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 Raphael Bio

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PostSubject: Raphael Bio   Raphael Bio EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 3:31 pm

Name: Raphael d'Alcott (formally Raphael Bennet)
Sex: Male
Relationship status: Single
Birthday: January 13
Age: 14
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Hair Colour: Ginger, medium length
Height: 5'11''
Clothing: White jacket with red trims along the arms and down the jacket, white shirt with grey trim, grey trousers, white trainers. (This Picture explains it better than me:
Raphael Bio &width=400&height=500
Orientation: Straight
Profession: Pokemon Trainer/Co-ordinator

Contact Information/Profession:
Rank: Starting Trainer
Hometown: Celadon city
Other occupation: None

Adoptive father: Raphael d'Alcott
Adoptive mother: Aileena d'Alcott
Biological Uncle: Chris Bennet
Biological Aunt: Marie Bennet
Biological Grandfather: James Bennet
Biolgoical Grandmother: Lily Bennet

Team: Starmie, Pidgeot, Steelix, Rapidash and two eevees
Perfectionist trainer, won't accept anything less than total victory
Goal: To become best in the world, better than Blue and anyone that stands in his way
Social Butterfly, thanks to training from parents
Sometimes melodramatic. Has an artistic flair to his movements
Usually in control, but can sometimes have an incredibly short fuse, to the point where the slightest incident can throw him into a rage
Can often be found either reading stories about ancient battles.  

Raphael was abandoned by his original parents and brought in the Viridian city orphanage. He always longed to be a pokemon trainer and to see the world, but it seemed like it was a dream too far for him. However, one TV ad changed everything. The Champion of Kanto, Blue Oak, told the region that the league was looking for a new trainer, to show that Kanto could produce world class trainers. Inspired by Blue's words, Raphael entered the competition. It was here that Raphael got his very first taste of being a trainer with his given pokemon, Raticate. Watching Raticate battle was incredible for Raphael, it made him want to become not just a trainer, but the very best in all the world. After a long drawn out tournament and a final battle with his tournament rival, Harry, Raphael had his hand raised as champion of the tournament. From there, not only did he become the chosen trainer of the kanto league but also the new adopted child of the d'Alcotts, a wealthy couple that was helping to sponsor the contest. Consider Raphael's age and status as an orphan, they not only took him in, but formally adopted him as their own.

Now Raphael has the tools needed for his journey, but with the constant eyes of the league forever staring at him and the expectation of the entire region on his shoulders, will Raphael stand strong or will he crumble?
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Raphael Bio
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