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 Raphael Story Outline

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Chapter 1: The Chance

Blue announces that there is a tournament looking for the next big trainer. This catches the attention of a young orphan named Raphael. At the event, he meets blue and picks up his random pokemon, a Raticate. Before leaving, he meets the d'Alcotts, a powerful couple that are sponsoring the event. Back at the orphanage, Raphael gets on Raticates good side by saying that he will release him if he wins the tournament

Chapter 2: The Struggle

Raphael makes it to the event and fights in a round robin tournament, where he finishes third with a boy named Harry, who Raphael lost to earlier, at the front. Raphael fights his way to the final and faces Harry in the final match. Raphael wins the match and becomes the new league trainer and the d'Alcotts child. Harry storms off, swearing revenge. Raphael releases Raticate.

Chapter 3: The Brother

Raphael begins training with the league in simulation rounds that push his mental focus, teaching about type advantages and when to strike. Back at home, Raphael is being taught who to ride a Ponyta by his mother when Mal arrives. The two of them talk about pokemon and become fast friends. Mal thinks that one of his eevees should evolve into Slyveon.

Chapter 4: The Journey start

Raphael is now 14 and is ready to start his journey. He goes with his mother and Mal to pallet town to pick up his pokedex, on the way he sees an ad for him, talking about the next best thing in training. He has a terrible first meeting with Sonia Darkin, a girl that hates him by association with his family (not that he knows that). He has a meeting with Blue, who talks about how its up to him to old the reputation of the league so don't screw up. Blue as introduces Felix as a companion for Raph.

Chapter 5: The jolt by reality

Raphael and the gang make it to Viridian city and out of curiosity, looks inside. In there he finds a woman in shadows and challenges her alongside Sonia. Both Eevee and Sonia's Zorua are defeated in one go by the woman's Absol. Even though Raph knows he is supposed to take this as the last battle, he still takes the loss hard. He then and there vows that he will never lose again and fight his way to the top.
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Raphael Story Outline
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