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 Idea chapter: Build up for Celadon

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Idea chapter: Build up for Celadon  Empty
PostSubject: Idea chapter: Build up for Celadon    Idea chapter: Build up for Celadon  EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 10:10 am

Raphael was on route 11, training his pokemon hard. He was frustrated and pushing himself and his pokemon to the limit. Normally people would be happy that they had won their third gym battle and would be celebrating right now. Not Raphael, he was angry with himself. He had barely scrapped through that battle, just barely winning. If Sola hadn’t hit that Hyper Voice when she did, the result would have been a lost, and Raphael couldn’t have that. He had promised Kanto that he would become the very best trainer, he had even said on camera that he would inherit the legacy of trainers such as Leaf and Blue, becoming a trainer that outshone them and became the best in the world. Losing was not an option for him, despite what Felix said about 3 attempts at a gym leader. He had been trained from the moment he won the competition to be the best, to crush any trainer, gym leader or rival that stood in his path and barely scrapping a victory would not do. His manager had made it clear to him that he need to become stronger by every means at his disposal.

So there Raphael was, training hard with Titan and doing exercise himself. The workouts he was putting on himself and his pokemon were becoming harder and harder with each day and it was showing. Even a pokemon as sturdy as Titan was starting to feel the pressure of the workout and Raphael, even with his perfectionist “do and die” attitude, was struggling. Both of them were struggling to complete the exercise, just waiting for the timer to end. Eventually the alarm went off and both trainer and pokemon collapsed to the ground, exhausted. Sola and Lune, who had been watching from the side, immediately ran over to Raphael, checking that he was alright. Slowly, Raphael reached a sitting position which both Sola and Lune breathed a sigh of relief at but then saw Raphael with tears in his eyes. He was looking over at Titan, his Onix who had been working so hard alongside him now was in a terrible state. Slowly Raphael crawled over to his fallen pokemon and Titan looked back at him.

“I’m sorry.” Raphael said, “I pushed too hard and now look what I’ve done. I am so sorry, Titan.”

Titan reached his tail around and placed it Raphael’s shoulder and gave a small smile. Raphael sighed, happy with the response. Raphael returned Titan to his pokeball and staggered over to a nearby tree, sitting at its base and breathing heavily. He was a wreck, his body ached and he just wanted more than anything to be back at the pokemon centre with Felix and Mal. Sola quickly placed her ribbons on Raphael and sent her soothing aura through them. Raphael smiled at her as he relaxed.

“Taking Mal’s advice was a smart move.” He said before stroking Sola. Lune knelt beside Raphael and gently nuzzled him. Raphael started stroking Lune with his other hand and looked up to the setting sun.

“You know…” he said “Sometimes I think you two are the only true pokemon or friends I have.”

Sola and Lune both bent their heads in confusion.

“I’ve been thinking lately…” Raphael continued “… and all of this journey, apart from you two, I didn’t earn or truly catch a single pokemon. Titan I took from Harry, Staryu was basically a gift from Misty and Pidgeotto just started following us when we fought that Fearow."

Raphael sighed "Also, I don’t even know how many people I can really trust anymore. It’s me vs the world, no holds barred."

Lune ran over to Raphael’s bag and pulled out a red book. It was Raphael’s picture journal, containing some of Raphael’s most treasured memories. Lune pushed the pages across until coming to a picture of Raphael and Mal. Lune tapped on it.

“Well yea, of course there’s Mal.” Raphael said smiling “He’s always had my back and I have his, which is why we’re brothers. I don’t know where I’d be without him.”

Lune then pushed it across to a picture of him and his childhood friends from Celadon, tapping it.

“Ah yes, the old Diamond gang.” Raphael laughed “I should check back in with them soon.”

Turning the page again, it revealed Raphael and Felix.

“Maybe not as much as the others, but still a great friend.” Raphael before hearing Sola growl “Hey, none of that.” He said before Sola whined at him “Do you honestly think I would let him anywhere near you to breed with Zorua? Of course not.” Sola sighed with relief.

Lune turned the page one more time and Raphael was stunned. It was a picture of him with…

“Mom and Dad.” He said before reaching over for the book. It was one of the first family pictures together. He remembered how happy he was when they adopted him and all the times they showed care for him after difficult sessions of training. Suddenly, a massive wave of reality came crashing down on Raphael.

He had effectively abandoned them. Once he thought that, tears started developing in his eyes. They looked after him and he turned his back on them for training. He listened to his manager over his own parents. His manager probably only cared about him when Raphael could make her a stack of money, not like the d'Alcotts. He never even said he loved them, not once. No wonder he couldn’t bond with them, they wanted him to be their child, not caring once about this whole trainer stuff and he had ruined that. How dare he take on the name "d'Alcott"!

Raphael started crying. After a few minutes, another realization came to Raphael. He slowly stood up and Sola and Lune wondered what he was going to do.

“Guys…” he said “I’ve been a horrible son to the d’Alcotts. So now it’s about time that I start making things right.”
Sola and Lune cheered, glad to see a fire back in Raphael’s eyes.

“Come on now.” He said “We’ve got to get this plan into motion.”
With that, all three of them headed for the pokemon centre.
The next morning, as the d’Alcotts were sitting at home eating breakfast, they turned on the tv to the news.

“…and now on Kanto news, we now live to Vermillion city where we catch up with Raphael d’Alcott, the league funded who is hot off the heels of his recent victory over Surge for his third gym badge.”

This immediately caught Richard and Aileena’s attention. They kept close attention to any details they could get about their son’s journey. Despite it not being the smoothest journey watching Raphael grow up into the perfectionist trainer, they still did care for him, even if they had suspicions he didn’t return their sentiment.

The screen changed to a reporter and Raphael standing in front of the Vermillion pokemon centre.

“Thanks Tom and yes we are here talking with Raphael just after his third gym battle victory. So Raphael, how has the journey been so far?”

“Well, it’s not been easy, I can tell you that much.” Raphael replied “The gym leaders are incredibly tough in Kanto and they really push you to your absolute limit, as they should. But I have enjoyed the challenge and it’s been one heck of a ride so far, let’s hope I can continue the momentum I’ve built for myself into future gym battles.”

“How have you travels been with your companions recently? Has there been any dissention in the group?”

“Travel has been good for us. Travelling with my best friend Mal has definitely been a lot of fun and I have gotten along well with Felix as well. Travelling with Sonia has also been an interesting experience considering that this is the first time I have travelled with a psychic long term and while we have had our hiccups, I do respect Sonia’s abilities in psychic power and in battle.”

"Is there anyone else you want to thank for your recent success?”

“Yes actually, there is…” Raphael turned to the camera “I want to thank my parents, Richard and Aileena d’Alcott for everything they have done for me. You see, all they needed to do was sponsor me and that would have enough for most people, but they went the extra step and made me their child by adopting me. In all honesty, by focusing more of my training, I have been a terrible son to them. I just want them to know, if they are watching…” Raphael sniffed and blinked out a few tears “I want to thank you two, for all that you have done for me. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably still be lost in that orphanage you adopted me from with none of what I have achieved thanks to you. No matter what, I love you. So thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything that you do. I just hope I can make you proud of me.”

As Raphael finished his speech, tears pricked at the eyes of both Richard and Aileena. They turned to each other and could only smile and embrace each other. Their son had finally awakened from his battle hardened nature and the true Raphael had finally shown his face. They knew the next stop of his journey was Celadon and they would prepare for their son’s return home, showing that cared for him just as much as he did for them.

The d’Alcotts would become a real family.
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Idea chapter: Build up for Celadon
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