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 Chapters Summary Outline

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Chapter Outline: The Book of Eve

Viridian Subset

Chapter Arc I: Lavender Blues and Chapter Arc II: Lightning Strikes
Eve travels back to headquarters, only to run across Lavender Town and find that things are in disarray. She takes command of the group and has them return with her. She meets Janette Tudor, leader of the group and a huge admirer of hers (and also has a crush apparently). They take a break at the Vermilion base, where Eve meets up with Lt. Surge, an unexpected Rocket member. They take to the shooting range and catch up, before they head to a bar and drink up, Surge moaning about the fact Giovanni would probably kill him for this.
Chapter One: A Mess of Proportions
Eve runs across Lavender Town in chaos. As she looks around to observe the chaos, she sees signs of Rocket grunt work and disapproves. She calls Giovanni for the situation update and then is given permission to take over.
Chapter Two: The Three C’s (Command, Charge, Control)
Eve finds the TR unit assigned to there, who are in awe to meet her, and takes command of the group. She starts directing them to clean up, removing evidence of Team Rocket from the area, since they’re supposed to be low key and not bring attention to the organization (or bring suspicion that they were back). She gets them ready to evacuate the town with her.
Chapter Three: The Tudor Rose
Eve learns that Janette Tudor is the leader of the unit, and is a rather spunky girl but an unsure leader. Her unit get along with each other and her, but don’t take well to taking orders and treat her more like a friend. She observes her leadership and sees there’s potential, but she’s currently lacking. Spontaneously, Eve decides to take Janette under her wing and teach her a few things while they’ll be traveling for a while. In the process, learns about Janette’s background as a military brat, her cracker skills, and the fact she hero worships Eve to the point of infatuation.
Chapter Four: The Motto’s
Eve notices the rough treatment of their pokémon, especially one with a Rattata. She forcefully takes matter into their own hands, and lectures them, even if she had to drive the fear into them herself. Team Rocket ran in a specific way, and if they didn’t learn their place and the right system, they were going to get a very loud awakening. In fact, she teaches him a very hard lesson to them that broken pokémon are useless, just like broken agents were useless.
Chapter Five: Gravemarker
Eve runs across the grave of the Marowak that was accidentally killed, and meets Mr. Fuji there. They talk and she cold corrects him about Team Rocket, before meeting back with the others. She also learns of the fate of the Cubone that the Marowak left behind.
Chapter Six: Electric City
They find the Vermilion base, where they decide to stop for the night after having rushed through route 12 and then route 11 to reach Vermilion City. Eve leaves them at the base and looks around the city, finding the Pokémon Fan Club House, where she nostalgically enters and amusingly listens in to a meeting and hear fans rant. Cutting her visit short, she heads to the harbor and watches ships for a while, until Lt. Surge, Vermilion City’s gym leader, finds her.
Chapter Seven: Son of a Gun
They head to a shooting range, where Surge shows off his new collection. They then have a competition and talk about their shooting experience. Afterwards, they clean up the shells and pack away the guns, discussing Team Rocket business and catching up.
Chapter Eight: Whiskey on the Rocks
They head to a bar and order some drinks. Surge tries to fish for information between her and Giovanni, but she’s evasive. They ended drinking more than they should, Surge is pretty sure if Giovanni knew about this outing and the unfortunate happenings, the Rocket Boss would probably kill him.
Chapter Nine: Warning Bells
Giovanni’s pretty watchful over Eve, and has eyes everywhere. A call from the boss lets Surge know that he’s definitely in hot water with him, and that he’d better take care to not step over anymore lines than he has already. A sober Eve wakes up after and groggily rushes to the bathroom to throw up, and Surge recalls that she’s never been able to handle alcohol, even back when he knew her before she was a Rocket agent.

Chapter Arc III: Watergate
She and her group take a break in Cerulean, where she seeks out Orm again and confers with him about the other two, hinting at Sird being loyal but a wild card and Carr being suspicious. She receives a call from Xavier who checks in on her and tells her to look for the “box of cookies” he sent over for her. She also run into Grant and Fred, who are both terrified and in awe of her, and have taken to following her around.
Chapter Ten: Perfidy
Upon reaching Cerulean City, she finds Orm in the base and takes him aside, though he’s surprised and wary at her reappearance and what she could want with him. The Three Beasts have been on Eve’s mind, and talks to him about his fellow Beasts. Specifically, she points out Carr, who has been rather suspicious in regards to his behavior.
Chapter Eleven: The Three Beasts
Eve reflects on the Three Beasts, who they are, where they came from, how they became a team, and how they gain and upheld their reputation.
Chapter Twelve: Sugar Talk
After leaving Orm behind, she is told she has a call and finds out Xavier Moors is on the line. Accepting the call, she catches up with the Rocket agent/gym leader, whose mother-henning exasperates but also calms her from her earlier tenseness from her serious talk with Orm. He tells her about the cookies he sent over for her before he hands up.
Chapter Thirteen: Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum
Eve runs into two grunts named Grant and Fred, and who seem utterly terrified of her. However, they are equally in awe and seem, to her chagrin, follow her around. She idiotically finds her traveling group, and when both groups mix, she realizes she seemed to have created a monstrous posse of great annoyance.

Chapter Arc IV: Stoneheart
They take one last stop in Pewter, where Eve unhappily meets up with Archer. They have, in front of everyone, a test battle, which Eve barely wins. However, Archer pulls her aside and has her reporting to him, and tests her nerves with his indifferent attitude. They discuss the Team, Giovanni, and her past in Team Rocket. He reminds her of her duty and has her come with him to check out the Pewter Museum, of which he tells of a future Rocket endeavor there and has her point out strengths and weaknesses. Archer also joins the group, so as to return to headquarters.
Chapter Fourteen: An Archer’s Arrow
In Pewter City, they take to resting before Archer comes to ‘greet’ her. After a cold and quick greeting, the Executive challenges her to a battle to test her current strength and see her progress.
Chapter Fifteen: Of Loyalty and Duty
After the battle, a narrow win for Eve, Archer pulls her to the side and makes her report to him. They have a serious discussion ranging from the Team to Giovanni to her past. He then talks about the plans for Pewter Museum and tells her to come with him.
Chapter Sixteen: A Rock’s Nature
They head to the museum, where Archer further details what they want from the place and what they’re attempting. He reveals the plan as they walk around, and has her point out the strengths and weaknesses of the plan, as well as the structure of the building. When they return back to base, Archer announces that he’s joining them back to headquarters.

Chapter Arc V: Memories Gone By
The group reaches Viridian finally, but Archer has Eve accompany him to Pallet, revealing it was a request from Giovanni. There, Eve is vaguely set off to walk around the town, eventually running across an old abandoned home. The place unnerves her and she quickly leaves, only to run into Oak, who looks like he's seen a ghost. They talk a little and memories are brought up, more so for him, and she feels like she's missing something. She goes back to Archer and they head back to HQ.
Chapter Seventeen: Turnabout
They arrive in Viridian, but before they could all head to headquarters, Archer tells Eve that she is to come with him to Pallet Town. The walk there is tense between the two, but Eve is also curious and wonders why she has to accompany Archer there and why Giovanni would request it.
Chapter Eighteen: A Ghost’s Home
They finally reach Pallet, and Eve is told to go on by herself. Irritated with the vagueness and with the lack of information about their purpose there, she walks around aimlessly until she finds an old home that sort of familiar. Images keep flashing in her head and making her uneasy, until she finally runs out of there.
Chapter Nineteen: A Man’s Regrets
In her rush to run away, Eve runs into the famous Professor Oak, who’s strangely stricken at the sight of her. However, he recovers enough to talk to her genially and they begin to strike a conversation. She oddly feels something familiar about this comradery with the professor, but pushes those feelings away. She finishes her talk with him regretfully and finally locates Archer, who abruptly tells her that they’re done there and have to head back.

Chapter Twenty: Friction
Eve returns to Viridian City, clashes with Ariana as she's getting a milkshake, and finds out about Lilith and Masked Man (both of whom unnerve her). Eve tries to spy in the two, but finds nothing so far, though she's still suspicious. She meets Archer again, who sternly tells her not to keep Giovanni waiting. Have spent the last 10 minutes fruitlessly watching the two, Eve decides to put it aside and go to Giovanni. They have tea and things become tense between them. After leaving Archer, he contemplates the two Eve had been watching and speculates if there’s sedition being sowed in the ranks. Ariana finds him and they talk about the possibility of traitors and coup d’état attempts.

Chapter Arc VI: Clash of Titans
Giovanni tells her a tale of “Rappaccini's Daughter”, trying to hint things to her. She brushes it off, frustrating him. They play chess and he further tries to push her, but she doesn't take the bait. After, Giovanni takes her around the base and people make note of them, whispering. Outside point of view makes people wonder if the two are together. Giovanni and Eve go out of the city, to which he takes her out to have 'tea', and he again tries to pick at her memories, pushing out elderberries and “leaves taking off in the wind.” They eventually head to the gym, to which Eve is enticed into being temporary gym leader and facing off against Raphael Thrones and Sonia Darkin.
Chapter Twenty-One: Rappacini
Eve attempts to not suddenly leave, but Giovanni makes it harder as he regales her with the tale of “Rappaccini’s Daughter”, and hinting at things. She firmly doesn’t acknowledge it, and she redirects to the chess game that was left unfinished on his desk.
Chapter Twenty-Two: King’s Gambit
Unhappy at her rebuttal, Giovanni coaxes her into a game and they start one that gets rather vicious and more about capturing each other’s pieces in a bid to be dominant over the other. In the meantime, Giovanni continues to push her, but she doesn’t let herself her what he’s trying to hint. Without warning, Giovanni surrenders and still attempts to get her to see what he wants her to see. However, he fails and the two of them leave his office together.
Chapter Twenty-Three: Leaves of an Elderberry
In the base, people speculate as the two of them walk around together. Giovanni notices while Eve steadfastly ignores everything, and brings her to go into the city, and have tea. Hoping to jog her memory, he tries to focus on the elderberries and familiar sayings, and sees it sort of working.
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Lonely Room
They head to the attached home to the gym, where Eve remembers the room given solely to her to use, before she’d moved to Pokémon League Village. Strangely, the room also still feels familiar for other reasons that she can’t remember, and figures it probably has something to do with the memories she lost.
Chapter Twenty-Five: Labyrinth
Eve and Giovanni talk about the new set up for the gyms, and how the League wants the challenges to be harder for trainers. He tells her about the changes he made, and how even worse off his gym would be for challengers. Intrigued, Eve volunteers to test it out, and gets ready. She’s surprised that he tells her to pack up for a long trip, though she understands when she faces the first floor, which turns out to be a huge maze that would take days to get through.
Chapter Twenty-Six: Puzzle Me This
Second and Third stages/floors of the new gym.
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Snakes in the Grass
Eve finally makes it to the other side of the third floor, to the battle arena, where Giovanni is waiting for her. She exasperatedly accuses him of trying to kill the challengers before they could get to him, but he just shrugs her off and answers with a maybe. Exhausted, hungry, and tired, she gratefully accepts the food Giovanni has waiting for her. He also has a bottle of water to rehydrate her, however a few hasty gulps has her feel nauseous and in pain. They then realize something was laced with poison, and she instructs him to find the adaptable antidote she has on her.
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Chapters Summary Outline
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