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 Lady Laumeux

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PostSubject: Lady Laumeux   Lady Laumeux EmptyWed Aug 26, 2015 3:53 pm

Name: Lady Amelié Laumeux
Also known as: The Chessmaster
Rank: Leader of Shadow Alliance
Age: About 39
Hair: Black, very long and thin.
Eyes: Very dark brown.
Skin Tone: Very pale.
Build: Tall, lithe and sinewy, with the movements and mannerisms of a snake. Her face is quite beautiful, but marred by a purple scar across her left eye (courtesy of Mord).
Pokémon Team:
Bisharp (Partner)
Nidoqueen (Partner)

In accordance with tradition, in every generation, the leader of the Shadow Alliance has a daughter and names her Lady Laumeux after herself. Since no one truly knows what she looks like, legends say she is indeed immortal, even 'as immortal as Aegislash', and that the family line is blessed - or cursed, depending on how you think about it - by Giratina. It is partially true; the family line was not always linear and if there was no daughter, then the 'mark' of Giratina was bestowed on another young girl who was deemed worthy, along with the portion of the Pokémon's vast power.

Amelié, this particular lady Laumeux, was kidnapped as a child in a raid on a known SA building. Not knowing that she was actually the future leader of the SA, she, like some of the other children then kidnapped, was given to a noble family as a maid. Thus began the SA legend of The Lost Lady.

Amelié was given to the noble family of Claire. At the time, both she and Claire were very young and barely remembered anything before. They came to be vey good friends. However, it was not to last.

Amelié, like all of the Ladies before her, had the mark of Giratina and a portion of his power. Though the noble family didn't know how important this actually was, they still saw her as a member of the SA and treated her as such. Amelié, after years of maltreatment, received a dream from Giratina about her origins. Believing that Aegislash shouldn't choose the king and the king shouldn't choose the nobles, she ran way and took her rightful place as head of the Shadow Alliance.

Personality -

Generally hateful of anything to do with the king/nobles/League of the Divine Blade. At her best she is cold, manipulative and clever, but she still sees people as little more than pieces on a Chessboard and is irrevocably unforgiving, harsh and merciless. At her worst she is downright violent, insane and cruel. She was kind and naive, once, but Giratina has changed her. Unlike the rest of the Shadow Alliance, she does not care about the goal of freedom from monarchy and simply wants revenge on the people who not only destroyed her life, but the lives of so many others, and has had her mind broken from years of influence by Giratina. If Giratina is the king of the Chessboard, she is the queen; powerful and ultimately the most important defender and attacker. The game to her truly is the 'Mad Queen Game'.

Workings of the Shadow Alliance -

The Shadow Alliance is ultimately democratic. Though there is the Lady at the head, they are really ceremonial, and simply represent the greater power of Giratina and it is their duty to channel Giratina's will. There is a large council on the Shadow Alliance which makes the choices and decides if the Lady is truly upholding Giratina's will. Each and every member of the council is wise, experienced, battle hardened and truly believes in the Shadow Alliance's code. Through the chaos, they, ultimately want to bring about a republic and bring Giratina back into the world, seeking justice on those that banished it. Of course, Giratina doesn't care that they actually have a goal beyond him, and only wants to exact revenge on Arceus for banishing him and resume his wrecking of the world. He is, in turn, the king on the chessboard; though slow moving, he is ultimately the most important piece, and the rest of his army can go to hell to keep him alive and secure him the victory.
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Lady Laumeux
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