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 Politics of the Pokémon World

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PostSubject: Politics of the Pokémon World   Politics of the Pokémon World EmptySun Dec 13, 2015 6:31 pm

Government of the Pokémon Universe

Kanto (mimics America):
Type: Constitutional democracy
Head of state: Flavio Maroni
Stance on Psychics: Negative
Flavio Maroni: A forty-two year old somewhat brash and arrogant man of the Social Conservative view from Celadon City. Unabashedly, he’s in it for the power. Quite combative and loud and generally unpleasant, he is very hard to argue with but seen as a strong and unyielding man, and in a region corrupt to the core and the government little more than ineffectual puppets, he is seen as the perfect leader they need. He is, however, not untouched by the corruption, and though not the most happy about it, he answers to TR because he has to.

Johto (mimics America):
Type: Democratic republic
Head of state: President Matilda Snowdon
Stance on Psychics: Negative
Matilda Snowdon: A dark-haired, dark-eyed fifty-four year old woman from Ecruteak City. She is of the Liberal point of view. She is fairly stiff and cold, but clever and a good leader. She has kept Johto relatively free of corruption and is, without doubt, a good person. She is not really anti-Psychic and does not wish to criminalise their existence, like some of her more radical colleagues, but still wishes they didn't exist and is quite uncomfortable with the idea of them.

Hoenn (mimics Australia):
Type: Constitutional monarchy
Head of state: Brandon Free
Head of government (less powerful): Marcel Stone
Ceremonial head of state: Queen Adele Dracon
Stance on Psychics: Neutral-Leaning-Negative
Brandon Free: A socialist who is quite humorous, cheerful and positive at the age of thirty-three, from Mauville City. Though perceived by some to be too young for politics, in the rather left-wing region that is Hoenn he has been rather successful, and has kept up the economic success of the nation which was still only a developing one a short while ago.
Marcel Stone: A child of the Stone family from Rustboro City, forty-eight year old Marcel, unlike his uncle who drew to business and his cousin who drew to battling, drew to politics. Fairly right-wing with a civil Libertarian perspective he believes in reduction of government intervention, but is mostly blocked up by his ‘hippy’ and ‘tree-hugging’ government. He truly adheres to the Libertarian perspective, even if it goes against what he thinks is right, and as such he maintains a neutral stance on things like Psychics. He is, however, ultimately in it for power.

Sinnoh (mimics Germany):
Type: Democratic republic
Head of state (less powerful): President Justin Mercer
Head of government: Chancellor Eleanor Miller
Stance on Psychics: Neutral
Justin Mercer: Justin Mercer of Sunyshore City, thirty nine, lives by the words ‘justice and mercy’ to the point where he changed his name to fit by it (he used to be called James Nolan). A social democrat who came in to reform Sinnoh’s harsh justice system, he has had his success and refuses to cross his morals. Extraverted and outgoing, he has improved Sinnoh’s formerly frosty relations with other regions, but he was unable to do to much as he remains in a position of relatively little power and many see him as naive.
Eleanor Miller: At the age of sixty-three, Eleanor is a steady and unflinching woman in politics. Eleanor has almost single-handedly kept Sinnoh the economic powerhouse of the regions, unwavering in crises and former Gym Leader of Snowpoint City. Unafraid to exploit loopholes and squeeze every resource she can, she sees others as assets to be used. She has earned the respect of all other politicians and is a force to reckoned with.

Unova (mimics America):
Type: Constitutional republic
Head of state: President Penelope Mayfair
Stance on Psychics: Neutral-Leaning-Positive
Penelope Mayfair: The radical, far-left Penelope Mayfair can boast two titles; youngest President to take office in Unova, and first female President in Unova. She is from White Forest. At the age of only thirty-four, former Unovan League winner Penelope was exactly was Unova needed to combat Team Plasma’s message; a former skilled Pokémon trainer with an exemplary relationship with her Pokémon, a brightness and optimistic that refused to be dimmed and a steeled determination. Though skilled at making tough decisions and finding clever solutions, she has trouble with negotiations and compromises and is constantly undermined by her colleagues who maintain Unova’s militaristic nature.

Kalos (mimics Britain):
Type: Constitutional monarchy
Head of state: Prime Minister Marcus Rioux
Ceremonial head of state: Queen Adele Dracon  
Stance on Psychics: Neutral-Leaning-Positive
Marcus Rioux: Hailing from Couriway Town, this forty-nine year old politician is classic. A Liberal and in it for power, Marcus was always more of a talker, and slowly worked his way into the political good books of Kalos. Though not incompetent or ineffectual, Kalos has faltered under him.
Adele Dracon: Currently fifty-nine, Adele Dracon is the queen of Kalos and little more than a ceremonial figurehead. Though herself ambivalent to politics and content with her role, her daughter, Elise, hungers for actual political power and her son, Blaise, does not wish to be king so that he can be an artist, going so far as to run away to Castelia City in Unova to go to the art academy. Adele is arguably stuffy and snobbish and in possession of an unusually sharp tongue, almost anyone speaking to her will end up feeling like a fool.
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Posts : 135
Join date : 2015-08-13
Age : 17
Location : The Most Boring Place Ever, Australia

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PostSubject: Re: Politics of the Pokémon World   Politics of the Pokémon World EmptySat Feb 06, 2016 3:50 pm

This is a prime example of What Happens When I'm Bored. Bad stuff happens when I'm bored. Well, sometimes it's interesting, but mostly bad stuff.

Naming Patterns:
All: South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, names which could come from other regions, English/American
Kanto: Italian, word names, Commedia dell'arte
Johto: Greek, Latin
Hoenn: Word names, Irish, other (Indian, African)
Sinnoh: German, Jewish, Israeli, Hungarian
Unova: English, Russian, Nordic, fantasy
Kalos: French

Why? Because I felt like it.


President - Flavio Maroni
Vice-President - Joe Dunne
Secretary of State - Filli Pantalone
Secretary of the Treasury - Lelio Capitano
Secretary of Defence - Snow Piers
Attorney General - Harriet Hangman
Secretary of the Interior - Sang-Mi Jeong
Secretary of Agriculture - Tomiko Whin
Secretary of Commerce - Isabella Dottore
Secretary of Labor - Fiona Perez
Secretary of Health and Human Services - Silvia Zanni
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Liu Chang
Secretary of Transportation - Aisling Maher
Secretary of Energy - Gwendolyn Colombina
Secretary of Education - Kin Battell
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Fabrizio Innamorati
Secretary of Homeland Security - Vittoria Brighella  
Secretary of the League and Pokémon Services - Vladimir Damiano

President - Matilda Snowdon
Vice-President - Julius Eddards
Secretary of State - Erin Quintus
Secretary of the Treasury - Aria Mare
Secretary of Defence - Alexis Leikos
Attorney General - Maria McFarlane
Secretary of the Interior - Destin Solis
Secretary of Agriculture - Leaf Inarius
Secretary of Commerce - Vix Theros
Secretary of Labor - Finn O’Hara
Secretary of Health and Human Services - Lamb Agnus
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Karen Sai
Secretary of Transportation - Carri Alepou
Secretary of Energy - Taylor Alto
Secretary of Education - Shay Viride
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Kyokai Shun
Secretary of Homeland Security - Leng Xe-An
Secretary of the League and Pokémon Affairs - Xanthe Roman

Prime Minister - Brandon Free
Deputy Prime Minister - Marcel Stone
Monarch - Adele Dracon
Attorney-General - George Bird
Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development - Wade Donoghue
Minister for Foreign Affairs - Julia Knight
Treasurer - Siobhan Cavanaugh
Minister for Defence - Mare-Saorise McQueen
Minister for Trade and Investment - Andrew Bard
Minister for Small Business - Ji-Wan Lee
Minister for Finance - Jet-Hyue Park
Minister for Agriculture and Environment - Joyce Hunt
Minister for Energy - Rajesh Bright
Minister for Health - Susan Brass
Minister for the Interior - Jane O'Brennan
Minister for Culture and the Arts - Sia Carmody
Minister for Employment - Auburn Fujiwara
Minister for Social Services - Brook Oyemade
Minister for Education and Training - Wei Zhang
Minister for the League and Pokémon - Marina Frey

Chancellor - Eleanor Miller
Vice-Chancellor - Justin Mercer
Federal Minister of the Treasury - Miriam Rothenstein
Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs - Benjamin Vindemeier
Federal Minister of the Interior - Kenji Sukimori 
Federal Minister of Justice - Johan Schmidt
Federal Minister of Finance - Jacob von der Leyen
Federal Minister of Labour - Wolfgang Sullivan
Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture - Theodore Thompson
Federal Minister for Human Affairs - Zuzanna Kovács
Federal Minister for Energy - Aron Levin
Federal Minister of Health - Jonathan Cohen
Federal Minister of Transport - Ronit Segal
Federal Minister for the Environment - Rachel Szabó
Federal Minister of Education - Esther Horowitz
Federal Minister of Culture - Sarah Zimmermann
Federal Minister of Pokémon Affairs - Wilhelm Wagner

President - Penelope Mayfair
Vice-President - Jane Blackburn
Secretary of State - Elizabeth Kingstown
Secretary of the Treasury - Anatoly Yevtushenko
Secretary of Defence - Ivan Andersen
Attorney General - Anastasia Abramovich
Secretary of the Interior - Peter Grimm
Secretary of Agriculture - Ceaharr Roalan
Secretary of Commerce - Nicholas Cedar
Secretary of Labor - Dmitri Melnikov
Secretary of Health and Human Services - Sinea Boeden
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Natasha Smolin
Secretary of Transportation - John Whitfield
Secretary of Energy - Katya Vedeneyev
Secretary of Education - Nierea Yennia
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Takeshi Williams
Secretary of Homeland Security - Willow Jespersen
Secretary of the League and Pokémon Services - Jennifer Hawthorn

Prime Minister - Marcus Rioux
Monarch - Adele Dracon
Minister of Treasury - Henry Lyon
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs - Marceline Delacroix
Secretary of State for Justice - Amélie Devereaux
Secretary of State for Defence - Arnoux Bouchard
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Angélique Beauchamp
Secretary of State for the Home Department - Kyung-Mi Kim
Secretary of State for Health - Eloise Jacquier
Secretary of State for Education - Xiaoming Han
Secretary of State for Transport - Genevieve d'Orves
Secretary of State for Business and Innovation - Claudette Guillaume
Secretary of State for Culture - Paul Jameson
Secretary of State for Environment - Celeste Phillipe
Secretary of State for Energy - Adrienne Crawford
Secretary of State for Pokémon Affairs - Annie Chapman
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Politics of the Pokémon World
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