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 Side Characters

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PostSubject: Side Characters   Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:38 pm

Name: Jason "Azrael the Underking" Matthews
Sex: Male
Relationship status: Single
Birthday: March 16
Eye Colour: Crimson Red
Hair: Black  
Age: 17
Height: 6' 3''
Orientation: Straight
Profession: Underground circuit fighter and trainer
Rank: Underking

Team: Weavile, Gengar, Houndoom, Victribell, Medicham, Gliscor

Raised in the Viridian orphanage, Jason was always a fighter. He loved to fight and any chance he got to, he would. During his life at the orphanage, a tiny child was brought to them. This child was Raphael Bennet and when Jason saw Raphael look up at him for the first time, he felt an instant connection to the infant. He began to care for Raphael as if they were brothers and when Raphael was old enough to understand, Jason taught him all he could about fighting before he was whisked away by the d'Alcotts and the league to begin his life as a trainer. Soon after, a fire erupted at the orphanage and the orphans were quickly driven out while the fire was cleared, but when the care-takers made their count, they were one short. Jason had gone missing or so they thought. In truth, Jason had run away, tired of the treatment he was receiving from the caretakers. He was always the black sheep amongst the orphans, always being told of by the caretakers for reasons he didn't understand and he had had enough.

While hiding in a warehouse, Jason heard a noise from below. He found a secret entrance leading down to a fight club, where pokemon and trainers fought for supremacy. The difference between this and regular battles was that there were no rules and the trainers themselves fought each other as well as their pokemon. Jason was caught by the trainers and brought before the boss, dubbed the Underking. Seeing the fiery spirit inside of Jason, the Underking gave him a choice of battling in the ring as his protege and surrogate son or death. Jason accepted and received his first pokemon from his new "father", a Sneasel. Jason didn't want to answer to another authority figure and always tried to rebel until the underking told him a few words:

"Kid, there is a rule around here. If you are able to amass 1000 victories without losing, then you will earn the right to challenge for the crown. Beat me and then you will become "The Underking", thats all it takes."

Through 7 years of training, cuts, bruises, broken bones and war, Jason rose through the ranks of the underground fighting circuit until he had amassed the 1000 victories he needed. After a long and vicious battle he overcame his "father" and became the new underking, taking on the name Azrael as his new name of choice. 3 years after that, he still rules the underground with his vicious team and ruthless tactics

While he grew ruthless, violent and agressive during his time in the underground circuit, he always remembered and cared deeply for his little brother, Raphael. He took his fight winnings to buy Raphael presents on his birthday and kept the communication lines open for Raph. Raphael never approved of what Jason was doing, but understood why he did it and what drove him to do it. Jason now uses his resources as the Underking anyway he sees fit, from business to assisting Raphael, no one challenges his rule.

Raphael: You are still my brother and I still thank for all you have done for me. But I don't approve of it, I don't think I ever can.

Jason: I don't expect you to, in fact I don't want you to. Just know that should you need anything, you can come to me. you'll find that having friends on the dark side can be very useful indeed.
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Side Characters
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