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 Plot outline and discussion

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PostSubject: Plot outline and discussion   Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:55 am

This thread was made with the purpose of discussing the overall plotline of Chosen by Aegislash king . Currently the plot-line stands as follows:

Prologue: History of Kingdom, search for new king begins.

Chapter 1: The league arrives as Foxhedge town. Focus on orphan Kenitoh and the orphan gangs backstory. Aegislash senses Kenitoh and he is eventually caught, the league reveal that he is the next King.

Chapter 2: Kenitoh is given more explanation on the league and their plans. Kenitoh makes them promise that his friends will be taken care of properly. Innsvar sends a message saying they have found the next heir. During the night, Kenitoh wonders why he was chosen and Aegislash shows him. Kenitoh passes a trial of leadership.

Chpater 3: All rush back to capital where Kenitoh is introduced to members of the league (Merek, Aster and others), he is given tour of palace and sees that his friends are brought into the city with the guarantee of adoption. League members give opinions of the new king during night

All I got so far but its a start.

please give ideas
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PostSubject: Re: Plot outline and discussion   Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:09 am

Looks good and a strong foundation. Again, the only thing I would say is that -as the main character -Kenitoh should have a bigger focus in the prologue.
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Plot outline and discussion
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