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 Chapter Summaries

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PostSubject: Chapter Summaries   Chapter Summaries EmptySat Nov 28, 2015 11:43 am

It's not much so far, but I'm willing to make changes!

Chapter 1 — Victini’s Luck: Felix and Cascade have a video conference with the Elite Four of Kanto. After impressing them with his rapid-fire knowledge of Pokémon health and his credentials from his superiors and teachers, they agree to sign him on and fly him to Kanto to finish making arrangements.

Chapter 2 — Eevee’s Charm: Felix arrives in Pallet a little late and meets his fellow trainers. Not one to put things off, he then talks to Raph’s Eevee as he checks their health. Mal corrects him at one point and Felix is delighted to meet someone so intelligent. He drops everything upon noticing Zorua, immediately begging Sonia to talk with the fox. Zorua agrees (in spite of Sonia?) and Felix begins learning her language. Oak interrupts them, gives a short lecture on journeying, gives Felix his Pokedex, and sends them on their way.

Chapter 3 — Mightyena’s Resolve: On the way to Viridian, Felix asks after Sonia’s angry response to Fennel and is pushed away. He and Raphael get into a conversation about his life, goals, and Felix’s role in all of it (ideally this will be mostly new information). They here plan to have Raph defeat every Gym Leader within three tries, no matter what. They break for a meal and Felix has Cascade fight Raph’s Eevee. By speaking to Cascade in the Buizel language, Felix manages to throw Raph off his game and easily defeat Sola. Lune avenges his sister. By the day’s end, they arrive in Viridian City.

Chapter 4 — Slowking’s Calm: Felix begins work on researching the Gym Leader for Viridian, watching recording of battles and finding to his horror that his Pokémon are extremely powerful. Raph returns, dejected, from his battle with the mysterious woman. Raph calms Felix by explaining to him that the Viridian Gym is the last on the list, and Felix does his best to convince Raph that he’s going to fail again and frequently, if Felix is doing his job right (always give Raphael a challenge). Felix battles Sonia, and Cascade loses to Zorua.
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Chapter Summaries
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