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 Chapters Summary Outline

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Chapter Outline: The Book of Ash

Chapter One: A World of Chaos
Kalos. Beautiful and elegant. On a seemingly normal day in Lumiose City, the world suddenly explodes as Team Flare unleashes their weapon from Geosenge Town, destroying it and effectively launching a nuclear fallout as an electromagnetic pulse emits from the town and throughout the region, destroying all electronics –from any kind of computer to the communications systems. Kalos is plunged into chaos as people riot, and the region is encompassed by anarchy and destruction.

Chapter Two: How Sweet the Sound
Traveling from Geosenge, Ash Ketchum dazedly makes her way to Lumiose City. She witnesses the chaos strewn the city, everyone turning their backs on each other, violence erupting everywhere, and debris crowding the streets. Finding Sycamore, who’s still alive, he drafts her into helping the injured and taking care of them. They have a vigil in which after Ash finds out Team Flare is looking for her because they know she was with Lysandre in Geosenge, and want to know where he is. She goes into hiding, no longer pretending to be a boy.

Chapter Three: I Once Was Lost
As Kalos struggles to rebuild and reach out to the world outside the region, Ash finds a job as a bicycle messenger at a courier company. Her first job, however, is to deliver a parcel to Malva of the Elite Four, and who she unknowingly finds out was a member of Team Flare. She hurries up, but spotting Team Flare members, ends up doing her best to hide and doing so by pretending to work in Siebold’s restaurant Le Yeah. Doing excellent work cooking, she earns another job as a night cook.

Chapter Four: Now I’m Found
While working at Bike It!, she’s about to get mugged on a run. Instead, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue, and she finds herself stuck with Cyrus Akagi. Getting him settled in at her “apartment”, Ash tries to figure out what to do with him. She seeks out Sycamore for help, but he tells her to just let him be. Diantha appears, apparently working as a nurse/aide for Sycamore. Afterwards, she goes back to Cyrus and lays out ground rules. She then finds a message from someone named “Night” informing her of how some of the rich are still profiting from the victims of the attack, and offering a way out of Kalos for her if she helped bring them down.
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Chapters Summary Outline
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