forest, following the path and her map closely to get out of there quickly, she gets the eerie feeling that she’s being watched, which further inspires her to leave the forest quickly. Finally in Pewter, she doesn’t head straight for her gym, allowing her pokémon to rest up and for her to research and prepare for the gym. She runs into the Pewter Museum of Science, where she finds out about fossils and the hope of one day reviving them. Going against Brock next, her Squirtle easily defeats his pokémon with her water attacks.

Chapter Four: The Moon God’s Descent
They head towards Route 3 and Mt. Moon, where they rest for the night at the Pokémon Center at the entrance of the cave. A Magikarp salesman tries to cheat her with a Magikarp, but she shuts him down quickly and he runs away. Unfortunately, he leaves behind a Magikarp that she gets stuck with. There’s an odd tension in the Pokémon Center that she doesn’t understand, but the next morning goes into Mt. Moon. It isn’t long until she runs into a Team Rocket grunt, and she understands why the Pokémon Center was so tense. She battles against the grunt and wins, but the grunt doesn’t take the loss easily. He chases after her and she runs, losing him but ending up slipping and hitting her head. Slightly dazed and her vision out of focus, she has both Susanoo and Tsukuyomi help direct her around. However, the grunt finds her and prepares to attack her, only for Tsukuyomi to viciously attack the grunt. An ex-abused pokémon will not tolerate any harm coming to the one who saved them, and Tsukuyomi forcefully proves that fact, practically ripping the grunt’s arm off. Leaving behind the grunt, Leaf and her pokémon try to find a way out, while she’s still in her dazed state. They run across a Scientist that may or may not be with Team Rocket, and who becomes frightened upon seeing the blood-soaked Absol traveling with the girl. He offers up a fossil if they’d just leave him alone, and the pokémon choose for Leaf while he runs away. They finally make it out of Mt. Moon, only for Leaf to collapse.

Chapter Five: Water’s Caress
Leaf’s found by two Black Belt Move Tutors, who help heal her and make sure she and her pokémon are okay. While she was out, her pokémon do what they can to help her. Susanoo is offered to learn Mega Punch and Mega Kick by the Move Tutors, while Tsukuyomi stands guard over their unconscious owner. When she awakes, they offer to teach her a few moves, seeing that she was attacked. She then makes her way to Cerulean City, where she continues to rest up by exploring the city first. She uneasily runs across a house that was broken into, but is unable to find out anything more until she decides to sneak in. Finding nothing but a mess, she decides that maybe she should head to the gym, having faith that her pokémon were strong enough to defeat the gym leader’s. Originally going to stick with Tsukuyomi, Susanoo wants to battle and prove she’s a stronger water pokémon than either of Misty’s. Proving herself, Susanoo then evolves into a Wartotle. Wanting to get out of the city and finding out the famous Bill lives nearby, she heads out but comes face to face with Blue again. After another win, he mocks her for not having more pokémon and leaves her behind.

Chapter Six: Blown Up Bridge
Heading to Bill’s hoping to get some info for Professor Oak and knowing the two were friends, she’s stopped by a gang of trainers on Nugget Bridge, not knowing they’re recruits for Team Rocket. Defeating them one by one, she makes it to the leader who she also battles and wins, only for him to surprisingly offer her a spot in Team Rocket. Refusing, another fight occurs, only she’s ganged up on by the others. Having only two pokémon and all of them tired out from the line of battles, she desperately does something and manages to blow up the bridge. Somehow or other, she makes her way to Bill’s in the water, with him needing her help after an accident with an experiment. Afterwards, she and her pokémon rest up, while she and Bill talk and Leaf calls up Professor Oak. Bill gives her a ticket to S.S. Anne after, and Leaf decides to go.

Chapter Seven: Lightning Goddess
Finding out the S.S. Anne will be coming in three days after Leaf’s arrival to Vermilion, she decides it would be a good idea to go to the gym. A huge battle occurs in the Vermilion Gym, and Leaf loses for once. Lt. Surge invites her to train in his gym, impressed by her skills despite her loss. She agrees and while she trains there, she gets to know everyone, especially Lt. Surge, who shares war stories. In the same time, Lt. Surge’s Jolteon grows attached to her and it becomes clear he wants to go with her. Surge gives her the Jolteon on the condition she defeats him with the electric-type, and the resulting battle results in a blown out gym and a burned out fuse (therefore a blackout they’re stuck with).

Chapter Eight: Anne’s Voyage
To Leaf’s annoyance, Blue is on the ship. They have another battle, attracting attention, and this time the battle is more drawn out until Leaf finally defeats Blue. The battle attracts the attention of a familiar man, who Leaf’s recognizes as Giovanni from Viridian. He requests a battle with her and despite putting up a good fight, Leaf clearly loses. They enter the ballroom after, with Leaf trying to figure out if Giovanni is the Giovanni from Gio Corp. Soon, she’s swept in a waltz and becomes oddly mesmerized, until she realizes that the ship is going to be sailing soon and was leaving for Hoenn. Panicking about being on board when the ship sets sail, Giovanni helps her off the ship and advises that she should go through Rock Tunnel and head towards Celadon City, though he tells her that the tunnel is dark and hard to navigate. Being unsure, Leaf is surprised by his further offer of help in coming with her.

Chapter Nine: No Tunnel, No Light
The tunnel is extremely dark, and even using Jolteon, they can barely see besides the small area lit up around them. As they progress, Leaf becomes increasingly aware of Giovanni’s close presence and becomes uncomfortable, though she tries not to show it. Continuing slowly, they start to talk to fill in the time and find out small details about each other, until Leaf –not knowing why –begins to talk about more personal things, of which she’s never spoken to anyone about. Embarrassed about saying so much about herself, Leaf attempts to change the subject, only to be surprised when he kisses her abruptly. Blurting out how old she is, he immediately backs off, to her disappointment. They finally make it out in a tense and almost awkward atmosphere, and head towards Celadon City. En route, they’re stopped at Route 8, where a Growlithe comes at them and Leaf battles and then catches it, naming her Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun.

Chapter Ten: The Grass Isn’t Greener
Reaching Celadon City, they part ways and Leaf is left to mulishly wander around the city. Going to the Celadon Department, she tries to distract herself with shopping, before giving up and going to stay at the Pokémon Center and sulking with her pokémon around her. Still rather depressed, Leaf takes to visiting places in the city, like the Celadon Mansion (where she mopes with the geeks and halfway listens to their ramblings of a pokémon game they’re creating), has tea with an old lady there (and further gets depressed by the lady’s talk of her late husband), and only comes out of it when she notices Rockets lingering around the city and guessing they’re up to no good. Unable to find out what they’re doing, she heads to the gym where she battles Erika with her new Growlithe. After winning, she stays awhile and laments to Erika about males and crushes and the stupidity of it all, while Erika gives her kind advice.

Chapter Eleven: He With Dark Eyes
On the way back to the Pokémon Center, Leaf sees more Rockets and tries to follow. Losing him, Leaf aggravatingly notices she’s near the Game Corner and decides maybe she needed to cool off by having fun. Finding out it’s one of those gambling centers, Leaf sneaks in anyway and curiously tries one. In the middle of a game, she sees one of the Rockets she’d seen, suspiciously going through a door in the back. Making sure no one’s looking, she follows and disappointedly finds it’s a hallway leading to the bathrooms, with a large poster on the wall at the end of the hallway. Turning to leave, she hears whispers behind the door talking about a secret switch behind the poster. Backing away, it’s too late as the door opens and reveals another Rocket, whom she battles into submission. Though confused on no follow up (bracing herself for a violent outburst), she rushes away from him and to the poster where she finds the switch and reveals a secret door. Entering Team Rocket’s secret hideout, she battles her way through the floors, increasingly confused by the lack of aggressive payback and further retaliation against her after a loss. However, she’s just let through and proceeding until she reaches the room she heard the boss of Team Rocket is in, only to come face to face with Giovanni himself. It’s another battle she loses against him, partly because of his better skills and partly because she’s in shock and can’t believe it and she can feel her heart shattering into tiny little pieces. Though he wins, he shuts down the operation there and leaves, while she doesn’t have the heart to go after him. Dejectedly, she realizes he’d left behind the Silph Scope to her.

Chapter Twelve: Ghostly Visage
“Riddle Me This” the note wrapped around the Silph Scope says. Leaf finds it taunting her, leading her to Lavender Town. Her focus on Team Rocket, she chases after where the notes tells her to go, and finds Mr. Fuji is missing from the town of Lavender. She skulks around obsessively, trying to find clues and understand what business Team Rocket has in Lavender Town, and quickly is pointed to the Pokémon Tower, where there are supposed be an increase of hauntings. Not buying it and going straight to thinking it’s TR, she snoops around the tower, and finds out she’s half right…and half wrong. Stuck battling Rockets and unseen spirits, she finally finds Mr. Fuji, rescuing him while scrambling Team Rocket grunts out of there with the unwanted help of spirits.

Chapter Thirteen: A City Under Siege
A phone call in Mr. Fuji’s home leads her to chase Team Rocket to Saffron City, where she’s horrified to find the city is under siege and held captive by Team Rocket, who have taken hold and keeping base in Silph Co. Knowing it’s best to keep unseen, she does her best to sneak around. Not knowing where to stay and who to trust, she finds her way to the abandoned warehouses, where she sets up camp and begins to plan her one-person (and three –and a half? Did Magikarp really count? –pokémon) infiltration. After a few days of surveillance, she sneaks into Silph Co. and takes out the Rockets there without confronting them directly, and heads to the top to free the president, only to come face to face with Giovanni again. Going into another battle, Giovanni is once again winning, when he interrupts and stops the battle and makes his escape. Missing her chance to catch him, she finds out that the Rocket agents have all retreated suddenly and Saffron is freed. Not sure what Giovanni’s game is, the city celebrates but Leaf broods. She comes across a depressing man by the name of Emeric Hollands, who turns out to be Silph’s Chief of Technology.

Chapter Fourteen: A Mind’s Fragile Landscape
Leaf’s dream of becoming Champion for Kanto now seems so far away…and even unimportant. She’s walking around Saffron unhappily, watching people still celebrating. While she’s thinking, she thinks she sees Giovanni and chases him down. Her chase leads her to a nice hotel, where she thinks she lost him (or she’s going crazy and seeing things) until he catches her off guard and before she knows it, leads her to a private room. Leaf freaks out, but Giovanni calmly reassures her that all he wants is to talk. So she lets him, and he waits until she asks her questions and answers her quickly, before telling her his own side and forcibly making her think and become uncertain. When she leaves him, she starts walking again, only to happen upon the Saffron Gym. She decides after a moment to enter and challenge the gym, where, while she wins, she no longer feels the heat of the battle or the adrenaline rush she used to have. Facing off against Sabrina, she wins but becomes distracted by the gym leader’s words. She wonders idly why Sabrina hadn’t done anything when Saffron was being held hostage, when Leaf is surprised by the answer given –the words becoming a running theme she is becoming introduced and used to: “There is a sickness in this world.” Leaf leaves there, also with the knowledge that Sabrina knows of Leaf’s confusing connection to Giovanni.

Chapter Fifteen: A Poisoned World
She avoids Cycling Road, not in the mood to face off the trainers that hung around there in droves. When she enters Fuchsia City, another disaster is happening. There’s some kind of airborne poison floating about, and they can’t find out where or how. Leaf sneaks on one of the protective suits and sneaks into the city as one of the “workers”. She looks around, before catching sight of a suspicious figure sneaking around. She hurries to catch whoever it is, and corners them outside of the city, where she takes off the suit to better get her pokémon when the man in black challenges her to a battle. When she wins, she is surprised when the person reveals himself as Koga, gym leader of the Fuchsia Gym. When he further reveals the airborne poison was his fault, she asks him why and he tells how the world has already echoed Fuchsia’s current state, so none of it mattered. Convincing him to help her stop the poison, he shows her where the leak is from and helps her stop it and clear the air, though he solemnly tells her she is better off without the world and not believing in it.

Chapter Sixteen: The Birthplace of Venus
Missing her Magikarp that Giovanni stole from her for some reason, she attempts to catch another one on her way to Seafoam Islands, where she was going to take a break before heading back out to Cinnabar Island. Ironically, she gets everything but a Magikarp (including a Gyarados). Giving up and opting to steal her Magikarp back from Giovanni instead, she continues on and curiously decides to actually enter the island caves, she goes through and amazingly runs into Articuno. By the work of her pokémon and a little bit of luck, she catches it.

Chapter Seventeen: Molten Passion
Ecstatic at her find and her newest catch, Leaf quickly heads to Cinnabar Island. Finding this as a break from all the crises she keeps running into (and all the action), Leaf enjoys her normal and relaxing time. Hearing of the abandoned Pokémon Mansion, she decides to explore. She has a little fun, battling and taking down prowlers and scavengers who are looking to loot, though Leaf doesn’t know what to do with the items she gets stuck with either (including a mysterious journal, though she leaves it alone in the mansion). Before going to the gym, she takes a rest in the Pokémon Center where she is surprised to know a package is waiting for her. Opening it, she sees a pokéball and releases it, finding a Gyarados. But not just any Gyarados, it turns out it was her old Magikarp. She then goes against Blaine finally, letting her stubborn Growlithe face off against Blaine’s Arcanine. Amaterasu puts up a good fight, but loses gracefully. Not wanting to reveal she had Articuno, she lets out her new Gyarados, who makes quick work of the rest of Blaine’s pokémon. Blaine gives her a fire stone to use for Growlithe, and Leaf asks Amaterasu if she wants to evolve, which she does and becomes Arcanine.

Chapter Eighteen: Island Whirl
Leaf runs into Bill, who invites her to look into a new chain of islands that’s been discovered with him. Unfortunately, he also has Giovanni with him too, who is funding the various plans around the islands. Arriving there, Bill introduces them to Celio, a programmer who runs the Pokémon Network Center. Bill then asks Leaf for a favor of delivering a Meteorite to a friend, and she accepts. She runs into Blue, who wants another fight, but Leaf irately tells him she has business she really needs to take care of. Backing down, Blue offers to accompany her. They head to Boon Island, where they come across a Move Tutor, and then find the Joyful Game Corner and find out there’s a situation. The owner’s daughter is missing so they offer to find her, and they make their way to Kin Island and have fun beating the Kanto Rider Federation together. They make it to Three Island and finally locate Lostelle, bringing her back to her father and Leaf delivering the Meteorite. Blue has to leave, so Leaf plays some games in the Joyful Game Corner in boredom, until Giovanni actually requests her help to something.

Chapter Nineteen: Fiery Emotion
Leaf, not knowing much about this request, frustratingly goes along with him, and they end up camping at Ember Spa. After an uncomfortable night, they head into Mt. Ember, where a little further in, Leaf catches sight of two Rocket grunts. But Giovanni leads her away and tells her there’s something more important in that cave, so she reluctantly lets it go. They continue on, and Leaf is frustrated that they’re just walking and she still doesn’t know what’s going on. After demanding to know what they’re there for, Giovanni reveals they’re looking for the legendary Moltres. He hands her a specially made pokéball and says that the two of them will be going after it, in order to catch it. While still unsure about this, Leaf is a little more eager to go on, hoping to find and meet another legendary. It isn’t long until they’re at the summit and find Moltres. Giovanni suggests they both tire it down, but Leaf refuses to gang up on a pokémon and says she can do this. She weakens Moltres with first her Gyarados, and then with Wartotle. Knowing just a little bit more, but not wanting to let Giovanni know about her, Leaf reluctantly brings out Articuno to finish the job. Almost like a reflex though, Leaf throws her pokéball and catches Moltres herself, but Giovanni surprisingly has little to argue about it and says it’s fine. They head back to the main part of One Island to return to the others, only they take a stop at Treasure Beach and rest, accidentally finding hidden treasure that they end up trading.

Chapter Twenty: Power Heist
Returning to Cinnabar Island, Leaf surfs through Route 21. But before she can set back foot into her hometown, a familiar face greets her at the town’s edge where she lands. Lt. Surge is looking for a particular pokémon…of the legendary kind. Knowing she has Moltres, he’s sought her out. Only she doesn’t know how he would know that, since only Giovanni would have known…and she pieces together that he’s also a Rocket agent. Asking why, Surge tells her she already knows that answer and that sooner or later she’s going to have to face the reality of the world. Leaf quietly concedes to coming with him, and then reveals she also has Articuno, taking her out so she could fly the two of them to Cerulean City and head towards an abandoned power plant nearby. They search the power plant and go after Zapdos, and Leaf has Articuno go against it, and even catching it herself. Surprisingly, Surge lets her keep it and reminds her that the world is painted gray.

Chapter Twenty-One: Shockwaves Through the Ground
Deciding against flying to Pallet, she goes straight to Viridian City. After a rest in the Pokémon Center, where Nurse Joy becomes the first non-Rocket to know she has the legendary birds, Leaf walks around the town, trying to see if she could run into Giovanni. For what purpose, she’s not sure of –to force him to confess to running Team Rocket, to challenge him to another battle to finally win, to just see him…Instead, she runs into the same Police Chief she did the first time, who recognizes her and has heard of all her travels through the region and encounters with Team Rocket. He congratulates her and tells her she’s done a good service to the world for continually fighting against Team Rocket and shutting them down each time. Knowing she should feel good about this, Leaf is disturbed to find how much it upsets and even offsets her. Thanking him, she hurriedly excuses herself and almost runs away, when he tells her that the gym leader has finally come back so if she wanted to go challenge him, she could. Leaf perks up at that, curious about the mysterious gym leader that had been absent before. She goes straight to the gym, only to find to her shock and horror, that none other than Giovanni is the gym leader. She challenges him hotheadedly, and he accepts. However, he sets different conditions than the usual for his normal matches against challengers, and also replaces his gym party for his more personal set. They have a pretty vicious fight, which Leaf ends up winning to her amazement. For her first time winning against him, he announces that he’ll disband Team Rocket. She challenges that and doesn’t believe him, and he concedes that it most likely wouldn’t be forever. In fact, he’ll give it three years before he’ll probably have Team Rocket rise up again, and enough time for her to hopefully see the world as it is. He leaves her alone in the gym with her thoughts, and feeling like she hadn’t won at all. Later that night, all televisions broadcast a message for a shadowed figure, claiming to be the Rocket Boss, and announcing the disbandment and fall of Team Rocket due to the hands of a girl named Leaf. Shock goes through the entire region, and Leaf is proclaimed a hero.
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Chapters Summary Outline
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